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Fun Atlanta exercise programs and classes

Fun Atlanta exercise programs and classes

Jessica Shops 
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Enough of boring treadmills. Time to change up your workout routine for the new year and change up both the fun and fitness factors. If you’re looking for an intense, body-changing option, you must try the TRX Suspension and RIP Training Classes at Witzlib Fitness Studio ( These are totally new ways to work out using your own body weight. I have tried and love them! 

Another one to try is the Boombox kickboxing class at Core Fitness Atlanta ( which incorporates a live DJ who spins for the class 
(so fun!) and they also have UFit classes which combine cardio and strength training for amazing weight loss results. Visit the website and grab the new client coupon for a free class.
For more info, visit


If you’re the motivated type who can jump right into an exercise routine and see it through to the end, then the new P90X2 could be your next workout. This home fitness program boasts results in just 90 days and uses professional level training techniques to help get you fit. The whole set comes complete with 13 workout DVDs, a fitness guide and nutrition plan, a 90-day workout calendar and online support. $119.85
Details: (800) 518-6108,

AntiGravity Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga principles with aerial acrobatics. In this class you’ll be cocooned inside the AntiGravity hammock which gives you extra support while you bend and twist into the different yoga poses. For beginners it’s a great way to ease into this exercise routine, and for more advanced students, it will be a challenge to hold more difficult poses. Everyone will benefit from better muscular strength and increased flexibility. Buy your own AntiGravity yoga hammock kit at
Details: Launch Awareness Yoga Center, (770) 975-4795,


Whether you are an avid cyclist or just want to try something new, Cycology is a unique indoor cycling program that uses RealRyder bikes for a workout that will definitely burn some calories! Unlike an ordinary stationary bike, this one tilts and leans to provide a more challenging experience, improve your balance and strengthen core muscles.
Details: Attitude Fitness, (678) 570-0096, 
Forum Athletic Club, (770) 623-1967

For expectant mothers and new moms alike, Oh Baby! Fitness is a great way to stay in shape both before and after you have your baby. They offer prenatal Pilates, toning water aerobics and yoga. Come back with your tiny tot for mom and baby fitness classes that include stroller workouts and mom and baby yoga. These classes are conveniently located throughout metro Atlanta. Check the website for locations.
Details: (678) 528-1390,


Did you know that working out on a trampoline takes about 30 percent more energy than running on a flat surface? Try jumping at the new Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park and see the calories burn right off. Jumping is a fun workout for any age and it is low impact, making it safe for everyone, no matter what their fitness level.
Details: (678) 745-9900,

Want to learn how to train like an athlete? Then CrossFit may be for you. This endurance sports training program involves strength and conditioning through weight lifting, sprinting, medicine ball training and more. You’ll improve your stamina, flexibility and balance with each class.