Life Enrichment

35 Fabulous Finds

Things We Find Interesting in the Atlanta Area
By Tara Duttenhaver

pic11. By The Book

Pick up a copy of Tammy Stokes’ new book, Live Your Healthiest Life. Here, Tammy shares the secrets to her healthy lifestyle, including her 10 Life Essentials. If you enjoy the book, check out her West Coast workout studio in Sandy Springs or one of her Live Your Healthiest Life seminars in Atlanta.

2. Peel It Off

Plastikos Plastic Surgery Center and Med Spa has the Vi Peel, a 20-minute or less treatment that can be used for anti-aging. It’s said to reverse the effects of sun damage, environmental factors and time to enhance skin’s beauty. It also is highly effective in clearing acne, and is safe to use on people as young as 12.
Details: (770) 457-4677,

shutterstock_553447783. Rest Easy

With a non-invasive (no needles or shots!) visit to the Piedmont Hospital Sleep Clinic, those suffering from insomnia can undergo a sleep study. Spend the night in a beautifully appointed room that looks more like an upscale hotel than a hospital while the clinic’s experts monitor your sleep patterns to try to figure out why it’s so hard for you to catch those zzz’s.

shutterstock_306825014. Male Bonding

The Men’s Health & Wellness Center is a web-based resource for men diagnosed with various illnesses to seek out information and advice from medical experts and men going through similar experiences.  There are also great resources for healthy men with a wealth of information about living a healthy lifestyle, taking responsibility for health and improving the quality of life regardless of a person’s age.
Details: (678) 638-6388,


5. Screen Machine

LifeTest Atlanta offers life-saving scans that detect and measure calcified plaque in the heart and arteries. Using Electron Beam Tomography Technology, its customized software constructs a three dimensional image of your heart, making imperfections or issues visible from any angle. A scan like this just might save your life!
Details: (770) 730-0119,

cardiolates6. Cardiolates

Novo Total Wellness in Suwanee has recently launched a fun new class called Cardiolates that combines fat burning cardio with core strengthening Pilates for the ultimate workout. Novo offers this class on a pay-by-class basis so you can try it once. If you like it, buy a 10-20-pack of classes or sign up for their unlimited monthly package.
Details: (770) 988-2779,

goodmeasuremeals37. Balanced Bites

With four daily calorie levels to choose from, fresh food and delivery or pick up options, Good Measure Meals offers the perfect solution for healthy eating. Select a plan and you will receive three delicious, gourmet meals each day that can be tailored to any tastes, including choices for diabetics and vegetarians.
Details: (404) 815-7695,

shutterstock_641609658. rea”D” All About It

When the days start getting shorter and there is less sunlight, beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of Vitamin D every day.  According to Dr. Sabini of North Atlanta Dermatology, the amount of supplemental Vitamin D that a person needs varies depending on sun exposure and dietary intake of the vitamin. Milk, salmon and tuna are 3 foods that contain high levels of Vitamin D. A simple blood test can be done to let you know if you need more Vitamin D for your body.
Details: (770) 814-8222,

DFootHealingCream229. Skin Saver

TriDerma MD offers a special diabetic line that includes several products that help alleviate the skin problems many diabetics face.  The Diabetic Foot Healing Cream is a concentrated formula that moisturizes severely dry skin on the feet—a common symptom of diabetes. This cream also helps reduce swelling, fights bacteria and relieves foot pain.
Details:, available at local drugstores


pic210. All-Terrain Shoe

Now available at DEKA Atlanta is the Terra Momentus trail shoe. This shoe gains and maintains control on all types of terrain and is recommended for any running distance, as well as for walking or hiking. These shoes were specifically developed for top performance, no matter what activity you are doing.
Details: (404) 869-9600,

pizzeriaventi311. Pizza-Palooza

Pizzeria Venti in Buckhead is now offering a 300-calorie menu with healthy choices including salads, soups and, of course, pizza! A slice of Venti’s cheese pizza with tomatoes, lemon and basil and a glass of iced tea only has 273 calories.
Details: (404) 228-2013,


