Day 30 of Fitness – Dubstep Yoga at Thunderbolt Power Yoga

By Ansley Bourn

Walking into the Thunderbolt Power Yoga studio for my Dubstep Yoga class I was immediately captivated by the warm environment and bright colors.

(Left to Right) Ansley, Carly Grace Hinchman, owner and instructor, Tina Reale, instructor

(Left to Right) Ansley, Carly Grace Hinchman, owner and instructor,
Tina Reale, instructor

Set to Dubstep music, this class is all about connecting the rhythm of your mind, body and heart to the beat!

The first thing Carly Grace Hinchman, our instructor and studio owner, said really set the tone for class — “There are plenty of places in life for perfection. I promise, your mat doesn’t have to be one of them!”

This class completely brought me back to a child-like state. It really felt like my mat was my playground! Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely challenging, but Carly excels in pushing you to your limits and makes you laugh at yourself while doing it. She even created an “OMG” curtsy move for us to do to go along with the ‘OMG’ track she had on her rockin’ playlist. It involved us literally spelling out the letters O-M-G with our bodies.

Carly really goes above and beyond to make sure her students maintain a playful mindset during class and genuinely have fun. You could tell from the energy in the room that her efforts were definitely paying off,  several times throughout class the studio was filled with laughter. I loved being able to laugh at myself during yoga!

Be prepared to work up a sweat while you’re having a good time though — during class the studio is heated between 85-90 degrees. Don’t worry if you forget a towel or mat, the studio has them available to rent (first timers can use them for free though). And guys, don’t be afraid to give this class a try either. The class I attended had an even guy-to-girl ratio, so it’s definitely not a girls club!

Thunderbolt Power Yoga Dubstep Yoga

This class is fast paced, but Carly makes sure to pause when she is introducing a new move in the sequence to make sure everyone understands the different poses. She challenged us to try a baby chin pose; I laughed at first, but was surprised by how much weight I was able to hold on my chin (which was somewhere around one-sixth of my body weight…still have some room to grow with this one!)

Finally, Carly closed class with a great quote, that really stuck with me —”In all things you do, be audaciously playful.” It was the perfect way to end class and a great mantra to keep in mind while going about our everyday lives.

To see when the next Dubstep Yoga class will be held visit

Details: Unit C4, 3872 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

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