Megan McSwain Mann, of Peachtree Art Therapy and Counseling LLC., Shares Her Best Advice

Megan McSwain Mann_cred Kim Busby

Megan McSwain Mann, from Peachtree Art Therapy and Counseling, LLC, shares her best advice to teen anxiety.

What myth is associated with teen anxiety?

That being anxious is a normal part teen development. Sure, having a few butterflies before a test or being nervous about a first date is very normal, but real anxiety is a serious issue.

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with anxiety?

Look for changes in behavior, such as avoiding socializing with friends, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, a drop in grades or school performance, or if your teen complains of physical symptoms, such as stomachaches or headaches.

What are the available treatment options for teen anxiety?

Treatment options include counseling, family therapy, support groups, meditation, and in some cases medication. Consult with a profession to find the best fit for your teen.

What would you say to a teen with anxiety?

You are not crazy! You are not alone. This is not your fault. Anxiety is a real problem that you do not have to deal with on your own. Ask for help and support from a trusted adult in your life, such as a parent, school counselor or coach.

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