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Safe, Effective Teeth-Whitening Treatments

Safe, Effective Teeth-Whitening Treatments

You don’t need to sacrifice the health of your teeth for a sparkling-white smile, but you should be cautious about which whitening treatments you consider. Atlanta dental experts weigh in on your options:


Achieve quick results with Zoom! teeth-whitening. During the treatment, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and a special blue light is shined on the teeth, activating the gel.

The process takes between 15 and 20 minutes, and is repeated two to three times per visit, says Blair Waldron, D.M.D., owner of Waldron Dentistry in Marietta.

The effectiveness of Zoom! is profound, says Debra Gray King, D.D.S., cosmetic dentist with the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. “Your teeth can get an average of eight shades whiter.”
Cost: The in-office Zoom! treatment runs from $450-$1,000


The Boost whitening treatment is performed by a dentist in-office, and, according to Susan Estep, D.M.D., and Peter Boulden, D.M.D., co-owners of Atlanta Dental Spa in Roswell, follows the same procedure as Zoom! but without the light. Instead, a gel sits on the teeth for 20 minutes and is rinsed off, and the 20-minute cycle is repeated for a total of 3 cycles per visit.
Cost: Approximately $500-$1,000

Deep bleaching

A new twist on professional teeth bleaching, Deep Bleaching offers permanent whitening results, according to Shai T. Hall, D.D.S., owner of The Dental Spa in Marietta. Hugh Flax, D.D.S., owner of Atlanta Aesthetic and Laser Dentistry, explains that bleaching trays are made in your dentist’s office from impressions of your teeth. After the first in-office treatment, you take the trays and a gel home for 14 days of treatments, and then return for a final in-office treatment, after which your teeth will be dramatically whiter.
Cost: Expect to pay up to $1,500

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