Keisa Leprell Davis from Be You Be Now gives her Best Advice

Keisa Leprell Davis, an Atlanta life coach from Be You Be Now, offers her advice on how to get rid of guilt.

Keisa Leprell Davis from Be You Be NowQ: How can people overcome their guilt?

A: As a life coach, I help people overcome their guilt by acknowledging it and learning how not to repeat it.

Q: Are certain personalities more prone to feelings of guilt?

A: If you are human, you are prone to feelings of guilt. Most often, people who live each day to higher standards are the ones who experience a greater amount of guilt. They strive to be the best and try hard to avoid making mistakes.

Q: Who can you talk to about guilt?

A: A life coach, counselor, spiritual leader or someone you can trust.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: Recognize that you are human and not the only one who has had to face it. Identify what you did to cause the guilty emotions and which of your moral standards you violated, and then learn from your mistake.

Q: What is a positive affirmation someone can use to help deal with guilt?

A: First, know that you are not controlled by your past actions and believe that bad actions can turn into good. Then, tell your guilt it can no longer live in you. Do something nice for yourself or those you have hurt. Make a purposeful effort never to repeat the same mistake again. Keep a journal of the progress and positive things you are doing now in your life.

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