12. W”hoop” It Up!

Offering classes for beginner and intermediate level hoopers, Hoopnotica Hoop Dance builds core strength, increases energy, develops balance and coordination, increases flexibility, and enhances creativity. Classes are held every Saturday at Pera Dance Studio on Collier Road in Atlanta.

pic1113. Barre it All

Recently opened in Dunwoody and currently located in Buckhead, Pure Barre has become one of Atlanta’s hottest new ways to work out. Using a ballet barre and set to upbeat music, students perform a series of isometric movements that target body hot spots including abs, hips, rear end and arms. 
Details: (404) 550-0451,

14. Laugh Out Loud

If you could really use a good laugh, give Laughter Yoga at Laughter for Wellness a try. This unique exercise uses the idea of Unconditional Laughter, which is, simply put, laughing for absolutely no reason at all. The philosophy of Laughter Yoga is simple—laughing is good for you, and laughter is contagious (and great for the abs!)
Details: (770) 843-0940

shutterstock_6502533115. French with a Flair

Le Triskell Creperie, which is located at the Tuxedo Atrium on Roswell Road, offers an in-house restaurant and catering services. Give them a call and set up your office with a weekly delivery. A representative will come by with a basket of selections ranging from simple sandwiches and salads to more hearty casseroles and hot entrees.
Details: (404) 814-8208,

pic416. Fitness Kick

Try a fitness boot camp with Kick in the Fit. The monthly program consists of 18 group workouts held 4-5 days each week. Each session is designed to be a comprehensive, total body workout that helps promote overall mental and physical health as well as improves posture, muscle and joint strength, endurance and core stability.
Details:, (404) 671-9166

17. Language Love

With the world becoming such a melting pot of cultures, languages and ideas, there is a definite need for everyone to be able to communicate. The Atlanta International Language Institute can help you break down the barriers while teaching you to speak and read more than 40 different languages (including sign language!).
Details: (404) 250-0350,

sensapic218. Shake Off the Pounds

Available in either salty or sweet flavors, Sensa Sprinkles are a new way to help with portion control and manage the tendency to overeat. Sprinkle the powder over your plate, and the Sensa supplement will help your body think it has consumed more food than it actually has, limiting your portions and controlling your intake.



shutterstock_1313168819. Healthy Indulgence

The holiday season brings to mind lots of different flavors, sounds and smells that everyone should be able to indulge in. Sometimes, people cannot enjoy the tastiest parts of the season. Cecilia’s Bakeshop is here to save the day. This all-natural, organic, vegan, wheat and gluten-free bakery offers a full range of pies, cookies and cakes.
Details: (678) 643-9502,

shutterstock_5884388520. Grape Expectations

The Atlanta Wine School on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell offers many exceptional classes to get you more acquainted with your favorite adult beverage. Its Introduction to Wine, Level 1 course runs for 8 weeks and immerses students in wine education, starting with the history of wine making, wine tasting 101 and regional wine tastes.


circusarts121. Acrobatic Fun For All

Circus Arts Institute offers group classes at its Rogers Street facility. Come and enjoy time with friends and family while breaking a sweat and learning how to tumble and perform like your favorite circus stars. Learn how to use equipment like the Spanish Web, low trapeze, balance boards and more.
Details: (404) 549-3000,

shutterstock_6476134622. Animal Affection

Animal lovers looking to give back should look no further than PAWS Atlanta, a no-kill animal shelter that’s home to many displaced and abandoned animals. Volunteers are needed to walk dogs and play with cats. For the creative-minded, PAWS is looking for volunteer photographers to capture those furry faces and cover the fabulous events they put on each year.

book cover photo23. Country Cookin’

Georgia native Gena Knox is no slouch when it comes to cooking up amazing treats with her own inventive spin. Her cookbook, Southern My Way, is an amazing compilation of innovative indulgences, including scrumptious fare like toasted pecan goat cheese with Tupelo honey and collards with capers, raisins and pine nuts.

