Atlanta Best Media Explores Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

Truly Living Well Pic 3What comes to mind when you hear someone say that they are living well? Do you assume that they eat healthy, workout regularly or live out their wildest dreams by traveling the world? While it could be all of the above. For Best Self Atlanta Magazine and our sister publication Atlanta Home Improvement Magazineit means venturing outside our office walls to stay connected with the community through a monthly team activity day.

For our June team activity day, we visited nonprofit organization Truly Living Well Center for Urban Agriculture, an urban farm with four farm sites in Metro Atlanta. Founded in 2006 by K. Rashid Nuri, this organization’s mission is to connect people with land through education, training and demonstration of economic success in natural urban agriculture.

Truly Living Well Pic 4So from our group tour, to each Atlanta Best Media staff members assigned service learning project, Truly Living Well volunteer coordinator Sara Ellis encouraged each of us to feed our sense of touch, taste and smell through TLW’s gardens. Within the farm tour we explored fresh beds basil, squash, okra, collard greens, ears of corn and so much more. I was amazed not only by the amount of diversity in produce found throughout this chemical and pesticide-free garden, but how healthy and beautiful each plant flourished. Our transition into the gardens greenhouse instantly introduced us to the levels of incoming radiation needed for plants to thrive. The gardens compost area is another essential component to the it’s ecosystem, as the green waste working in the soil, also cares for the produce. From picking plums, to cleaning radishes and discarding weeds, the time spent bonding in nature made our volunteer efforts even more worthwhile. Stay tuned to see what’s in store for our next team activity day!


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