David Paull from Compostwheels Gives His Best Advice

Compostwheels’ founder and CCO (Chief Composting Officer) David Paull is here to give you his best advice about all thing compost.

David Paull

Q: What exactly is compost? 

A: Composting is the decomposition of organic materials into a dark humus-like material that, when added to your garden, will enrich your soil. In active composting, we combine carbon materials (leaves, wood chips, etc.) with nitrogen (produce waste, coffee grounds, etc.). Then we actively turn the mix to help the process of decomposing. It is just like magic.

Q: How should a first-time composter begin? 

A: Begin with a small compost pole from your kitchen scraps and collected leaves.

Q: How can someone compost in a small space? 

A: Apartment dwellers can compost using tumblers, bokashi composters or services like Compostwheels.

Q: How can gardeners tell if their soil is healthy? 

A: Take a closer look at your garden – are birds finding more interest in your soil than in your fruits and vegetables? If so, your soil is teeming with life and its microbial network is in harmony.

Q: What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening?

A: Children love to touch and feel things, and gardening is a tactile experience. Teach them how to pull up a weed and how to put seeds in the ground. You can also set aside a section of your garden that is your child’s, which will encourage responsibility and stewardship.

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