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Dr. Kristin Magee from Dermatology Center of Atlanta answers a reader’s question about molluscum.

Dr. Kristin Magee

Q: What are molluscum, and how do you treat them? 

A: Molluscum are small bumps (generally flesh-colored, dome-shaped, pearly lesions) caused by molluscum contagiosum virus. Most common in children, the virus spreads by touching a surface with the virus on it. In warmer months, molluscum can sometimes be associated with swimming pools. Molluscum can take months to years to resolve if left untreated, and they often spread and become irritated and itchy. Common office treatments include freezing or applying a liquid called cantharidin to create a small blister at the affected areas. Moisturizing the skin helps it be a better barrier so the virus does not spread as easily. Avoid sharing bath cloths or towels to help prevent spread of molluscum.

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