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Keeping Atlanta Young


By Alex McCray


The 2017 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board reveals how their expertise is helping Atlantans look and feel their best at 40 and beyond. From fitness, hair, skin and overall quality of life to serving the community, these experts are leading the way. See how their insight and experience can help you live longer and look better.


DrFLETCHERWhy is ear, nose and throat health important to quality of life and anti-aging?
Dr. Aaron Fletcher of Georgia Center for Ear, Nose & Throat uncovers the potential signs of common ENT issues.

When people arrive at Georgia Center for Ear, Nose & Throat, it is usually because they are ready to put their health first. "A lot of people come in and say, 'I just haven't had the time to focus on my own issues,'" says Aaron Fletcher, M.D.

Once patients get long-standing issues taken care of, the difference can be dramatic. "A lot of what I do is quality of life surgery. I deal with people's breathing, their ability to sleep and also their appearance—if someone is having difficulty breathing through their nose, once I fix that issue, it can be life changing."

For those wondering when to see an ENT specialist, Dr. Fletcher advises paying attention to signs that can be indicative of deeper problems. Weight gain, headaches and voice changes could be tied to the thyroid or lack of sleep could be caused by more than the inability to wind down as in sleep apnea.

With more treatments moving in-office, these common issues can be taken care of conveniently. "I'm excited to be on the cutting edge because a lot of surgery is moving toward being accessible in the office and we are one of the first ones to be on the forefront of that," Fletcher says.


DrWHITAKERYou have done more than 4,000 facelifts. If patients are not quite ready, what options do you recommend?
Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker of Atlanta Face & Body Center reveals the latest options for facial rejuvenation without surgery or downtime.

When Elizabeth Whitaker, M.D. of Atlanta Face & Body Center, says she has experience, she's serious. One can't help but notice the exhaustive credentials lining the walls of her office. It is that knowledge that enables her to work with patients to achieve the natural rejuvenation they are looking for when the time is right with her Signature Lifts.

While face and eye lifts are some of her most popular surgeries with those over 40, "there are so many nonsurgical and minimally invasive offerings now," says Dr. Elizabeth.
"New fillers continue to come on the market such as Juvéderm Volbella® XC for vertical lip lines and subtle plumping. Other fillers can volumize and lift the cheeks and even rejuvenate aging hands.We are the first in our area to incorporate skin boosters, which are huge in Europe. We exclusively offer Babytox to help with pores,"
Dr. Elizabeth says, "and Aqua Glow to infuse moisture and create the perfect dewy glow."

Most of all, she enjoys seeing the impact her work has. "What's so gratifying is seeing the difference in how patients feel about themselves, which ultimately translates into making their lives better. Helping people feel their best is what it's all about for me."



DrGieslerWhat should people over the age of 40 consider when it comes to dental health and aesthetics?
Dr. Dina Giesler, of Atlanta Smiles and Wellness explains the connection between oral hygiene and a beautiful smile.

Over time teeth naturally lose their luster, but that doesn't mean it is a process that can't be combated. "After 40, our teeth begin to show the signs of aging by wear, staining, color changes and bone loss," says Dina Giesler, D.D.S of Atlanta Smiles and Wellness.

She advises her patients to assess the current state of their teeth and how things may have changed over the years. "Teeth begin to move because our jawbones change and previous dental work is typically in need of repair or replacement," Giesler says.

An evaluation of the way the teeth come together (occlusion) can help determine if straightening the teeth would be beneficial. Discussions about veneers, gum grafting, examinations for periodontal disease and increased recare cleaning visits also often take place. "This is a time to really think about prevention,"
Giesler says.

Bite guards are another recommendation she suggests to protect the teeth from further wear. This coupled with good day-to-day practices can help maintain the sparkle of a smile year after year. Giesler's bottom line? "Every day, keep your mouth clean, floss, and don't neglect your teeth, or I promise, they will go away."


DrAndersonIs it really true there has never been a better time to experience hair loss?
Yes, it's true! Dr. Ken Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair reveals what you may not know about modern hair restoration.

You've probably seen work from Anderson Center for Hair and didn't even realize it. And that's the point. "The best hair transplant results in the country can fly right under the radar," says Ken Anderson, M.D. of Anderson Center for Hair.

"It is so much different now than it was five to 10 years ago," Anderson says. Today, the options for hair restoration are extensive. "We have stem cells, we have lasers and robots. It continues to evolve at a rapid pace."

As the only practice in Georgia to provide artistic robotic technology for hair restoration, Dr. Anderson gets to combine his creative talent with his technical skills using the ARTAS™ robot. "When you are creating hair lines, I am literally drawing on people's foreheads—that's my canvas if you will. The surgical part of hair transplants is not very invasive but the results are heavily dependent on the artistic talent and passion of the surgeon."

Dr. Anderson is passionate about modern hair restoration techniques because he has witnessed the emotional impact they can have. "One of the most treasured things that I love about the practice is how happy and satisfied the patients are when the hair grows in.

He encourages anyone thinking about hair restoration to have a consultation and find out what treatment is right for them.


DrCurtisHow can someone over 40 look youthful and refreshed without overdoing it?
Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta reveals why injectables and lasers can be a hit when it comes to aging gracefully.

