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Bra Whisperer Susan Nethero Embarks on a New Venture

Bra Whisperer Susan Nethero Embarks on a New Venture

Former owner of Intimacy talks about the REVEAL Total Transformation seminars

Known by many as "The Bra Whisperer," Susan Nethero has helped countless women find the bra of their dreams and changed the way they feel about themselves. Giving women a positive body image is something she is passionate about.

Whether she was doing a bra fitting at Intimacy, the store she founded in 1992, or fitting Oprah Winfrey herself, it is all about uplifting the spirit. She remembers, "At Intimacy, we were able to take our expertise and share it every day to uplift women and give them a whole new confidence about their beauty, their bodies and their lives!" Nethero's newest venture, REVEAL Total Transformation, with a two-time Emmy-nominated executive producer, centers on improving women's self-esteem, body image, and confidence. "My life's purpose is to uplift and support women in their professional and personal lives," she says.


Best advice you ever received?
Find something you are passionate about and don't let others discourage you from pursuing your dreams. You may not be able to have it all, but you can surely get a whole lot of what you want by loving what you do every day! So live large!

Best achievement?
Being on The Oprah Show five times and really exploding women's interests in bras and how they make a difference in a woman's shape, beauty and confidence! It still blows my mind to see the transformations of women at Intimacy bra fit boutiques.

Best thing about owning your own business?
Creating a culture of fulfillment for each employee and serving the needs of customers before your own.

Best new project?
I am actively working on women's self-esteem issues through the new REVEAL Total Transformation seminars to help women improve their self-perception, body image and confidence. I am working with an esteemed reality TV executive producer of over 100 style and makeover shows, Riaz Patel, whose experience is unparalleled. We will offer innovative perception and psychological techniques to help women let go of years of defeating behaviors and see themselves in a new light. The next Reveal workshop will be September 28-29 and October 19- 20. There is more information on the website

Best bra you've ever owned?
Marie Jo bras from Intimacy because they are beautiful and fit me perfectly.

Best guilty pleasure?
I love shopping for new clothes and feeling special in new fashions!

Best surefire mood booster?
A good glass of wine to share in my husband's company.

Best place for "me" time?
The spa or the pool.

Best book you've read recently?
"Dreaming in Chinese," as I just got back from a trip to China to visit my youngest daughter, who is a Fulbright Scholar working on empowerment of women in the political process. It has given me great insight into my daughter's life in China.

Who are the people who help you to be your best self?
I have business associate friends from the corporate and entrepreneurial world that I often call upon for advice, and as a member of C200 and Golden Seeds, I have amazing women with whom to network. My husband and I attend several conferences throughout the year with Dr. George Pratt. We have a personal trainer, Mary Elizabeth Hogenmueller, who is a great motivator for health, wellness and yoga.