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New Atlanta Career Paths

New Atlanta Career Paths

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Sew What?: As a fashion lover, I’ve often dreamt of being able to sew something, maybe even fix or alter my own clothing. The perfect place to indulge those dreams is at Whipstitch Fabrics - an Atlanta fabric shop and sewing lounge. One could get lost in their endless range of modern fabrics, patterns, ribbons and more.  Shop and relax with a cup of tea in the lounge, or take a class and stitch your way to a new hobby (or possibly a new career!). Classes and workshops for adults and kids cover everything from basics to belts and accessories and range from $55-$250 per class. JessicaShops readers can receive a $25 credit toward products with a class registration of $75 or more.  Enjoy! Details:1000 Marietta St., Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30318, (404) 897-1114

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If you enjoy helping children, becoming a child life specialist may be for you. These trained professionals use role-play and educational and self-expression activities to help a child cope with a stressful situation. This position requires a Bachelor’s degree (with an emphasis on education, psychology or child development) with at least 10 related courses and a 480-hour internship. Details: Child Life Council,, Georgia Southern University,

There are two ways to become a private investigator (PI) in Atlanta. You can either apply to work for an agency or create your own. Either way, you must apply to the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies and pass licensing requirements, including a background check. The education required is a four-year degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice. Details:, University of Phoenix,

Everyone loves dessert, and according to the National Restaurant Association, the food industry will top around 13 million employees in 2012. From opening up your own bakery to being a pastry chef at an established restaurant, the opportunities to indulge people’s sweet tooth are endless. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta’s baking and pastry arts program provides practical and comprehensive training and education in this field. Details: (888) 549-8222,

One of SCAD’s most popular careers is interior design. This program was recently ranked by Design Intelligence in the 2011 edition of “America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools” as one of the top programs in the nation. Also, people looking to turn their art hobby into a full-time career can hone their skills with a Fine Arts degree in painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture. Details: (404) 253-3100,

An accent-reduction specialist, also known as accent neutralization specialist, helps others retain a more understandable American accent. The demand for this profession is high since many customer service-related companies will hire people whose first language is typically not English. A degree or background in speech therapy, a master’s or PhD in speech-language pathology or ESL training is needed. The Global TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate is a training program that is available through the University of Georgia. Details: (706) 542-3537,