Football is just around the corner

3-stooges-footballI don’t know if you’re as excited as I am, but the football season is almost here! I have been on pins and needles for a couple of weeks now waiting for the season to start. For me, the season begins on Aug. 30th when the Buckeyes kick off against Marshall at the Shoe. I’ve already been planning where I’m going to watch this game for a week now. I can’t wait to spend my Saturdays watching the Buckeyes and seeing how the rest of the season unwinds. Can Florida’s, Texas’ and Oklahoma’s new QBs keep those programs on a roll? Can Alabama overcome losing most of their defensive starters? I’m not quite sure Alabama will be able to repeat like most people are predicting–losing that much on defense is a lot to overcome. I am really looking forward to their game against Penn State on the Sept. 11th to see how that defense comes together early in the season. I just hope that someone beats Boise State so I don’t have to listen to how they deserve to play for the title.

Most importantly, I have to get ready for my Fantasy Football draft. I care more about this than my pro team, The Browns. (I don’t think I need to explain those reasons.) I am really looking forward to seeing how the Falcons do this year; I think they’re getting poised for big things.

Here are my top 5 predictions for college football this season:
1. UConn will beat Michigan, thus making a long year for Rich Rod
2. OSU is going to pound Miami
3. Arkansas is this year’s Ole Miss
4. Terrelle Pryor will have a great year, but no matter how he performs he is nowhere close to being a pro QB
5. Lane Kiffin will say something incredibly dumb

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