Can You Get Out? – Urban Escape Games

The clock is ticking, literally. A screen mounted on the wall flashes a five-minute countdown as half of our Best Self Atlanta/Atlanta Best Media team scrambles to find the last code that opens the latch to free us.

Urban Escape Games - BSA 0316

An alarm blares and a voice echoes over an intercom, informing us that we did not escape in time to avoid being contaminated by the virus leak — the imaginary virus of the fictional CDC lab into which we’d been locked an hour before to start our game.

The CDC Lockdown is just one of the themed rooms at the Urban Escape Games venue in Alpharetta. The first company in Georgia to present simulated escape games. Urban Escape has been setting up brainteasers and trap doors since February of 2015. Each room unravels a different story with special clues to decipher in order to solve a mystery and “escape.” Our team tried the CDC game and the Jewel Heist but weren’t able to unlock either. Now, we all want to head back to see if we can handle Buckstars Murder Mystery or Mr. Magic’s Magician room. The games and clues change regularly, offering fans the opportunity to keep playing repeatedly for new challenges.

Whether you’re bonding with co-workers, looking for a cleaver date night or hanging out with neighborhood friends, Urban Escape Games sparks curiosity and encourages you to perceive your surroundings differently. You will pull, push, left, look, count and code your way out — these games are tough. Many of the rooms have under a 50 percent escape rate because, as Marketing Director Ellis Edwards says, “It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy!”

Up to the task?

Details: 20 Mansell Ct E #275, Alpharetta, GA 30076,

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