Day 1 of Fitness – Barre3

By Alexandra McCray

Erica Goss and Alexandra McCray

Erica Goss and Alexandra McCray

I’m starting my 30 Days of Fitness at the barre, Barre3 in South Buckhead that is. Walking into Barre3 I was immediately welcomed by Tara at the front desk, who helped me sign-in for the class I had registered for online. I was then given a tour of the facilities, which includes lockers, a changing room and a children’s play area.

I slipped off my sneakers and socks, locked away my personal gear, then entered the intimate studio — a spacious area outfitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and multi-leveled barres attached to the wall. Our instructor, Erica Goss, greeted every new face and asked about their previous barre experience, assessed any physical injuries or concerns and offered equipment suggestions.

Class started with deep breaths and a full-body warm-up. Soon we gripped the barre for pulsating squats, which left me and the majority of the class shaking like leaves. Erica cheered us on reassuring us that this reaction is perfectly normal. I quickly learned that the Barre3 workout focuses on one area of the body at a time, while incorporating multiple muscle groups through the use of small weights and whole body movements. By the end of this one-hour class I had definitely earned my “barre glow,” and learned that small movements can have a big impact on muscles.

To try a class for yourself visit Barre3’s website.

Details: 1745 Peachtree Street NE, Suite K Atlanta, Georgia 30309,

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