Jiggle With It: My First Pole Dancing Class

By Anne-Marie Berte (FitGirl)

If you’ve ever wanted to try a pole dancing class but were a little unsure, take it from me, we all feel this way at first! It all started with a conversation:
Friend: I’m going to Jiggle With it class on Saturday, want to join me?
Me: Um, sure, what is it? I am always up for something new when I’m in town.
Friend: It’s a pole dancing/butt jiggle class. You need to bring booty shorts tank, a yoga mat or knee pads because we will be on our knees for part of it.  Oh yeah, and wear stripper shoes.

I’m laughing out loud at this point. What did I get myself into?
When I walked into Polelateaz Atlanta, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as the class got going, I started having fun! The teacher was amazing and the class was packed with women decked out in (you guessed it), sexy booty shorts, stripper shoes and knee pads.

The dimly light room had about 20 stripper poles scattered about. As upbeat hip hop music started and we moved our hips to the beat, I realized what a workout I was in for. Within 10 minutes I was sweating.

The best part? No one was watching or judging – you just moved and followed the teacher. The mirrors in the room helped guide your form and keep you on track with class.  The jiggle with it class worked on just that – teaching you how to jiggle your booty the right way, the sexy way – while standing, squatting, on your knees and on the floor – and even while lying down.

The class challenges you to use your quads, glutes, calves, core and even upper body as you move your arms while you dance.  I love how the class kept me in my own zone, dancing, moving, and feeling sexy in my body and mind.  The moves help stretch your hips and help you to stay out of your head and on the dance floor.  A lot of awareness goes into this and the minute you tense up, the proper form dissipates.

All levels are welcomed and Polelateaz Atlanta has all sorts of classes I will definitely be back to check out.

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