Day 26 of Fitness – Blast900

Day 26 of Fitness – Blast900

Best Self staffers: Aubrey and Flannery

Now that we’ve nearly reached the end of our 30 Days of Fitness, we’re feeling extra fit around the office. Aubrey and I decided to see how our new and improved selves would do at a Blast900 class in Buckhead. It was every bit as intense as we expected, but what we didn’t expect was how much we would also enjoy it!

Blast900 weights and treamills

Blast900 weights and treadmills

We arrived for the Sunday class, led by four-year Blast900 instructor Paige Castor, who made us feel welcome right off the bat by introducing herself and showing us around the room. The workout room was cozy, with a handful of treadmills along two walls and several personal stations of dumbbells and weighted bars in the middle. The weight stations were already set up for us, which was very convenient and made it easy for us newcomers to see what equipment we would be using.

Aubrey and I began class on the floor with weights, following along as Paige led us through exercises with the dumbbells and a weighted bar. Because of the nature of the workout, we didn’t stay at this weight station for long. Blast900 keeps you moving consistently between the weights area and the treadmills every few minutes, so you stay challenged with cardio and muscle toning evenly throughout the entire hour. So once we did a few warm-ups with the weights, we switched places with the class members who had started on the treadmills. Paige called out our speed and incline options, and we transitioned smoothly into those intervals. Paige was clearly a seasoned teacher because she had no trouble making the instructions easy to hear and easy to follow, even though some people were on treadmills and some were using weights. Aubrey and I were thankful she was such a good guide—our bodies were already working so hard, we didn’t have a lot of extra energy to think!

And we definitely were working hard. The intervals on the treadmills are no joke—at times, we would spend a minute or two climbing up a 24 percent incline or sprinting on a flat treadmill for 90 seconds. Blast900 makes it easy to really push yourself, though, because those intervals really are short and manageable. You can do anything for 90 seconds! That’s what I kept telling myself as I was gasping for air, at least. But after each seemingly impossible interval, I got to hop back off and do weights on the floor, so the built-in recovery time was a real perk to this class. Plus, the treadmills each had a motivational quote printed on the mirror above them, which really helps keep you focused during the intense parts. As for the weights section, we completed every exercise from bicep curls and side planks to leg and butt workouts using resistance bands around our feet. This part of the workout really kept us guessing and, by the end of the hour, had worked every muscle group.

Blast900 instructor Paige Castor and Best Self account executive Aubrey Campbell

Blast900 instructor Paige Castor and Best Self account executive Aubrey Campbell

By the end, Aubrey and I had both gotten fantastic workouts, due in large part to the great arrangement of this class. The intervals and the consistent rotation allowed for just enough recovery time and just enough added interest that we didn’t get overly exhausted, nor did we get bored. It was a great mix that kept us motivated and working at our max the entire hour. Neither of us were wearing a heart monitor, but I would bet that we blasted 900 calories, easily! To try it for yourself either in Buckhead, Dunwoody, or their soon-to-be-open Midtown location, just go to their website and reserve a spot in your first complimentary class.

Details: 56 E Andrews Dr NW #11, Atlanta, GA, (404) 841-5430,

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