It’s Easy Being Green!

Although Earth Day is still a few months away, (April 22) it’s never too late to think green! Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo stopped by Atlanta recently to debut his new eco-home collection at HomeGoods stores (found throughout Atlanta). You can find everything from bakeware featuring eco-friendly non-stick ceramic coating technology to bath towels.

Danny took some time to pay a visit to local “green” store ReInspiration which sells unique gifts made from recycled materials like magazines and wine bottles. Danny also answered a few questions for our Best Self blog about being eco-conscious.

What is a great starter tip to make your home more eco-friendly?
Don’t sweat the small stuff; think big picture here.  If it’s time to replace the fridge, be sure to get one that is not only Energy Star rated, but the most energy efficient model you can possibly find that fits your budget.  If your fridge is totally fine, do this one thing: open the windows in the front and the back of the house on a nice, breezy day and cross ventilate the inside of you home.  All the airborne toxins will flush out leaving you a cleaner, healthier home.   

What is the one “green” item you can’t do without?
I am in love with our Danny Seo Eco-Existence towels. It’s an everyday item that has changed the way I look at towels. We use a special loop/weave in the towels that helps them dry 1/3 faster in the dryer and also when they air-dry after use. A faster dry time means more energy savings and they are less prone to develop smelly mildew, so they always smell fresh!

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