Daron "Farmer D" Joffe from Farmer D Organics Gives His Best Advice

Farmer D Organics’ Daron “Farmer D” Joffe is here to give you his best advice about gardening.

Daron Farmer D Joffe

Q: What are the benefits of gardening?

A: The benefits of gardening include physical fitness, nutrition from fresh produce, natural medicine from herbs and connecting with others through the sharing of tips, seeds, plants and stories from the garden.

Q: How should a first-time gardener begin?

A: Pick good quality materials and ask advice from garden experts at your local garden center or university extension to find out what to grow and when.

Q: How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year?

A: Plant something you haven’t grown before, and try extending your season by planting earlier and later than usual.

Q: What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening?

A: Make it fun. Let them get wet and dirty and grow crops that they are likely to taste like peas, beans, carrots and cherry tomatoes. If you’re ready for more, help start a garden at your child’s school.

Q: What plants are easy to grow? 

A: Radishes will break down the belief that you have a brown thumb. These fast-growing, nutritious little gems are easy to sow directly into the garden in the spring and fall. My favorite varieties are French Breakfast radish and Watermelon Radish.

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