Day 12 of Fitness – Fitness Boot Camp at Tadda’s Fitness Center

By Chela Counts

From the packed parking lot at 5 a.m., I could tell right off the bat this wasn’t going to be just any boot camp class. When you walk into Tadda’s Fitness Center be prepared for a #NoMess workout, and to hear owner LaTasha “Tasha” Lewis’ signature motivational catch phrase, “Can I get it” a lot.

Fitness Boot Camp participants.

Fitness Boot Camp participants.

Each day of Fitness Boot Camp is different. For the class I took, yoga mats and weights were already assembled on the big mat for each camp attendee. Within the fitness boot camp, individuals were placed into three different color groups, almost in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Before the workout began, Tasha gave the class suggestions and tips for healthy eating (i.e. during the season of cold weather, stay away from soups with high levels of sodium, etc) and an overall healthy lifestyle.

To warm-up, Tasha said she always loves to do some type of cardio to get the heart pumping and blood flowing. As a beginner, it was fairly easy to catch on to/and to do the warm-up exercises but even as a previous track and field athlete, I could feel the burn instantly (it was good burn though).

Once our bodies were warmed up, we began the total body workout which included planks, short presses, bicep curls, elevated lunges, burpees and abs (core) moves. We also incorporated our weights throughout most of the workout.

LaTasha Lewis leads a cooldown.

LaTasha Lewis leads a cool down.

Whatever exercise Tasha aka “Tadda” requests of her clients/students to do, she does as well, which I loved. For any client/student that was struggling to complete the full-out exercise/steps she was more than happy to demonstrate a modified version. Tasha is very close with each and every one of her clients and knows just how far to push them to achieve results.

To cool down we did yoga stretches and poses that relaxed the muscles and breathing exercises.

If you’ve never been to Tadda’s Fitness Center, it’s a must that you go! The staff is so welcoming, and Tasha herself offers plenty of support and positivity through her high energy classes. Just remember to bring your water, because you’re definitely going to need it!

Details: 2615 Park Central Blvd. Decatur, GA 30034,

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  1. Roneek Gayden says:

    Hey you’re doing a good job….I’m trying to get there

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