Day 27 of Fitness – Stellar Bodies

By Alexandra McCray

I arrived for my 6:30 p.m. Full Body Class at Stellar Bodies a few minutes early. Once the class before mine cleared out, I tucked my things away in one of the nearby cubbies and made my way to a Megaformer™. The Stellar Bodies workout utilizes the Lagree Method, which is rooted in Pilates. So if you’ve taken a Pilates class with a reformer, you’ll pretty much feel at home on a Megaformer™.

But don’t worry. If you’re like me, and have little reformer—and no Megaformer™—experience, you’ll catch on fast. Trust me. True to its name, this class works your entire body with an emphasis on core stability and strength.

(Left to Right) Ansley Bourn, Jamie Schneider and Alex McCray.

(Left to Right) Ansley Bourn, Jamie Schneider and Alex McCray.

We began with burpees as a full-body warm up, and then moved on to serious glute work. I love how this workout amps up traditional Pilates moves, like using added tension from the Megaformer™ when making small and large circles with the legs.

The added resistance really makes this class a killer. Within just a few minutes, I was sweating bullets and feeling strain in muscles I didn’t even know I had. When she could tell we were starting to wane, our instructor, Jamie Schneider, encouraged us to push past the pain, saying “I want you to hate me now, but love me later.”

My favorite part of the class was when we focused on our upper bodies, which included doing bicep curls and tricep extensions with straps, and using the moving Megaformer™ platform to do planks and side crunches.

I love new spins on traditional workout moves, and this class offers plenty of them. Stop by Stellar Bodies’ Buckhead or Midtown location to mix up your workout routine and give this class a try.

Details: 44 12th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309,

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