Buckhead’s Healthy Chinese Option

Best Self Atlanta’s editor Flannery Keck talks about the newly opened Chow Bing in Buckhead, which offers a healthier Chinese food option to Atlantans.

I used to really love Chinese food. Nearly every week during college, my friends and I walked to a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant around the corner from our dorms to pick up a cheap, easy, tasty dinner. Chow bing Fast forward a few years—I rarely eat Chinese food anymore because I have no idea what goes into it. Where does the meat come from? Was it humanely raised? And what was all the discussion about MSG a few years ago? I decided it would be safer to steer clear altogether.

But now my taste buds and my health-conscious mind are ready to enjoy Chinese food again at the new location of Chow Bing. Located right in the Disco Kroger shopping center, Chow Bing is not only convenient, but it assuages all my prior concerns about the cuisine. Gary Lin, the owner, began this restaurant with the intent to offer dishes that are true to the heart of Chinese cuisine: “Fresh protein, vegetables and healthy rices,” he states. “This is what Chow Bing delivers in a fast, affordable setting. We are excited to showcase ‘responsible Chinese food.’”

Farmer Chow's Salad at Chow Bing

Farmer Chow’s Salad

I first tried the “Build a Bing Platter” option for dinner a few weeks ago. I started with a base of lo mein noodles, which always used to be my favorite. For my protein, I added tofu. Gary told me they have a dedicated tofu fryer, so vegetarians, your tofu is safe from being cooked with meat! I also added mushrooms, peanuts and pickled carrots to the mix. All together, it sounds like a weird combination, but I loved it! My husband and I also tried the bubble tea—I had mine with soy milk, but you can also make them “boozy” by adding liquor.

Since that first night, I won’t tell you how many times I’ve been back for lunch or dinner. And one of the best parts? I can still bank on Chinese food being a cheap, easy meal—just one that I don’t have to sacrifice health in order to enjoy.

Check out Chow Bing online at www.chowbing.com, and tweet us @BestSelfAtlanta or me @FlanneryKeck to tell us what you ordered!

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