Carry Your Health

carry your health

Feeling sore from lugging a heavy handbag or briefcase all day? Exercise physiologist, Bill Boland, shares tips to reduce the damage carrying heavy bags can have on the body.

Walk Tall - Keep the shoulders down and your head up, with a straight back.

Mix it up - Change the type of bag you use, whether it’s a purse or a knapsack or backpack. Variety means everything to your body. If you are wearing a purse, move it from shoulder to shoulder during your walk, or, better yet, carry it across your body to reduce strain on a single body part.

Repair - Offset the impact with stretches that realign the spine, such as stretching out the body with a downward facing dog pose to lessen stiffness and back pain. Get the blood flowing to muscles with standing arm circles which pull the shoulders back and the head up into line.

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