Laser treatments and Botox® have become what some might go so far as to call beauty necessities when it comes to anti-aging. "Hands down, the most popular treatments for patients over 40 are Botox® and laser procedures. So many patients come in after hearing friends or family members raving about their treatments, and both actually live up to the hype," says Ashley R. Curtis, M.D. of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA).

She has seen Botox® create beautiful results time and time again in men and women of varying ages and ethnicities. "As long as you're going to an experienced and licensed professional like a board-certified dermatologist, you can expect to look like a younger, revitalized version of yourself," Curtis says.

Interestingly enough, the patient can play almost as big a role in the success of Botox® and laser treatments as the professional. "The people who are happiest with their results are those who have realistic expectations to begin with, and the people who actually share the same goal as the treatments they've chosen: to help them look younger and more well-rested, but still make sure they look like themselves."


TomSullivanCan someone really look their best ever over the age of 40?
Here's what past Over 40 & Fabulous! Top 10 winner and media personality, Tom Sullivan, has to say.

Taking care of himself has always been a priority for TV host and corporate emcee Tom Sullivan(tomonair.com). And now that he is over 40, he finds himself looking and feeling better than ever.

He gives a lot of that credit to his personal trainer, Scott Cameron of Buckhead Elite Personal Training Studio, who also encouraged him to enter the 2016 Over 40 & Fabulous! contest. "I think the contest really put me in a group of people who celebrate who they are. People who want to continually improve who they are and live a better life just like the mission of the magazine," says Sullivan.

Tom uses Cryo Elite Therapy weekly to reduce inflammation, increase metabolism and rid the body of toxins. He credits his youthful skin to The Nouveau Clinic, and hair to Brad Partridge from The Collective, a salon.

On the inside, Sullivan has found strength through his faith and followed his intuition to pursue his passions even further. He has taken his gift for photography and enhanced it with the help of local professional Scott Reeves and is now working with VT Estate Sales.

Like many Over 40 & Fabulous! participants, giving back is a priority for Tom. "I work with many charities...three mission trips with SERV International...and locally with SafeHouse Outreach, which is now 35 years strong. Helping others nurtures my soul to shine God's light."

His advice to those over 40 looking to live their best life physically, mentally and emotionally? "Celebrate who you are and listen to
your gut!"


KarenFoleyWhy is the community we surround ourselves with so important when it comes to being fit over the age of 40?
Karen Foley of Windy Hill Athletic Club reveals the difference a community can make in getting the most out of a workout routine.

Don't let Windy Hill Athletic Club's 100,000 square feet fool you. This resort-style club is centered around creating an environment that encourages every member to achieve their goals.
Whether it be the facility's barre, boxing, yoga or high-intensity based VOLTAGE class, your success is their priority. "Having a community to surround yourself with is important to achieving your goals, and best of all, they are there to help celebrate your successes," says Karen Foley.

Because of its diverse membership, Windy Hill Athletic Club understands that every member's needs are different. Their experienced team is there to offer guidance with goal setting, coaching and support every step of the way. "Our promise to members is to inspire you through movement, community and personal attention. We understand that everyone likes to move differently and we have that option for them," Foley says.

As part of Windy Hill's ongoing process to meet the individual needs of members, they are constantly adding new classes and programs. Their Tennis in No Time program offered in May and June turns you into a tennis player in just three weeks. Get the hang of the racquet with six lessons and three social parties to get you in the game.

No matter how big or small your goals are, the staff at Windy Hill will be there to do all they can to help you achieve them all while having fun along the way.


NyssaWhat common beauty mistakes do you see people over 40 make?
Nyssa Green, founder of The Green Room Agency, shares how to stay current.

When women sit in the chair of Nyssa Green, founder of The Green Room Agency, it's change that's on their mind. "A lot of clients over 40 ask to update their look. At some point, they realize that they're wearing the same colors, clothing, and hairstyle they've had for years, and it's time for a change."

That openness to experimentation often leads to the most satisfied clients. "The people that are happiest with their results are always the ones that are most open to our suggestions," says Green.

The artistic training of The Green Room Agency artists enables them to create looks that are both current and complementary. Whether clients are re-entering the workforce, getting back into the dating scene or preparing for a reunion, "our work gives people new confidence and an esteem boost that's hard to get from a mall makeover. Oftentimes it's just a matter of seeing yourself from another point of view, and sometimes it's a complete transformation," Green says.

She is still surprised by how many clients come to her wearing the same makeup and hairstyles they've worn since their 20s and 30s. Green advises those over 40 to stay away from most frosted makeup, play with new products, tools, and treatments, and enjoy updating their beauty routine with guidance from a professional.

"My work is all about bringing out the best in everyone we work with. Studies show that how a person looks is directly related to how they feel and we focus on making them look their very best on every level," Green says.


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Amazing One-Hour Makeovers


Photography by Catrina Maxwell of CatMax Photography


While the artists put their skills to work, attendees who weren't receiving makeovers were able to witness the transformations, which can be relived via video on our Facebook page, happen first-hand. Onlookers were invited to ask the artists questions about techniques and products they used while watching them in their element. They were also able to mix, mingle and enjoy bites prepared by chef Mimmo Alboumeh of Maya Steaks & Seafood and sweets from Tiff's Treats. Sixty minutes later when the allotted makeover time had come to an end, the artists revealed their masterpieces. The results? Eleven awe-inspiring faces.





