Helping Heroes: The Veterans Empowerment Organization

Civillian and Soldier

For some of those serving in the armed forces, returning home from a tour of duty can feel like walking out of one battle and into another. Crippling post-traumatic stress disorder bandaged with substance abuse, lack of transferable skills and a limited support network may contribute to the vulnerability of veterans once they are back on American soil. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that over 40,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. The Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) partners with service providers to ease the transition back into civilian life.

At the VEO campus, no veteran—even one with substance abuse issues—is turned away. The program provides shelter, clothing, food and access to critical Veterans Administration medical benefits, as well as transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. Once a veteran has completed the necessary steps to becoming self-sufficient and re-enters the workforce, they are then eligible for the VEO permanent housing program and, ultimately, homeownership.  VEO’s ultimate mission is to end homelessness among veterans in Georgia.


Ready to Help?

Provide “Bootcamp Basics”

Host a drive in your community to help veterans feel more at home at the VEO campus. “Bootcamp basic” supplies that are always needed include bedding, toiletries and clothing. Items like MARTA cards and pre-paid cellphones are also incredibly helpful for veterans as they go back to work.

Lend a Hand

Sometimes it’s the smallest actions of kindness that have the biggest impact. Head to the VEO campus and spend the day shooting hoops, playing chess and bingo or doing other fun activities to brighten the day of veterans going through the program.

Get a Group Together

These vital programs can’t happen without the hard work of volunteers. So grab family, friends and co-workers and spend the day assisting with meal preparation, VEO campus maintenance (painting, landscaping, housing repair) and more.


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