Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board Member: Dr. Tara Hrobowski of Piedmont Healthcare

Hrobowski - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0617Tara N. Hrobowski, MD
Piedmont Heart Institute
Advanced Heart Failure
and Transplantation Cardiologist

Science has always piqued Dr. Tara Hrobowski’s interest, and it was that spark that led her to the medical research field. As much as she loved her job in a lab, something was missing. Dr. Hrobowski longed for more face-to-face interaction with the people she was helping and realized that becoming an advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist would allow her to use her love of science to connect with people and help heal them. While it is those very day-to-day interactions during a time of crisis that can be emotionally difficult, the connection to her patients is what Dr. Hrobowski says makes her job worthwhile.

“It took 15 years to get where I am and, at the end of the day, I can’t even remember what it was like to be in anatomy and physiology, but I can specifically remember patients’ names, their mothers’ names, their children that they left behind. I can remember all those things.”  

Details: piedmont.org

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