Day 13 of Fitness – Boutique Body Fitness

Day 13 of Fitness – Boutique Body Fitness

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey Campbell, Lisa Tanker-Potts

Aubrey Campbell, Lisa Tanker-Potts

Just as quickly as winter has arrived, spring will be here before you know it! So why wait for bikini season to tone my body? For Day 13 of Fitness, I participated in Lisa Tanker-Potts’ bikini body boot camp held at Boutique Body Fitness studio.

This series-based boot camp hosted 30 other women whose main goal for several weeks has been to get and stay fit. Toward the beginning of class, Lisa spoke with each workout participant in order to gauge the success of their customized meal plans. Once that was complete, the warm-up began quickly with a light jog to get our muscles ready for a great class.

To begin the day’s workout we were each separated into groups of four, where there were seven stations set-up across the floor. Lisa then demonstrated each stations’ routine, and immediately began the music to get us moving!

My station start point was an aerobics platform with lateral step workouts to increase the heart rate. From there, I moved to doing lunges, wall push-ups, squats and isolated crunches with a medicine ball. Each of the seven stations were repeated twice, and during the second round we did a minute of squat jumps and high-knees.

During the workout I felt energized and excited. Lisa was awesome! Her positive energy pushed each and every girl to give it their all at each station. I found it to be really special that she knew everyone by name and was so encouraging the entire time!

The hardest part of the workout was the hamstring curl machine. My most enjoyable part was actually getting to talk to the other women in class once the workout was complete. Lisa’s expertise and warm spirit has encouraged several women to live healthy lifestyles and work for their desired physique.

Lisa is a fitness guru who is in amazing shape herself! She competes in physique competitions, and I really love when fitness professionals truly practice what they preach.

Details: 650 Hamilton Ave SE, Atlanta, GA, (678) 568-9217,

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