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Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

Atlanta’s justice seeker says motherhood outweighs all else
By Tara Duttenhaver

Born and raised a Georgia girl, Nancy Grace has certainly come a long way from her modest Macon roots. Several events in her life have dramatically shaped the person she has become today: a high-powered, intelligent woman on the warpath against criminals, particularly those abusing and hurting children and young adults.

Grace began her career as a Fulton County prosecutor following the death of her fiancé. During this time, she focused on cases ranging from serial murder to rape to kidnapping. These high-profile cases and her tough stance against crime got her noticed by television producers.

Featured nightly on the HLN program Nancy Grace, she asserts that same passion and outspoken vehemence against criminals and seeks to find justice for victims who no longer have a voice of their own. She has a new 30-minute show that debuted on Sept.13 called Swift Justice, a syndicated reality court series on FOX 5 in which she settles real-life disputes between litigants.

We at Best Self Atlanta were delighted to have the chance to meet with Grace at her studio following the filming of her nightly live show. Her fiery passion showed through as she made her way through the discussion topics of the night. Not sure what to expect as we approached, we were greeted by a warm and hospitable woman who was anxious to return home to her small twins, Lucy and John David.

Grace answered a few of our “hot button” questions about her role as prosecutor, mother and fiction author (her newest book, Death on the D-List is now a New York Times Bestseller). We found that balancing her busy schedule is even easier to prioritize than it would seem. Simply put, she considers motherhood to be her primary job and her top priority. “After that, everything else has to fall in line,” she says. “The hours are long and the work is hard, but the ‘salary’ (hugs, kisses and love) is the best.”

Here she shares more with us about love, life and her favorite ways to give back both in Atlanta and around the world.

What challenges did you face having twins?

The biggest challenge was simply for Lucy and John David to survive. They were both extremely premature and all three of us were in the hospital for a long time. Those were very long, dark days in the ICU. The Lord heard our prayers and answered them 10,000 times over. The doctors and staff at Northside Hospital saved all three of our lives. The twins will soon turn 3. Now, my great hope is to provide them with a home that is as happy as the home I grew up in. But I have a partner in the child-rearing business, David, my husband. Not all moms are that lucky.

Of writing fiction books, being a prosecutor and being a broadcaster, which have you found the most challenging/rewarding. Why?

I found all three “jobs” both challenging and rewarding. As a prosecutor I was able to seek justice one case at a time. Being on-air, I believe I bring awareness to missing people, especially children and also to unsolved homicides. In my novels, I make up a world as I would like it to be.

What are your favorite causes or charities?

1)    The Methodist Children’s Home
2)    Wesley Glen Methodist’s Home for the Handicapped
3)    NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

What are your favorite things to do to get involved in Atlanta and your community?

I’m very involved in my church, but am also privileged to work on HLN’s Children’s Digital Fingerprinting project nationwide. I also work with the Joan Gaeta Lung Cancer Foundation. Joan was a beautiful example of everything a mom should be, and I am proud to help honor her life and fight for change.


Nancy Grace's newest book, Death on the D-List, is the second installment of her murder mystery series starring Hailey Dean. In this latest thriller, the heroine is faced with helping solve the murder of a slew of D-List actresses in Manhattan.