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The beauty industry can be very challenging. Hairstylists have to strive to make every guest feel happy, beautiful and cared for every moment. That is not always easy. That being said, one of the most rewarding things is a happy guest who is excited by their makeover.

I always star makeovers with a very thorough consultation. I show photos as examples of the look I am recommending, so there is no misunderstanding. It is always hard for someone to change their look when they have had the same look for many years. However, just as fashion changes every year, so do hairstyles. Keeping your hairstyle current and age appropriate is important.

As we age our bodies, hair and skin tone change. Our features may change. Looking at facial features and body shape is imperative. We want to accentuate the guest’s best features and draw the eye away from problem areas. Just because you have always had your hair long or the same color for years does not mean you should have it that way for your whole life. Make sure your hairstyle goes with your features and your color goes with your skin tone.

Steve Hightower - Masters of Makeover

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