1aHigh-Fashion Highlight



The before look:
Tyra loved Agustina's deep-set eyes and wanted to make them the main focus.



Trusted tools:
"One of my go-to items that I can't live without is mascara because no matter what you do to someone's face, the eyes are always a big accent."




As a makeup artist:
"I am a little eclectic. I love natural looks but I also love glam looks. I am a little of everything like right down the middle."






Everyday Fabulous



The before look:
Renelyn wanted to concentrate on evening out Susan's skin tone and reducing redness. She also wanted to give her a fresh look by playing up the eyes with false lashes.


Trusted tools:
Smashbox, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Graftobian, Kevyn Aucoin, Eve Pearl, Viseart.



The after look:
False lashes combined with a fuller brow, which Renelyn calls "instant Botox," gave Susan a lifted, youthful look. By slightly overdrawing her lips with a cream lipstick, Renelyn was able to add volume.



As a makeup artist:
"I love to let the client's natural beauty shine. I focus on clean skin and then add fun pops of color and sparkle to give that extra special touch."



3aUndercover Color


3bThe before look:
Mimi focused on enhancing Tamara's pretty skin while letting her natural beauty shine through.


Trusted tools:
BECCA Cosmetics, Kevyn Aucoin, MAC, The Glamatory, Angela Simmons' Lip A.R.T.


The after look:
By adding a pop of purple to the eyes along with false lashes and a soft facial highlight and contour, Mimi upped Tamara's glam factor while still making her look like herself.


3cAs a makeup artist:
"I like to make the person feel beautiful in their own skin. So I highlight the things that are beautiful naturally and add a little pop of glam to them. My job is to accentuate—not to create something else."



4aBrazen Brows


4bThe before look:
"Miss Kate is very much a minimalist. She had a little eyebrow tragedy back in the day, which made them really sparse on the end. Unfortunately, they have never grown in very full so I want to show her what it's like to have some brows."


Trusted tools:
"Laura Geller concealer is the real deal. I cannot live without it."


4cThe after look:
To bring out the different shades in Kate's eyes, Samantha used rich maroon tones to create a soft, smoky look.


As a makeup artist:
"I like to educate my clients on how to do their makeup and give them the tools that they need to recreate certain things on their own. That craft is invaluable."




5aBold Burgundy


5bThe before look:
Blasina loved the natural arch of Audrea's eyebrows and wanted them to stand out more on her face by bringing out the shape.


Trusted tools:
"I am obsessed with Echo, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Bobbi Brown. I cannot get away from those four."


The after look:
Blasina constructed a custom foundation mix to match Audrea's unique skin t5cone and created an elegant, neutral smoky eye with natural burgundy and chocolaty colors.


As a makeup artist:
"I started out in the industry doing edgy editorial ... it works for me."



6aCoral Connection


6bThe model:
Meghan Hodges


The before look:
Theresa wanted to play up Meghan's strong cheekbones with a highlighter and heighten the intensity of her blue eyes.


Trusted tools:
Beautyblender and Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder.


6cAs a makeup artist:
"I call myself the real person's makeup artist. I love to do people with acne. I love people who are over the age of 50. I love people that think they aren't going to look like a supermodel and then I show them that they can."



7aVampy Vixen


7bThe before look:
Heather wanted to add drama to Brandi's natural beauty and enhance her eyes with a full set of brows.


Trusted tools:
"I have an $8,000 makeup kit but what makes my makeup special are the brands that hold pigment. One of my favorite and inexpensive ones is NYX."


The after look:
Gatsby-era glamour came to life on Brandi with crisp brows, a hint of blush and a deep burgundy lip stain.


7cAs a makeup artist:
"I am wild. Crazy. I learned it from Kevyn Aucoin [makeup industry icon], one of my favorite makeup artists. There are no rules to my makeup so anything goes."




11aDelicate Definition


11bThe before look:
Jasmine loved Letha's strong cheekbones and sought to accentuate them while bringing out her eyes more.


Trusted tools:
"I like MAC products and I am currently in love with the Maybelline pot eyeliners. I like to keep it simple so there are more options."


11cThe after look:
Jasmine is currently crushing on dark, full purple and reddish-hued lips and created a rich look that exaggerated Letha's striking features.


As a makeup artist:
"I am fun, creative and glamorous."




8aFierce and Fashionable


8bThe before look:
Nyssa was immediately drawn to Brooke's bright orange nail polish and used the color as inspiration for the look.


Trusted tools:
NARS Super Orgasm blush.


The after look:
After trimming Brooke's eyebrows, which Nyssa says she often does on all of her clients to8c help her clearly envision the look she wants to create, she went for a defined smoky eye that would complement coral lips.


As a makeup artist:
"I am open, intuitive, and fabulous."





Sleek and Sophisticated


9bThe before look:
Christina loved Amy's eyes and wanted to show them off with a smoky eye and lashes. Her vision for Amy was solidified when Amy told her that she doesn't normally do dramatic looks.


Trusted tools:
Palladio Beauty, Too Faced, Aesthetics Cosmetics, and Jordana Cosmetics.


The after look:
Christina wanted to show Amy that she could rock a dramatic evening look without
it overpowering her features.


