Best Rx: Woodhams Eye Clinic

Dr. Richard Livernois

Dr. Richard G. Livernois from Woodhams Eye Clinic answers a reader’s question about vision.

I’ve never had vision problems, but when I turned 40, things got blurry. Is there anything I can do?

This happens to most people in their 40s. It’s like a switch is flipped — one day they see just fine, and the next day, they’re struggling to read text messages. It’s called “presbyopia.” A lot of times, people will run out and buy so-called “reading glasses” from a drugstore, but that’s not the real fix for their condition. A new procedure called the Presby-fix can use a permanent corneal inlay, smaller and thinner than a contact lens, to correct near vision. Basically, this procedure takes 10 years of age off a person’s vision so they can see up close, far away and in between.

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