Day 29 of Fitness – Personal Training Session at Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio

By Alexandra McCray

Just walking into Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio is motivating. The studio is filled with energy and the atmosphere brims with positivity. My trainer for the morning, Alex Carson, greeted me at the door with a smile, and proceeded to give me a full tour of the facilities. This state-of-the-art personal training facility may be small on space, but it is big on amenities.

(Left to Right) Jeff Toney and Alex Carson

(Left to Right) Jeff Toney, Eclipse co-owner, and Alex Carson

We began my session with some light walking on the treadmill to get my blood pumping. While I walked, Alex asked me about my goals, if I had any injuries, and what kind of training (if any) I was already doing. He explained to me that each training session varies from client to client. Everything from what muscles you are going to work that day to how many repetitions of each exercise you will perform is tailored to your goals.

Once I was nice and warmed-up, we moved over to the leg press. I almost had a heart attack when I saw Alex set the weight to 160 pounds. To my surprise I could do do more than get the weight up — I could actually crank out the 20 repetitions. I normally would have never tried a weight that heavy, but having a trainer there to encourage me to add that extra weight and “just try it” was exactly what I needed to maximize my workout.

Since Alex knew that I wanted to shed fat while gaining, and maintaining, as much muscle as possible, he pushed me to go deeper and lower when I was doing my leg moves. He explained this would work my glutes instead of my quads, which would help to lift and shape my butt. I also learned that doing a higher number of repetitions helps your body get into fat burning mode, as opposed to fewer repetitions, which are more effective for building muscle.

Eclipse 1

My favorite thing about working with Alex, was that he pushed me when he could tell I was capable of more and let me rest when he could see I was getting worn out. When I told Alex that I thought I might be done for the day there was no guilt trip; he simply told me I’d done a great job and that with time my muscle memory would build, then sent me on my way.

If you’re searching for personal trainers with balance and positivity look no further than Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio.

Details: 295 West Wieuca RD NE Atlanta, GA 30342


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