Atlanta Counseling Institute’s Dr. Natalie Elliott Gives Her Best Advice

Dr. Natalie Elliott from Atlanta Counseling Institute is here to give her best advice about how to spice things up once you are an empty nester!

Natalie Elliott


Q: How can parents expect their sex lives to change when the kids are out of the house? 

A: It is hard to crank an engine that had been sitting idle for too long. Don’t wait until the kids are gone to rekindle the romance. Start now. An empty house is not going to create a romantic life that doesn’t already exist.

Q: What tips can help parents connect better during this time?

A: Select a new activity or hobby to participate in, such as hiking, dancing, or taking an art class together. When you have focused on the kids for too long, sometimes you forget how to talk to each other in a way that connects you. Adding an activity will help the bonding and the conversation, which will deepen your connection.

Q: What issues in the bedroom might surprise parents during this time?

A: Couples are often surprised by the fact that their bodies are different. Many couples develop a sexual dance over the years: I do this, you do that, and presto — fireworks. Often in later years, the “this and that” no longer produce fireworks, and couples feel lost. At this stage of the game, couples really have to slow down and relearn what touches excite each other now. Forget sex at 20. Sex at 60 is better.

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