Over 40 & Fabulous! Catching Up – Cledra Gross

As we gear up for our 6th annual Over 40 & Fabulous! contest, we have decided to check-in with our previous winners to see what they are up to now.

Nominations for this year’s Over 40 & Fabulous! contest are open now until March 1st.

Eddie & Cledra Wedding Photo Shoot

Since becoming one of our 2012 Over 40 & Fabulous! Top 10 winners, Cledra Gross, formerly Cledra Mccullers, says over the years she has learned to take the despair of disappointment and the pain of heartbreak and let it transform her. The loss of her father reminded her to live each day fully and with gratitude and pure joy.

One of the greatest lessons she has learned has been when it comes to love. Many women and men who find themselves looking for a life partner over the age of 40 can relate to the difficulties Cledra faced when she turned to online dating. After being stood up countless times and even being told she had a better chance of winning the powerball than finding true love over 40, Cledra was on the verge of giving up. She decided to give it one last shot and created an account on Black People Meet. After scrolling through perfectly posed photos she came across a profile that caught her eye. After hours on the phone and a fantastic first date Cledra and her future husband instantly clicked and have been together ever since. Together they now lead Relevant Life Ministries in Marietta. There Cledra uses her life experience to minister women about love, loneliness and looking forward to the future.

To learn more about Cledra Gross and our other 2012 Over 40 & Fabulous! winners, check out our June 2012 issue.

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