If there is one thing in the world I truly hate it would have to be moving. Moving is hot, sweaty, miserable and tiring. It always creates chaos for weeks before while you are packing and planning. This weekend, I am embarking on my 2nd move in 2.5 months- that’s right… I will have moved TWO times in less than 3 months as of this Sunday. I have been living out of duffle bags and suitcases in anticipation of this upcoming change of addresses. With most of my personal belongings locked away in a storage unit, it has been tough to feel settled at all in my current living arrangement so this move will be a bright spot in the sense that I will be regaining my own space. BUT- while I am more than ready to have my own space with my own things again- I could do without the multiple moves in such a short span of time! Are any of you making a move soon? Do you have any tips or tricks to offer to make things go a little easier?? Let me know- I’d love ANY ideas you have!

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