9cAs a makeup artist:
"I consider myself an artist for the everyday woman. My goal is to transform my guest into their most regal and polished self."



10aPurple Power


10bThe before look:
Since Reneé isn't usually one to wear a variety of hues, Melayne wanted to add just a little color to her eyes to change things up.


Trusted tools:
"Right now I'm into OCC, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I love their Lip Tar. I'm really into what's good for your skin. OCC is 100 percent vegan, no animal testing, and everything is plant based. I also like Crown. They do the same thing as well."


10cThe after look:
To amplify the brown in Reneé's eyes, Melayne used blue, purple and gold hues to add extra dimension.


As a makeup artist:
"It's a chance to make people feel good about themselves."

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Veggies, grains, nuts … oh my!

There's so much more to good health than focusing on those nagging numbers on the scale. Maintaining a healthy weight is important but for overall well-being, good nutrition is happily more about what we're putting on our plates, not what we're taking away.

More than ever nutrition research points us toward the whole foods we should be adding to our diet to help us feel, perform and look our best. From vitamin A to the mineral zinc, nutrients put the shine in our hair, sparkle in our eyes, glow in our skin and pep in our step! Fortunately for foodies, that includes smart ways to add a touch of salty and sweet to create delicious and nutritious recipes. Here are some tips for happy and healthy mealtime makeovers.

Accessorize Wisely
Use salt, sugar, and fat with care. Good cooks don't overseason. Let the natural flavors of ingredients shine. In Georgia, Vidalia onions can add a touch of sweetness to sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, so there's no need to add a lot of honey to the honey mustard dressing. Find flavor without salt, fat or sugar when you add a squeeze of lemon, dash of hot sauce or sprinkling of minced herbs.

Make Plants the Star
They key is making plant foods the star of the show and that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and pulses such as beans, peas and lentils. For those who eat meats, that's fine too. But beef, pork, chicken and other animal proteins should be the supporting actors, not the lead.


OMG! Don't Forget Omega-3s
The fats in fish oils are in the 'good for you' Omega-3 family associated with supporting our hearts, brains and eyes. Wow, that's three more reasons to go out for sushi!
The current U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend we eat at least two (3.5 ounce) servings of fatty fish per week, such as salmon or tuna. White-fleshed fish such as tilapia and cod are good for you too because they contain lean protein, but are not a good source of Omega-3's. If you don't like fatty fish you can choose eggs and juices with added Omega-3s or take a supplement.
Here's a zingy recipe for Glazed Salmon with Stir-Fried Vegetables to boost your Omega-3s and compliments for being a good cook!


Mindful Mealtimes
There's a pace and grace to living happily that dovetails nicely with nutrition advice to slow down a bit and savor the flavors of foods. Turns out that gobbling and guzzling aren't all that figure friendly.
A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island found that women consumed 70 fewer calories and were more satisfied when they ate a meal at a slower pace. That's more good advice to be happy and healthy. Let's celebrate with a little dessert. Again, fresh produce plays a featured role in Baked Pears with Toasted Oat Topping. All recipes are from Carolyn O'Neil's "The Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating Well and Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon" published by Oxmoor House.


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Changing the Game

It is often said that taking part in sports from a young age nurtures connection, character growth and a competitive nature—all qualities that make a well-rounded individual. For no one has that been truer than for Atlanta's CW69 "Rise Up Weekly" co-host and media personality, Rashan Ali.

For Ali, the roots of the multibranched, far-reaching tree of her life are anchored deeply in the world of sports. A wide base of involvement in that world on many levels instilled her with resilience and ambition, as well as a keen sense of self and purpose.

"Sports played an integral role in my development as a woman," Ali says. "It allowed me to know what leadership looks and feels like. It shows you how to literally fall down and get back up."

P-02This awareness of the power of sports in shaping her life inspired her to start Sporty Girls, Inc. The 11-year-old nonprofit seeks to empower minority girls by exposing them to sports not traditionally offered in metro-Atlanta public schools such as golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis. To date, the organization has graduated nearly 25 young women from its Sporty Tract To Scholarship Program, many of whom have received academic scholarships. And Get Girls Sporty and Sporty Clinic initiatives have served 800 girls since the program's inception in 2006. This summer will mark the introduction of lacrosse to the Get Girls Sporty program at the organization's new Day Camp Experience.

Sports have been a vital part of Ali's life since she was a child. Her father, William "Buck" Godfrey, is the winningest coach in DeKalb County history, having sent 270 young men to college on football or academic scholarships. Her mother, Joyce Godfrey, was a Pop Warner youth football coach whose team of boys was undefeated one season.

Ali played softball, soccer and basketball, and was also involved in jazz, tap and ballet. But swimming was the sport that would take her the furthest. She and three other girls made up the The Worthington Valley Dolphins' relay team, which was a part of the DeKalb County Swim League [now known as the Atlanta Swim Association]. "We were the only black girls in the water at the time and we were fast,"Ali recalls of the team her dad coached.

All four of the swim team members went to college on swimming scholarships, and they remain close to this day. "The beauty of our bond is that it did not end in the pool," Ali says. "These three women were bridesmaids in my wedding almost 15 years ago. Our bond is unbreakable, and it all started because of swimming."

