Day 11 of Fitness – SVELTE

By Patti Stephens

When I walked in the door for my Signature Barre class at SVELTE I was immediately greeted by our instructor, Celia Potter. When I told her this was my first ever barre class she said, “Great! I have another first timer. So, let me tell you both what to expect.”

Patti Stephens and Celia Potter

Patti Stephens and Celia Potter

She explained to us that barre is all about specific movements and using muscle groups one at a time until they become fatigued. If we are shaking at the end of the segment, we had done it correctly! The key to making your workout effective is focusing your attention on making precise movements, not necessarily big ones.

After Celia’s barre rundown, I grabbed a pair of 2 pound hand weights and a ball, and found a place in the barre room. The class was at full capacity with around 20 people. I had an opportunity to talk to a few of the women before we got started. They had been coming to SVELTE for a few years and both said that Celia was their favorite instructor!

We started out with the hand weights, making sure to face the mirror so we could check our posture throughout.  I must have done the exercise correctly, as my arms were shaking at the end of the session!  We moved on to glutes and legs, which again, had me shaking at the end!  Celia walked around the room helping individuals improve their movements and encouraging all of us to make it through “one more rep.”  The music was upbeat and loud enough that it made it fun, but not so loud that you couldn’t hear instruction.  I loved that at the end of each session you got in some great stretching for that particular muscle group! The 55 minutes flew by!

If you decide to take a class at SVELTE be sure to bring a water bottle and sticky socks if you have them, and prepare for a class full of challenging fun.

Details: 3944 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, GA 30319,


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