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Kaiser Permanente

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A Coordinated Approach to Cancer Care

At Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, we know that every person, every cancer diagnosis, and every road to recovery is unique. That's why our Breast Care Center offers a personalized approach to treatment that provides our members with a convenient, coordinated and compassionate care experience.

When lumps are diagnosed and treated in their earliest stages, breast cancer treatment has a much higher likelihood of success. That's why we encourage our members to follow a breast health routine that includes regular mammogram screenings, which can help detect breast cancer up to two years before it can be found by self-examination.

If a Kaiser Permanente member has an abnormal mammogram result, our Breast Care Center is notified instantly through our electronic health record, which connects our members to their entire care team. A biopsy is often scheduled by the following day.

Photo-01After receiving a cancer diagnosis, our members sit down at a table with a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and breast care coordinator to create a comprehensive care plan. This multi-disciplinary team approach to care—with patients playing an active role in the decision-making—results in a more coordinated, timely and satisfying care experience.

Along with our streamlined and coordinated approach to breast health care, we also offer the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program that our members can enroll in after completing treatment. A dedicated Breast Care Center specialist monitors the health of participants, who receive physical evaluations, psychological screenings, a comprehensive review of treatment received, as well as a five-year plan for follow-up care.

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente's unique approach to cancer care, visit


Pierson Gladney, MD

Kaiser Permanente Sandy Springs Medical Office

Dr. Pierson Gladney is triple board-certified in internal medicine, hematology and medical oncology. She is graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed her residency and a fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine.




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Your Most Beautiful You

For over six years, Atlanta residents have been turning to Bella by Alethea MedSpa to regain their confidence and radiance through the latest Anti-Aging treatments.

Whether you're looking to tighten, pamper or tone up, president Alethea Tinkle and her highly trained staff of Medical Professionals and Laser-Certified Aestheticians have always prided themselves on helping clients discover their most beautiful selves through state-of-the-art science.

That's why owner Alethea Tinkle is excited to announce the launch of its very own premier skincare line, Be Bella Skincare. The line features an eye cream, antioxidant cleanser, vitamin C towelettes and more. The system can easily be incorporated into your current beauty routine or used exclusively.

Bella-American-Laser-Centers"From the potent ingredients to the pretty packaging, I am extremely proud of Be Bella Skincare. I guarantee it will provide the dramatic results my clients expect from me," says Tinkle.

In addition to Bella's new skincare system, clients can now receive injectables by appointment, along with treatments like Medical Microdermabrasion Facials, Non-Surgical Facelifts and more. For those on the go, Bella by Alethea MedSpa is the ultimate one-stop shop for Anti-Aging treatments and products.

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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Javelin Strategy & Research, an average of 7.5% of American households had some type of identity theft each year (as of April of 2015). Here are five tips to try to avoid being a part of this statistic:

  1. Tax Return Pin. One way these thieves are using stolen identities is by filing false tax returns. The thief files your income tax return and shows that you are owed a refund. The refund is directed to an account that does not belong to you. You have no idea anything has happened until you file your income tax return and the IRS rejects your tax return stating you already filed. Now you must prove to the IRS that you are really you.

    If you live in Georgia, Florida or Washington, DC, you can avoid this scam by getting a PIN to file your tax return.

  2. Social Security Number Protection. You can also avoid identity theft by not carrying your social security number with you (in case your wallet or purse is stolen). Do not provide your social security number unless absolutely necessary. Your doctor's office, for instance, will request it, but this is unnecessary.

  3. Avoid Unknown Callers. Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Many of the identity thieves will call and try to persuade you (very convincingly) to give them information about your bank, social security, birth date, etc. Do not give out that information.

  4. Passwords. Your passwords should include two capital letters as well as numbers, letters and symbols (@$% for instance). You should change your passwords monthly or at least quarterly.

  5. Credit Report. Pull your credit report each year for free by calling 1-877-322-8228 or online at

If someone steals your identity: (1) Call the police and file a report; (2) Call social security and notify them; (3) Hire a monitoring company to watch your credit; (4) Contact the credit companies and put a fraud alert on your credit; and (5) Contact to report the theft to the FTC.

Securities offered through Triad Advisors, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Financial Innovations, LLC. Financial Innovations, LLC is not affiliated with Triad Advisors, Inc.


Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP®, CSA
Financial Innovations, LLC

Laura Schilling isn’t your typical financial planner. She is also a world traveler who has been to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Israel.  Laura is an active member in the community, a mother of two, and a champion for each of the working mothers she employs.  As principal and founder of Financial Innovations, LLC, she staffs her firm with stay-at-home moms who work to meet the needs of their clients around the globe.

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Naturopathic Care Leads to Vitality

Debra MacIntyre, ND, caught the health care bug decades ago when her exercise program freed a client from their blood pressure medication. "I knew I had found my purpose in life: to help people regain their health," says MacIntyre. So she ditched the fitness industry and decided to pursue nutrition and naturopathy.