Whether she was achieving in sports or in the professional world, Ali felt the constant warm encouragement of a loving cheering section. That support and a degree in broadcast journalism from Florida A&M University helped her start her broadcasting career in 2001, when she beat out hundreds of competitors to secure a spot alongside the popular Ryan Cameron on his Hot 107.9 FM morning radio show.

"Because I am an Atlanta native and a Decatur-raised woman, I already have a built-in cheer squad," she says. "I received so much love from the city and that love has never died. I feel privileged to represent Atlanta in every facet of my life."

Her work in radio and the countless media and sports reporting jobs that followed that first one brought Ali many chances to gain personal strength.

P-01"Radio gave me my thickest skin," she says. "To be let go after doing a shift can be heart-wrenching. I thought that was an isolated situation, but after it happened two additional times, I knew it was the culture. I think the greatest professional challenge I have faced is that there is always someone in position who either likes you or they simply don't. That in turn, determines so much. I suppose that's the case with many jobs."

When Atlanta's CW69 became the official local TV partner of the Atlanta Falcons, Ali was asked to join the Saturday lineup as a co-host. Today she can be seen with former Falcons and University of Georgia player, D.J. Shockley on "Rise Up Weekly," which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the team's players.

"I truly enjoy hosting this show! Out of all of the shows I've been a part of, radio included, I enjoy this one the most. It's not just the Xs and Os of the game, we feature the Falcons in the community and tap into their fashion hits or misses in our segment, "Rocked It or Dumb Jocked It!" It's a fun segment. So much so that head coach Dan Quinn's wife told her husband it's her favorite part of the show," Ali says.

P-04And now, at 41, after an extremely successful and layered career as a TV personality, radio show host, sports reporter and founder of a nonprofit organization (not to mention children's book author, wife and mother), Ali is drawing from yet another foundational sports principle: reinvention.

Having built an impressive professional life freelancing her well-honed skills as a broadcast journalist and media personality, the lifetime Atlantan is experiencing a renewed spiritual connection that is drawing her to a higher purpose. She's ready for her "big gig," as she calls it.

"You have to take greatness into your own hands. You can't let others determine your greatness," Ali says. "There's another level of me that is totally untapped, and figuring out what that looks like can be daunting. But you have to give yourself permission to say, 'This is my life.' A life is like a fingerprint; there's nobody's life that's like yours."

P-03Many of the grooves of Ali's unique life fingerprint were etched inside the sports arena. And mastery and remastery of new skills—new approaches, new angles, new techniques—is a lesson she learned well in that setting.

And although Ali is not certain exactly what form her work will take in this next phase of her life, she feels strongly that it will be revealed to her as she continues to connect and align with her deep spirituality.

"I truly believe that you have to have faith in something greater than yourself," Ali says. "Whether it's God, meditation, universal thoughts ... it's important that we reach for something outside of ourselves."

"It's a work in progress; it's a constant search," she says.


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My Best Self—Jenny Pruitt

Over the past four decades, Jenny Pruitt has built an incredibly strong reputation and record of success as a real estate leader. The CEO and founder of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty attributes her achievements to her indomitable optimism and deep faith.

By India Powell


An extremely active philanthropist, Pruitt is involved with Habitat for Humanity and serves on the Board of Councilors for The Carter Center, as well as the Board of the Directors of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Buckhead Coalition. Pruitt is particularly passionate about her work with the Georgia chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.


What are the biggest shifts you have seen in real estate over the years? What has remained constant, if anything?

When I started in the business, we did not have cellphones, Internet or computers so the world today is a very different one. Now, while all of this technology changes how we do business, it has not changed the fact that deals are done between people. Buyers and sellers still very much need to partner with a professional REALTOR® in order to navigate the sometimes bumpy waters of a transaction. The job of the agent is not to just identify the right house for a buyer; it's about solving problems along the way so that the experience for the parties involved is as smooth as possible. It is the constant change and evolution of our industry that energizes me the most about our business and it's why I can't wait to go to work every day.


What is the biggest secret to your success?

I have had a philosophy in my companies [past, Jenny Pruitt & Associates, and present, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty] that if we take care of the people, the bottom line will follow. Happy agents make happy clients and smooth transactions. We endeavor to take the burden off our agents with the support that we provide them allowing them to prosper in the areas of the business they do best. Beneath this philosophy are my strong spiritual beliefs, which have always guided me in my decision-making process. My strong relationship with God is without question the foundation on which my success has been built.


2Why are philanthropy and volunteering important to you and what does it bring to your life?

To whom much is given, much is required. I believe we must pass it on and give back to our community. I operate with an overflowing cup.
What does your work with the Alzheimer's Association mean to you?
According to the Alzheimer's Association, every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's disease. It is a devastating illness and I am helping to raise money to eradicate this disease. The Dancing Stars of Atlanta event is so awesome! The dancers work so hard with their pros and it is exciting that the audience is made aware of the devastation of this disease.



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5 Nail Salon Safety Tips

1Take an Observation of the Salon. The surrounding areas (shelves, tables, equipment, and floors) should be clear from dust and debris. The pedicure chairs should be sanitize and pedicure bowls should be disinfected with Barbicide after each client. A business license should be visible for customers. Each nail technician should have their license posted at their station.

