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Amazing One-Hour Makeovers

Amazing One-Hour Makeovers

Our Amazing-One Hour Makeover event in February offered 11 lucky readers the opportunity to become canvases for some of Atlanta’s most talented makeup artists.


Photography by Catrina Maxwell of CatMax Photography


While the artists put their skills to work, attendees who weren't receiving makeovers were able to witness the transformations, which can be relived via video on our Facebook page, happen first-hand. Onlookers were invited to ask the artists questions about techniques and products they used while watching them in their element. They were also able to mix, mingle and enjoy bites prepared by chef Mimmo Alboumeh of Maya Steaks & Seafood and sweets from Tiff's Treats. Sixty minutes later when the allotted makeover time had come to an end, the artists revealed their masterpieces. The results? Eleven awe-inspiring faces.





1aHigh-Fashion Highlight



The before look:
Tyra loved Agustina's deep-set eyes and wanted to make them the main focus.



Trusted tools:
"One of my go-to items that I can't live without is mascara because no matter what you do to someone's face, the eyes are always a big accent."




As a makeup artist:
"I am a little eclectic. I love natural looks but I also love glam looks. I am a little of everything like right down the middle."






Everyday Fabulous



The before look:
Renelyn wanted to concentrate on evening out Susan's skin tone and reducing redness. She also wanted to give her a fresh look by playing up the eyes with false lashes.


Trusted tools:
Smashbox, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Graftobian, Kevyn Aucoin, Eve Pearl, Viseart.



The after look:
False lashes combined with a fuller brow, which Renelyn calls "instant Botox," gave Susan a lifted, youthful look. By slightly overdrawing her lips with a cream lipstick, Renelyn was able to add volume.



As a makeup artist:
"I love to let the client's natural beauty shine. I focus on clean skin and then add fun pops of color and sparkle to give that extra special touch."



3aUndercover Color


3bThe before look:
Mimi focused on enhancing Tamara's pretty skin while letting her natural beauty shine through.


Trusted tools:
BECCA Cosmetics, Kevyn Aucoin, MAC, The Glamatory, Angela Simmons' Lip A.R.T.


The after look:
By adding a pop of purple to the eyes along with false lashes and a soft facial highlight and contour, Mimi upped Tamara's glam factor while still making her look like herself.


3cAs a makeup artist:
"I like to make the person feel beautiful in their own skin. So I highlight the things that are beautiful naturally and add a little pop of glam to them. My job is to accentuate—not to create something else."



4aBrazen Brows


4bThe before look:
"Miss Kate is very much a minimalist. She had a little eyebrow tragedy back in the day, which made them really sparse on the end. Unfortunately, they have never grown in very full so I want to show her what it's like to have some brows."


Trusted tools:
"Laura Geller concealer is the real deal. I cannot live without it."


4cThe after look:
To bring out the different shades in Kate's eyes, Samantha used rich maroon tones to create a soft, smoky look.


As a makeup artist:
"I like to educate my clients on how to do their makeup and give them the tools that they need to recreate certain things on their own. That craft is invaluable."




5aBold Burgundy


5bThe before look:
Blasina loved the natural arch of Audrea's eyebrows and wanted them to stand out more on her face by bringing out the shape.


Trusted tools:
"I am obsessed with Echo, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Bobbi Brown. I cannot get away from those four."


The after look:
Blasina constructed a custom foundation mix to match Audrea's unique skin t5cone and created an elegant, neutral smoky eye with natural burgundy and chocolaty colors.


As a makeup artist:
"I started out in the industry doing edgy editorial ... it works for me."



6aCoral Connection


6bThe model:
Meghan Hodges


The before look:
Theresa wanted to play up Meghan's strong cheekbones with a highlighter and heighten the intensity of her blue eyes.


Trusted tools:
Beautyblender and Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder.


6cAs a makeup artist:
"I call myself the real person's makeup artist. I love to do people with acne. I love people who are over the age of 50. I love people that think they aren't going to look like a supermodel and then I show them that they can."



7aVampy Vixen


7bThe before look:
Heather wanted to add drama to Brandi's natural beauty and enhance her eyes with a full set of brows.


Trusted tools:
"I have an $8,000 makeup kit but what makes my makeup special are the brands that hold pigment. One of my favorite and inexpensive ones is NYX."


The after look:
Gatsby-era glamour came to life on Brandi with crisp brows, a hint of blush and a deep burgundy lip stain.


7cAs a makeup artist:
"I am wild. Crazy. I learned it from Kevyn Aucoin [makeup industry icon], one of my favorite makeup artists. There are no rules to my makeup so anything goes."




11aDelicate Definition


11bThe before look:
Jasmine loved Letha's strong cheekbones and sought to accentuate them while bringing out her eyes more.


Trusted tools:
"I like MAC products and I am currently in love with the Maybelline pot eyeliners. I like to keep it simple so there are more options."


11cThe after look:
Jasmine is currently crushing on dark, full purple and reddish-hued lips and created a rich look that exaggerated Letha's striking features.


As a makeup artist:
"I am fun, creative and glamorous."




8aFierce and Fashionable


8bThe before look:
Nyssa was immediately drawn to Brooke's bright orange nail polish and used the color as inspiration for the look.


Trusted tools:
NARS Super Orgasm blush.


The after look:
After trimming Brooke's eyebrows, which Nyssa says she often does on all of her clients to8c help her clearly envision the look she wants to create, she went for a defined smoky eye that would complement coral lips.


As a makeup artist:
"I am open, intuitive, and fabulous."





Sleek and Sophisticated


9bThe before look:
Christina loved Amy's eyes and wanted to show them off with a smoky eye and lashes. Her vision for Amy was solidified when Amy told her that she doesn't normally do dramatic looks.


Trusted tools:
Palladio Beauty, Too Faced, Aesthetics Cosmetics, and Jordana Cosmetics.


The after look:
Christina wanted to show Amy that she could rock a dramatic evening look without
it overpowering her features.


9cAs a makeup artist:
"I consider myself an artist for the everyday woman. My goal is to transform my guest into their most regal and polished self."



10aPurple Power


10bThe before look:
Since Reneé isn't usually one to wear a variety of hues, Melayne wanted to add just a little color to her eyes to change things up.


Trusted tools:
"Right now I'm into OCC, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I love their Lip Tar. I'm really into what's good for your skin. OCC is 100 percent vegan, no animal testing, and everything is plant based. I also like Crown. They do the same thing as well."


10cThe after look:
To amplify the brown in Reneé's eyes, Melayne used blue, purple and gold hues to add extra dimension.


As a makeup artist:
"It's a chance to make people feel good about themselves."