Katie Moorhouse from Pineapple House Interior Design Gives Her Best Advice

Pineapple House Interior Design‘s Katie Moorhouse is here to give you her best advice on how to change up your living space once the kids are out of the house.

Katie Moorhouse


Q: How can parents expect their home décor to chance when the kids are out of the house? 

A: Homes stay cleaner once parents become empty nesters. It is easier to keep things in place once busy schedules, homework and muddy shoes are not factors!

Q: What are some updates empty nesters could consider for their living space?

A: Review your interests, and literally make space for them. Perhaps this means converting the old playroom or basement into a theater, home gym, mediation zone, sewing center, dance floor, wine cellar or craft room. Parents have grown just as their children have, which makes this an exciting opportunity to refine and redefine.

Q: If it is time to downsize, how can parents start the process?

A: Downsizing is a great way to start a new phase of life. Evaluate your possessions and consider your children. What would they want, use, need or enjoy of your furniture or personal effects? Do you have things that no longer have any sentimental or useful value to you? Many organizations welcome donations. Getting rid of clutter will make your home much more attractive and energizing. Plus, it will prepare you for a future relocation.

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  1. I am thankful for this great advice Katie. Glad to see your site.

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