2Understand How They Disinfect Their Tools. Tools are disinfected through a 15 minutes soaking disinfection or using an autoclave sterilization. Barbicide or MarV-Cide disinfection are used for tools to soak 15 minutes in disinfection. Buffers and files should be single-use only and disposed after each client.

3Take Observation of Nail Technician. A nail technician should wash their hands before every service. They should wear gloves to prevent the spread of bacteria to the client. Nail technicians should wear a mask during pedicures to prevent contact with debris. Make sure the nail technician is not reusing dirty tools on you.

4Chemical Usage. From beginning to the end of service, you should always know what chemical is being used on you. The label should be simple for you to identify (for example, acetone, alcohol, callus reducer).

5Say "NO" to Pain. There should be no sign of redness or pain felt through any service. The sign of RED means STOP!

P-1It's important to understand that safety is vital in the nail salon. Take safety matters into your own hands the next time you visit your nail salon. Communication is key. Always ask questions on matters you don't know. You can have confidence with safety at Waterless MediPedi & Nail Spa, a Certified Safe Salon. Safe Salons use autoclave sterilization and uphold the highest standards of aseptic techniques in their establishments.



Letisha Royster, LNT, ANT-C
Owner of Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa

It was a desire to create a nail salon that could cater to the needs of chronic disease sufferers, as well as the everyday woman or man, that lead Advanced Nail Technician Letisha Royster to open Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa.

By forgoing soaking hands and feet during manicures and pedicures, 12 to 15 gallons of water are saved and the danger of spreading waterborne pathogens is practically eliminated. Waterless Med-Pedi & Nail Spa enhances its efforts to reduce infection risks by using an autoclave sterilization (medical grade sanitation) for all instruments, disposing nail buffers, and files after each client.

Every guest that visits the establishment doesn't simply leave with a fresh coat of polish, but also receives a consultation regarding their health, an evaluation of their hands and feet, and recommendations of services and products to maintain the vitality of their skin and beauty of their nails over time.

Sponsored by:
Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa | 1820 Peachtree Road NE Suite 402 | Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: (404) 981-4841 | waterlessmedipedispa.com


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April / May 2017 Digital Issue

April / May 2017 Digital Issue:

Friday, 27 January 2017 15:51

The Waterless Pedicure Revolution

Nicknamed the wave of the future in the nail industry, waterless pedicures not only create the opportunity for a more luxurious visit, they are also leading the way as one of the most sanitary nail care treatments available.

The absence of water during a pedicure removes the risk of waterborne pathogens, meaning those suffering from diseases such as diabetes, lupus, or cancer can enjoy a pampering pedicure without putting their health at increased risk. The ability to provide extensive, hygienic nail care to guests, beyond that of a traditional salon, is why Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa founder and Advanced Nail Technician, Letisha Royster fosters close relationships with local podiatrists and dermatologists and can refer her clients to seek medical foot care if necessary.

The immune system isn't the only recipient that gets a boost from a lack of water, either. Skipping a soak extends the life of each manicure and pedicure due to the fact that the nails don't have the chance to retain water, which causes them to expand, and the nail polish to shrink. Those with dry skin especially reap the benefits of waterless nail care since water can irritate the skin by dehydrating it further.

While the water might be missing, nearly every aspect of a waterless pedicure remains the same as a traditional one. Customers can still expect to enjoy exfoliation, callus removal, cuticle care, nail trims, warm towel wraps, optional paraffin wax dips, lotion, massage, and nail polish application.

Plus, every Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa guest receives their treatment in a private and peaceful setting, allowing them the chance to truly relax and enjoy their time in a spa-like environment.


P-1Letisha Royster, LNT, ANT-C
Owner of Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa

It was a desire to create a nail salon that could cater to the needs of chronic disease sufferers, as well as the everyday woman or man, that lead Advanced Nail Technician Letisha Royster to open Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa.

By forgoing soaking hands and feet during manicures and pedicures, 12 to 15 gallons of water are saved and the danger of spreading waterborne pathogens is practically eliminated. Waterless Med-Pedi & Nail Spa enhances its efforts to reduce infection risks by using an autoclave sterilization (medical grade sanitation) for all instruments, disposing nail buffers, and files after each client.

Every guest that visits the establishment doesn't simply leave with a fresh coat of polish, but also receives a consultation regarding their health, an evaluation of their hands and feet, and recommendations of services and products to maintain the vitality of their skin and beauty of their nails over time.


Sponsored by: Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa | 1820 Peachtree Road NE Suite 402 | Atlanta, GA 30309  |  Phone: (404) 981-4841 | www.waterlessmedipedispa.com


A young, vibrant girl sat on an orange chair, tablet in hand, in her own world. Her mother wore an expression of fatigue, yet she smiled and hope shined through her eyes. As I chatted with Mom about her daughter's need for consistency, her extreme sensitivity to textures, her difficulty with interactive play, and her erratic speech occurrences, slowly the tablet drew less attention from the girl's eyes. Her little hands grabbed the stethoscope from my neck pulling me toward her. "Heart check," she exclaimed! With sudden excitement, she placed my hand with the stethoscope on her chest. But when we progressed to looking in her ears, no matter how gentle, she was sensitive and apprehensive. After resisting and then being held, she decisively put on her coat and hat and walked out the door before her mother was done speaking.

