A Flawless Fit

Guest Blogger: Jade Alexandra

Let’s face it – size does matter. Especially when it comes to bra fittings! I knew that. I had been fitted before — about 10 years ago. What I didn’t realize is that a woman typically changes size 6 different times in her lifetime due to weight loss and gain, hormonal changes, pregnancies and the like.

I learned this – and so much more – when I walked into Livi Rae Lingerie for a long overdue bra fitting. The first thing I noticed upon entering the beautiful boutique and seeing the satin and lacy lingerie on dainty hangers, is that I was warmly greeted. The co-owners Molly Hopkins & Cynthia Richards are welcoming and helpful. With a quick assessment, I soon found out they are also experienced and educated in fitting bras, and both are certified mastectomy fitting specialists – true experts in their craft!

“Many women have never actually warn a bra that fits them,” comments Cynthia. “They don’t know what they really need. For most of them, they assume they wear a D, but they’re probably really a G.”

Before a bra fitting. Photo Courtesy of Livi Rae Lingerie.

I got to experience the difference. Not only did I feel comfortable and supported, but I had cleavage that I didn’t know existed. I was so impressed with my newly fitted bra that I asked to wear it out. And then, the best part. I received several compliments throughout the day. “Did you lose weight?” “You’re posture is so good.

After a bra fitting. Photo Courtesy of Livi Rae Lingerie

If you aren’t persuaded by the sexy change in appearance, then consider the health benefits of wearing a proper bra. “If you don’t have the right size, the weight of the breast tissue can cause the top of your neck to get a hump. A well -suited bra can be good for your back,” Molly explains. “Further, under-wires that are improperly placed can put pressure on the soft breast tissue and may contribute to cyst-like lumps and scarring on the breast. Our goal is to educate.”

Size is never an issue in the world of undergarments at Livi Rae. They carry sizes from ‘AA’ to ‘N’ – large or small. They can fit any woman, any situation. One situation they have worked to fit is breast cancer survivors.

In the past, I felt uncomfortable about bra shopping – especially when an associate wanted to help me. Not the case here. Molly and Cynthia have a good-natured, southern hospitality, and a way of making you look and feel beautiful – and feminine.

“People just feel compelled to talk to us, and of course we chat,” says Molly. “We laugh and joke, and by the time they leave, we’re all good friends. We like to make people enjoy themselves. Sometimes customers are stressed when they walk in the door, but end up having fun.”

I am sold – I plan to build my new flawless fit bra wardrobe at Livi Rae!

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