Day 25 of Fitness – Zumba at Dance Stop Studios

Day 25 of Fitness – Zumba at Dance Stop Studios

Best Self publisher: Sherri

Since 1974, Dance Stop Studios has been recognized as one of our city’s largest and most successful dance schools. The 13,000-square-foot facility is located on Upper Roswell Road in the East Cobb area of Marietta. The school is known all over the country for its award-winning dance program, but Dance Stop’s curriculum offers classes beyond dance. They also offer fitness classes like yoga, Barre Sculpt and Zumba, so on Saturday morning, I went to try out one of their Zumba classes for 30 Days of Fitness. I have taken Zumba a couple of times, but it has been a while, so I can say with certainty that I am a beginner.

Dance Stop Studios Zumba instructor Kristi and Best Self publisher Sherri

Dance Stop Studios Zumba instructor Kristi Hickman and Best Self publisher Sherri

I was so impressed with the studio from the minute I walked in the door. The friendly greeting from the front desk and my Zumba instructor, Kristi Hickman, immediately put me at ease. I was feeling welcome and ready to start my class. The class started right on time with upbeat music and consisted of several routines (one per song).  Plus, each song worked the body from head to toe, both toning our muscles and improving our cardio abilities. The lights were turned down low to simulate a party environment, and I soon found myself doing “my” version of the moves. Kristi was very positive and motivating. Her smiling face and incredible energy were contagious. I found myself smiling, and occasionally laughing at my interesting interpretations of the Zumba dances. But that’s the great thing about Zumba—the instructor dances along with you the entire class and you simply follow along, so there’s no dance experience required! I also found myself thinking about Shakira as we danced to her music, and I thought to myself, “My hips do lie!”—they weren’t quite moving the way Kristi’s were. But it didn’t matter because I was getting a great workout and having a blast!

Zumba Class participants Regina, instructor Kristi, Casey and Tanya

Zumba Class participants Regina, instructor Kristi, Casey and Tanya

At one point in the class, the seasoned participants jumped on the stage with Kristi. I loved that because it felt very inclusive and made it easy for me to lose my inhibitions about my “style” and just enjoy the workout. And the workout went by so fast! I now understand why so many love Zumba workouts. For people who love to work out to upbeat music and enjoy the camaraderie of others, this is the class. The workout style is fun and liberating and makes you smile while still burning plenty of calories.

Details: 4400 Roswell Road, Suite 128, Marietta, GA,


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