During our discussion, her mother explained that she desired for her daughter to gain an outlet of expression for her intelligence. However, she recognized the issues her daughter faced in communication adaptation. This is where many parents and providers share common goals. We desire the best for our youth.

Over my 10 years of pediatric practice, I have realized I must continually strive to further my education and knowledge and reach out to subspecialists, therapists, and counselors. The occupation of a child is discovery through play. As a pediatrician, it is my responsibility to understand this deeply and help families, parents, and children alike, to forge new relationships and conquer fresh frontiers through a team approach. We are so excited to make the idea of total child health a reality through collaboration with therapists, counselors, nutritionists, and teachers. Dare2Care Pediatrics promises to serve as a constant source of communication, coordination, and facilitation for families. Our goal is that every child who enters our medical home leaves a little better off in some way.

P-1That day, many possible diagnoses were introduced into our discussion including autism, sensory processing disorder, and language disorder. We discussed these to some extent, but more importantly, we came up with a practical plan of early intervention. We initiated speech, occupational, play, and music therapy sessions. My colleagues communicate her progress with me, and I regularly meet with Mom to talk about ongoing concerns and celebrate milestones. With each monthly visit, she is gaining confidence. The last time she came in she sat on the table, looked at her tablet briefly, put it down and said to me directly, "Doctor, heart check." When we moved to her ears, she liked the imaginary kisses and tickles and did not pull back. Once we'd finished, she gave me a hug and then said, "Go home." This is a perfect example of why I love coming to work every day. Play is the way!

Dare2Care Pediatrics | 11125 Jones Bridge Road, Suite 100 | Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 615-7000 | www.dare2carepediatrics.com

Friday, 27 January 2017 14:23

Sweat with the Best

Atlanta Fitness Classes to Try

By Amelia Pavlik

Barre, spinning, high-intensity interval training—these days, there is a workout class option on every corner from Atlanta to Alpharetta. And deciding which type of class to try and where to try it can be as exhausting as the workout itself.

That's why we're here to make your life a little easier. Best Self has pulled together a list of 17 classes to try at studios and clubs throughout the city. Read on to find out which ones might be a fit for you.


P-1Barre3: Signature Class

This hour-long barre class is inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates. Whether you're a beginner or an athlete, instructors will guide you through movements that tone all major muscle groups and strengthen your body.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Free parking

Cost: New clients get three classes for $30

Words of Wisdom: "We know trying something new can be intimidating, and our mission is to make each class enjoyable and effective for everyone in the room," says Jessica Walton, Barre3 South Buckhead instructor/client relations manager.

Multiple locations, www.barre3.com



If you're looking to punch and kick your way to better shape, this 45-minute option might be for you.
BURNBox is a high-intensity class consisting of plyometrics and pounding the bag with punches, kicks, elbows and knees. The goal is to make beginners and seasoned professionals sweat equally.

Childcare: Coming soon

Awesome Amenity: Heart rate monitors

Cost: New clients get five classes for $55

Words of Wisdom: "Treat this class like an adult game of Simon Says," says Matthew Callahan, BURNbox program director.

3575 Durden Dr. NE, Brookhaven, (770) 837-0051, www.livetoburn.com


P-2Chaos Conditioning: CHAOS

This one-hour, high-intensity interval training class will take you through stations that range from resistance work on TRX bands to running on a self-propelled treadmill.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Full locker room with showers and sauna

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: "Don't be intimidated! We try to have as much fun as we can while still making the class challenging and effective," says Jeff Baird, owner. "You will only be competing with yourself, and will always have the support of the group behind you."

The Forum Athletic Club, Lenox Square Mall, 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 590-5852, www.chaosconditioning.com


Concourse Athletic Club: Fitness Quest

This one-hour class will keep your body guessing by utilizing a mixture of strength work and aerobic movements as it progresses through all areas of the club, including the outdoor spaces.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Well-lit tennis courts

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: "Arrive a few minutes early, and let the instructor know this is your first time," says Marianne Baker, group exercise and Pilates director.

8 Concourse Pkwy., Sandy Springs, (770) 698-2000, www.concourseclub.com


P-3CorePower Yoga: Yoga Sculpt

In 60 or 75 minutes, this yoga class incorporates free weights, cardio bursts, and strength training into a vinyasa flow.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Showers

Cost: New students receive a week of free classes

Words of Wisdom: "Keep an open mind, get ready to sweat, and walk away strong and refreshed," says Alicia Wilson, general manager for the Atlanta locations.

Multiple locations, www.corepoweryoga.com


Cyc Fitness: CYC45

During this 45-minute indoor cycling class, you'll move through endurance intervals and weighted sectors that are inspired by more than 20 different sports movements from boxing to volleyball.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary shoe rental

Cost: New clients get three rides for $60

Words of Wisdom: "Don't forget to hold your core—or what you might call your 'abs'—in the entire class," says Caroline Seagraves, lead cycologist. "It's always being worked."

3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 698-4343, www.cycfitness.com


P-4Exhale: Core Fusion Extreme

In this 60-minute, high-intensity workout, you'll move through five power stations (that incorporate tools like TRX bands, weights, and core balls) with mini active breaks in-between. The routine changes monthly so the workout stays fresh.