24. Take an Image Journey

How many times have you spent way too much on the latest miracle-in-a-bottle cosmetic or tried to imitate a look from a magazine ad, only to be disappointed? Experience an image journey with Authentic Beauty’s Alyson Hoag and her staff, and you’ll find just what you’ve been searching for (hint: It’s in the mirror!). After you complete a bit of homework and a bit of guidance to shed some light on the way you perceive yourself, you’ll discover the secrets to uncovering your true beauty—and applying makeup like a pro (bonus hint: less really is more)!

highroadlesstrafficbookpic125. Divorce Documentary

Take the High Road with Monique A. Honaman’s enlightening book The High Road Has Less Traffic, which chronicles the struggles of the author’s divorce. She provides readers with insightful tips and ideas and shares how she was able to get through the bad patches and rise above the pain.


shutterstock_3244797426. Fabulous Facials

Enjoy a truly fabulous, skin-nourishing facial at Spa Buzios in Roswell. Each facial begins with a customized skin analysis to target trouble areas with your skin, and treatment is custom tailored to those needs. Treatments may include microdermabrasion, peels and electrotherapy. You will emerge with fresh, glowing skin and feeling totally relaxed.
Details: (770) 998-7822,

shutterstock_6298991827. Climb High

High Country Outfitters can arrange a Private Rock Climbing Instructional Session for you that works with your schedule. They can also work with any level of climber from beginner to advanced. Each session includes a climbing guide, climbing gear and professional, safe instruction to help you achieve your climbing goals.
Details: (404) 814-0999,


shutterstock_6284012528. Men’s Mini-Getaway

With oversized leather chairs, plasma televisions, cold beverages and stylists specifically trained in men’s hair and skin care, Roosters Barbershop has everything a man needs to look and feel great. Services range from the basic haircut and shave to body waxing and car detailing (seriously—they even detail cars!).
Details: (770) 303-0069,

29. A Real Plus

The biggest innovation from Weight Watchers in more than a decade, the PointsPlus System is a whole new way to count points and lose weight. This system factors in the amount of protein in food items and focuses on the nutritional value of foods and how hard the body has to work to process them. The new program goes beyond just calories, to help people make healthful and satisfying choices.

SallyBs shimmer30. Super Shimmer

Help make your skin glow with Atlanta-based Sally B’s Evening Shimmer. This organic mineral makeup adds an evening shimmer powder that’s perfect for holiday parties or whenever you want to add a little glisten to your daily routine. Brush along your cheekbones, collarbones or anywhere you want to add some sparkle. 


31. Writing Workshops

Atlanta’s own Hollis Gillespie, humorist, syndicated columnist, NPR commentator and top-selling author, wants to share her writing expertise. Take advantage of her fun and informative writing workshops offered throughout the year. Covering everything from blogging to social media to getting published, they appeal to people with a wide range of writing skills.

photo32. Renew Your Body

GNC’s Complete Body Cleansing Program is a multi-action, 7-day kit that supports your overall wellness and digestive health with enzymes, herbs, probiotics and fiber. The all-in-one program features specialized Gastro, Blood Circulation, Liver Cleanser, Kidney Health and Prebiotic Blend formulas that support multiple body systems.
Details: (404) 876-6296, (404) 325-8580,

shutterstock_6514426633. Free Your Mind

Each week in Marietta, Decatur and Alpharetta, free beginner’s meditation classes are offered by Sajaha Meditation Atlanta. This introductory program incorporates vocal and instrumental music, as well as basic meditation techniques. Classes meet at various times throughout the week, so there is sure to be a class that fits any busy schedule.
Details: (404) 259-6556, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

hair34. Blow It Out

Head to Richie Arpino Salon for a Brazilian Blowout. This treatment is said to improve hair’s health while also straightening. It is less timely than other straightening techniques and costs less as well. Polymers wrap themselves around the hair shaft to help get rid of frizz and smooth the cuticles.
Details: (404) 231-5092,


Jobricenterphoto135. Dine and Detox

Detox Dinner at the Jobri Center for Integrative Health will teach you about the amazing benefits of purifying your body.  Presented by Medical Director Dr. Kimball Johnson, the class will teach you about the detox process and its effects on your overall health. A delicious raw meal is served following the presentation.
Details: (404) 941-2469,