Day 22 of Fitness – FITin45 at Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu

Day 22 of Fitness – FITin45 at Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu

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Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu FITin45 class

Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu FITin45 class

Today’s 30 Days of Fitness workout was a class called FITin45 at the newly opened Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu. When I first arrived, I filled out a waiver and dropped my things in the women’s locker room. Sam Joseph, the owner, told me to remove my shoes, which I wasn’t expecting! The workout was done completely barefoot. Once I put my things away and took off my shoes, we got right to it. The FITin45 workout was broken up into four stations.

  1. Battle rope training (30 seconds of rope, 30 seconds rest)
  2. Lunges with kettle bells (15), mountain climbers (15)
  3. Box jumps (15), isolated crunches (15)
  4. Jumping burpees (10), Supermans (10)

We started with a quick warm-up to high-energy music, and then Sam instructed us to whichever station we wanted first. I chose Station 2 with the lunges and mountain climbers. The first couple minutes into the workout, I started to feel the burn. I alternated between the 15 kettle bell lunges and 15 mountain climbers until time was up.

We look a short, one-minute break to grab water, and then I was onto my next station: the battle rope. This is a great upper-body workout that I could feel in my biceps, triceps and shoulders immediately. For 30 seconds, you swing your arms up and down as quick as you can, making the rope do a “wave.” Not only was it working my muscles, but this interval workout had me breathing heavy and getting a cardio workout as well. Out of all the stations, this was probably the hardest for me because I don’t have a ton of upper body strength, which is something I’m working on for the new year!

After time was up for the round two, we took another quick break for water and went to our third station. My third station was the box jumps and isolated crunches. Once time began, I started with the box jumps. Form is very important in all of these workouts, so Sam helped me and told me it was important to control my jumps. He was very motivating at this station and throughout the workout. His demeanor was fun and encouraging. After my 15 jumps, I laid on the mat and did 15 crunches. Again, I alternated between these two workouts until time was up.

The final station I completed was the Station 4, jumping burpees and Supermans. I’ve done burpees with other trainers and have always had a love/hate relationship with this exercise. They are tough, but you are working your entire body (core, legs and arms), so it makes for an awesome workout. After the jumping burpees, I laid on the mat and did 10 Supermans. A Superman is a back workout where you lay on your stomach and raise your legs and arms simultaneously. I did probably four or five rounds of the station until time was up, and we were done with FITin45!

After the workout, we grabbed water and did a quick cool-down and stretch.  I was amazed how quickly time went by, but I still got a great workout!  For anyone who uses the excuse they don’t have enough time to work out, I highly suggest you go see Sam at Buckhead Jiu-Jitsu! You are warmed-up, worked out and cooled down all in 45 minutes. Not only was it fast, but you are also getting a total body workout with both strength and conditioning exercises.

Details: 2144 Hills Ave, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30318, (678) 515-0472,

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  1. Amanda says:

    Wow!! seems great,just in 45 minutes??? unbelievable

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