Her passion for helping and healing people holistically, along with the entrepreneurial tug she'd always felt, led her to open her own practice, Natural Health Solutions. Her practice, which specializes in homeopathy, has helped patients remove toxins from their bodies, relieved ailments traditional medicine just can't figure out and more. She's even found an anti-aging treatment that doesn't involve needles or tongue-twister product names – imagine that!

Photo-01After 20 plus years of treating clients and two back-to-back "Best of" awards since opening in 1994, MacIntyre now feels the time is right to transition Natural Health Solutions into Vitality Project. Even though her practice's name is changing, her goal to heal patients from the inside out remains the same.

MacIntyre and her team have helped countless patients restore their health with a free consultation, in which they share their goals, followed by a custom program to make those goals a reality. Programs incorporate lifestyle tweaks, some detoxification and a sprinkle of supplementation here and there. Patients aren't in it alone, though – the team is there every step of the way. "We are partners in helping them to achieve their goals. This is not just a job to anyone in our clinic," says MacIntyre.

She hopes that the new Vitality Project name will reinforce the longstanding passion behind the practice's purpose, to help patients to live, grow and develop into their best self.

Sponsored by: Vitality Project | 11285 Elkins Road/Suite J1 | Roswell, GA 30076 |  | (770) 817-8028

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A Team Approach to Skin Cancer

Applying sunscreen daily, even if it's cloudy outside, getting your daily dose of vitamin D and regularly checking your birthday suit for any changes in your skin could save your life. These simple routines can help protect you from one of the most common forms of cancer: skin cancer. With diagnosis rates increasing more than 75 percent over the past decade, it is more important than ever to take precautions and keep an eye on your body's largest organ.

If you do happen to find an unusual spot on your skin and you receive a skin cancer diagnosis, you can trust you'll be in excellent hands at Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center and Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery. The Skin Cancer Center, led by Dr. Jared Friedman, has now doubled its surgical space and with the addition of Dr. Perry as our second, fully dedicated Mohs surgeon, we have doubled our capacity to serve the community.

Photo-01What exactly is Mohs surgery? Mohs surgery is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for two of the most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, or BCC and SCC for short. This microscopic surgery focuses on removing as little healthy skin tissue as possible when removing cancerous cells.

With nine general dermatologists, seven dermatology physician assistants, two Mohs surgeons, Drs.
 Friedman & Perry, a full-time, in-house pathologist and our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yellin,​​ Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer ​Center offers patients a rare opportunity to have their skin cancer diagnosed, treated quickly and effectively with Mohs surgery, and when necessary, reconstructed by Dr. Yellin, one of Atlanta's most respected and experienced facial plastic surgeons; all under one roof! Very few practices across the country are fortunate enough to offer this type of integrated skin care management.



Dr. Adam Perry

Dr. Perry brings an elite level of training in the latest skin cancer treatments to Metro Atlanta.
After obtaining his medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine, the Georgia native went on to do a dermatology residency in Charleston and then completed a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.

The dedicated fellowship provided Dr. Perry with extensive experience using Mohs surgery to treat a variety of skin cancers – including melanoma – a skill set gleaned at only a handful of fellowship programs nationally. Dr. Perry also received extensive training in advanced reconstruction techniques to repair patients following the removal of skin cancer.

Adam Perry, MD, is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Medical Association.


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Botox for Depression

The Institute for Advanced Medical Research has always been on the forefront of cutting edge treatments for diseases, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The Institute recently launched a new program specifically for Brain Health and Wellness.

Dr. Sheila Namanworth believes strongly in overall health, both mentally and physically. Over the years she's seen first hand the correlation the two can have on one another.

Ever been stressed, anxious or depressed and headed to the fridge for comfort, only to find the added pounds from all those extra calories make you feel even worse? That's because during times of anxiety and depression, your body releases large amounts of cortisol, the hormone that increases weight gain. Not to mention that when you're feeling down, you're usually not exactly in the mood to hit the gym or sometimes even get off the couch, which can lead to even more weight gain.

Photo-01"Research has found that treating mild to severe depression can not only make you feel like yourself again, it can also reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease and stroke," offered Dr. Namanworth, Vice-President and Brain Health & Wellness Program Clinical Director.

By now most people know the common methods of depression treatment such as therapy, prescription medication and exercise, but you've probably never considered Botox as a treatment for feeling blue.

Botox isn't just for wrinkles or regaining that youthful look. It has recently been approved by the FDA to treat migraines, and two independent studies have found it can be effective in fighting depression. Theories suggest those fine lines and furrows in your brow may be an indicator of your mental and emotional health. Injecting Botox into the facial muscles that work with emotion may help treat depression by blocking the passage of signals to the brain that reinforce those negative emotions.

Dr. Namanworth and the Institute are constantly on the search for new treatments like Botox and low field magnetic therapy to treat emotional imbalances so their patients can lead happier and healthier lives.

So while you're working hard to keep your diet in check and getting plenty of exercise, if you're feeling down or just a little off, be sure to talk to a doctor. Not just for the sake of your mental and emotional health, but for your overall wellness.


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