Childcare: No.

Awesome Amenity: Fitness shop

Cost: First two classes for the price of one ($25)

Words of Wisdom: "Bring sneakers," says Alexandria Stubbs, studio director of the Inman Park location.

Multiple locations, www.exhalespa.com


P-5FORME: Barre Fusion

Combine big movements with small movements for both upper and lower body in this 55-minute, barre-based class.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary hair accessories

Cost: $15 per class

Words of Wisdom: "Feel free to take the class at whatever pace you need," says Donna Burke, owner. "We're just here to give you the max number of reps you can get!"

365 Peachtree Hills Ave. NE, Atlanta, (404) 668-1947, www.FORMEstudios.com


Pure Barre: Signature Class

This 55-minute total body workout will lengthen and strengthen your muscles by focusing on your arms, abs, seat, and thighs. And since Pure Barre is low impact and restorative, it's an option for people of all fitness levels.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary healthy snacks like apples and KIND bars

Cost: Three-class pack for $30 for new clients

Words of Wisdom: "Don't compare yourself to others—just focus on you," says Katy Bayless Gibson, Pure Barre Virginia-Highland and Pure Barre Decatur owner.

1402 North Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, (404) 883-3882, www.purebarre.com


SculptHouse: StrengthSculpt

In 50 minutes, the M3 Megaformer will take you through a workout that delivers endurance, cardio, core, balance, and flexibility training.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Fitness shop

Cost: First class is $15

Words of Wisdom: "Don't be intimidated by the machines," says Katherine Mason, founder and CEO. "Yes, they look scary. Your first class will be challenging, but each class you take will make you more familiar with names of the moves."

3167 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, (470) 553-0080, www.sculpthouse.com


Stellar Bodies: Full Body

Get ready for a 50-minute, full-body workout with a Megaformer machine, which uses springs and pulleys to provide resistance without putting impact on your joints.

Childcare: No—but well-behaved children have been allowed to sit in on a class.

Awesome Amenity: Filtered water

Cost: First class is $10

Words of Wisdom: "Arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow for time to get to know the Megaformer," says Amy Selig, studio co-owner.

Multiple locations, www.stellarbodiesatl.com


The Bar Method: Mixed Level

This one-hour format utilizes the strength, stamina, and flexibility of ballet training, and pairs it with the alignment and physiological principles of physical therapy.

Childcare: At the Lenox location on Mondays and Wednesdays during the 9:45 a.m. class

Awesome Amenity: Varies by location

Cost: $85 for 30 days of unlimited classes

Words of Wisdom: "This is unlike any workout you may have tried before," says Melissa White, owner and master teacher. "It's OK if it doesn't come naturally to you. If you can push through the first 60 minutes, you'll never look back!"

Multiple locations, www.barmethod.com


P-6Thunderbolt Power Yoga: Power Flow

Set to a rocking playlist, this 60-minute signature class aims to connect breath to rhythm, and beat to body in an 85- to 90-degree room.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenities: A cool towel doused in essential oils to end each class

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: "People often ask me if I have a minute to show them how to hop into a handstand—but I can't teach someone this in a minute or even five," says Carly Grace Hinchman, founder. "So, be sure to check out the Fundamentals of Flying class. It's the foundation class that each yogi needs to incorporate various inversions into her flow."

3872 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 556-1605, www.thunderboltpoweryoga.com


P-7TruAlliance Fitness: CrossFit

TruAlliance offers CrossFit class sessions, which provide effective and efficient workouts that incorporate compound movements like Olympic lifts and gymnastic exercises. For example, most workouts are short—not more than 30 minutes (not including the warm up or mobility work).

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: A discount at Jeju Sauna

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: "CrossFit is a high-intensity sport, meaning that it opens athletes up to the risk of injury if certain exercises are not properly executed," says Erick Colindres, owner. "So, work on form and technique first."

3555 Gwinnett Place Dr., Duluth, (678) 916-0610, www.trualliance.com


Vesta Movement: Kickboxing

Vesta Movement offers up a high-intensity cardio kickboxing class where guests can burn up to 1,000 calories over 60 minutes.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Wrap and glove rental is complimentary for your first class

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: "Be prepared to sweat—and have a blast," says Missy Mostrom, owner and trainer.

774 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, (404) 281-1121, www.vestaatl.com


West Coast Workout: Bench Interval

This 55-minute cardio and strength-building class uses the custom West Coast Workout benches, which are tools that incorporate the core muscles in a unique way by adding variation and angles.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Rainfall spa shower with essential oil-infused natural products

Cost: Mention this article and your first class will be free
Words of Wisdom: "Bring a towel—you'll earn every drop of sweat on your body," says Tammy Stokes, founder.

107 West Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, (404) 467-0602, www.westcoastworkout.com


P-8Windy Hill Athletic Club: Battle

Train for strength, speed and power using battle ropes and bodyweight movements in this 30-minute workout. Participants can modify any movement, according to their fitness level.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: 50-foot climbing wall

Cost: First class is complimentary with a guest pass

Words of Wisdom: "Be prepared for anything and be ready to work," says Karen Foley, general manager. "This class will elevate your heart rate and strengthen all of your muscle groups."

135 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, (770) 953-1100, www.windyhillclub.com


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