Day 14 of Fitness – TRX Strength & Mobility at Brookhaven Fitness Studio

By Alexandra McCray

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work out with TRX Suspension Training straps. If you’ve never seen TRX straps before, they are long black and yellow straps that are anchored to the ceiling, with hand and foot cradles at the bottom.

Photo courtesy of Brookhaven Fitness Studio

Photo courtesy of Brookhaven Fitness Studio

The TRX Strength & Mobility class at Brookhaven Fitness Studio is a great foray into this work out world. When I arrived for class all I had to do was check-in and sign a liability waiver. Mauro Moncayo, a co-owner of the studio, gave me a tour and pointed out where I could go to get changed and where cubbies were to place my things.

I had a chance to talk with our instructor, Joe Cruz, before we got started. When I explained to Joe that my TRX experience was nonexistent he took the time to go over basic movements and phrases he would use throughout class with me. He also helped adjust my TRX straps for my height, and explained proper hand and feet placement so I would not injure my wrists. After the brief overview, I felt comfortable with my straps and was good to go.

Alexandra McCray with instructor Joe Cruz

Alexandra McCray with instructor Joe Cruz

Our class focused mainly on upper body and core. My abs were definitely feeling it! What I particularly enjoyed about whole experience was learning new ways to do traditional moves, like bicep curls for example. This involved us facing our straps, leaning back, angling our bodies and then curling our arms forward while bringing our forehands to our hands.  The straps provide endless versatility and options for you to get a true full body workout. Joe made sure to give me extra attention and make sure my form was correct while doing all the moves, which was very helpful.

The straps are also amazing to stretch with. As someone that gets sore quite easily, I take my stretching very seriously. The light resistance of the straps during our end of class stretching session really helped to provide a good stretch for those hard to reach spots.

To learn see a full class schedule and learn more about TRX at Brookhaven Fitness Studio visit

Details: 2669 Osborne Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30319,

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