As we enter sweet potato season, it’s tempting to to add them all in a sweet potato casserole. Before you do that, try this healthy, simple soup from local catering company Epicurean Endeavors. With just the right blend of spices and natural sugars, this dish will help you save the sweet potato casserole till Thanksgiving.

vegan sweet potato


1 tbsp. grape seed oil

1 small yellow onion, diced

3 tbsp. minced ginger

1 tbsp. curry powder

1 lb. sweet potato, peel and diced

1 small apple, peeled and diced

3 sprigs of fresh thyme

5 cups vegetable stock

1/2 cup coconut milk

2 tbsp. pure maple syrup

Salt and pepper to season


Heat the grape seed oil in a pot over medium high heat.

Add the onions, ginger, curry powder, sweet potato and apple, seasoning with salt and pepper. Cook contents for five minutes, stirring continuously.

Add the thyme and vegetable stock to the pot. bring contents to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer.

Allow everything to cook until the vegetables are tender. This will take approximately 30 minutes. Remove the thyme sprigs and use an immersion blender or food processor to purée the soup until smooth. You can reserve some of the sweet potato and apple for garnish, if you choose.

Finish the soup by stirring in the coconut milk and maple syrup. Check seasoning and add salt and pepper to taste.

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Prostate cancer awareness is taking center stage next week in all 421 of Georgia’s high schools, under the Friday night lights no less.

In a collaboration between the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition and the Georgia High School Association, the week of September 26 has been named “Blue Week” in an effort to bring prostate cancer awareness to the forefront in Georgia.

Bill Buckley, the director of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, states that each high school will support the GPCC at their football games on Friday night. Each player will have a blue ribbon decal on their helmet and will wear a blue wristband.

But it won’t be just the players getting involved, the referees will be using blue penalty flags, there will be blue ribbons stenciled on the fields, all jumbo screens will display the blue ribbon throughout the games and their will be informative announcements made about prostate cancer.

Together through “Blue Week,” the GPCC and the GHSA hope to make the people of Georgia more aware of what exactly prostate cancer is and how it can affect you.

Both organizations plan on making this a yearly tradition. “This will be an annual event in the month of September for all high schools in the State of Georgia,” says Buckley.  ”GPCC feels this is a great way to bring awareness to prostate cancer to the men and women of our State.”

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Dr. Jonathan Kim from Emory Cardiovascular Specialists at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital answers a reader’s question about how running a marathon can affect your heart.



Q: Is running a marathon dangerous for my heart? 

A: Currently, there is no definitive data that implicates marathon running as dangerous for your heart. In fact, for those healthy enough to train for and run a marathon, there are clearly both mental and physical benefits. If you are interested in running a marathon, first consult your doctor or sports cardiologist to ensure you are physically fit enough to embark on a training regimen, and then go out and enjoy your long runs.

Do you have questions for our doctors? If so, please email them to 

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Janell Sycks from Pantry Takeover is here to give you her best advice about how to change the way you buy food once you are an empty nester.

Janell Sycks


Q: What are some tips for cooking healthy meals for fewer people?

A: Cooking for less people mean buying less food. Keep that in mind while grocery shopping and buy accordingly or else you will end up wasting food and money.

Q: How can parents maximize their time in the kitchen?

A: Meal planning is crucial whether you are cooking for one person or 10 people. Save time by preparing part of your meals on the weekend: make small individual salads for each day of the week, marinate meats ahead of time and bake some healthy granola bars or muffins for a quick grab-and-go breakfast.

Q: How can parents break out of old meal routines?

A: Try new recipes that you once steered away from because “the children would not like it.” Explore new foods and seasonings. And don’t rush – there are no school or sporting events that you have to run off to after dinner.

Q: How can parents throw a fun, healthy, adults-only dinner party?

A: Invite every guest to bring a dish using a seasonal vegetable they have never cooked before, and pair it with a fresh juiced cocktail. This encourages everyone to try new recipes and foods.


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Dr. Alex Park from VeinInnovations answers a reader’s question about vein problems for men.

alex park


Q: Do men have vein problems too?

A: Yes, men have vein problems and are notorious for waiting until they are in a great deal pf pain before seeking treatment. When the pain hurts their golf game or their ability to rest, men come for help. We urge our female patients to get their husbands in as soon as possible, as earlier treatment ensures a higher quality of life for many years, helping patients maintain a healthier program for exercise and sleep.

Do you have questions for our doctors? If so, please email them to 

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Mastin Kipp, who heads The Daily Love online community, is in the business of inspiration. He has lifted himself out of addiction and crisis to a life doing what he loves and digging deep into spirituality. Now, he has written his amazing story in the book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace.”mastin kipp

The writing process, Kipp admits, was somewhat less than graceful. “I love having written, but the writing process itself is excruciating.” He laughs and adds, “It’s like working out.” Not only did writing take him back to some challenging times in his life, but it resulted in him gaining significant weight during the process, which he is still working to lose. Even then, his publisher told him the first draft wasn’t publishable. “It was basically a 70,000-word blog,” he jokes. But after two more drafts, Kipp and his publisher had a manuscript that told his story effectively. “It was humbling, and I think I really grew as a writer in the process,” Kipp says.

This week, “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” was released, telling the full story of his early struggles and his turn toward a happier, more spiritually fulfilling life. Kipp hopes the book helps others along that path as well, moving out of crisis and into happiness. He says, “I’ve seen so many folks give up, or give in to fear, but my hope is that after reading the book, you are inspired to actually take action and do the things you love. That’s ultimately what’s going to make you happiest.”

To order the book and learn more about Kipp, visit To see him in person, mark your calendars for September 16, when Kipp’s Growing Into Grace tour will bring him to Atlanta’s own Piedmont Park.

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Atlanta artist Cynthia Perryman and former Atlanta resident Jessie Mackay will showcase their art and the art of their students at The Art School in Sandy Springs this month. art school in sandy springsWhile traveling to France this summer, the group created paintings of the French countryside and towns for this exhibit titled “Dreams of France: Old and New.” The show will include their paintings, photos and drawings for vieiwng and purchase, as well as the works of other local artists Wanda Hopkins and Jane Scott. The show begins on September 20 with a reception from 4 to 7 p.m. and is open through September 28 from 1 to 7 p.m. each day.

Details: 330 Sandy Springs Circle, Atlanta, GA, 

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Each year as flu season looms, doctors and nurses remind the public to get their flu shots. This month Penny Conner, a nurse consultant for the immunization program at the Georgia Department of Public Health, recaps the latest updates from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Woman with tissue and hot drink

“The ACIP met in June,” Conner says, “and they are recommending that healthy children get the nasal spray flu vaccine as opposed to the shot.” Typically the ACIP does not recommend a specific type of flu vaccine, she says, but recent studies suggest that the nasal spray offers better protection than the shot. It’s important that it only be administered to healthy recipients, though, because the spray is a live vaccine.

Conner also points out that, whether you choose the shot or the spray, “Since 2010, we have suggested that everyone over six months of age get a flu vaccine with very few exceptions.”

Another development Conner mentions is a flu vaccine developed without eggs. Some flu vaccines are created using chicken eggs, but if you are allergic or live a vegan lifestyle, opt for the egg-free version that became available last fall.

To learn more, Conner recommends visiting the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health Online.


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OK, so maybe you didn’t shed any extra pounds this summer. Not to worry ladies – Shapeez is a bra and shapewear solution in one. Shapeez_Sportee_Black_FrontShapeez takes care of trouble spots, especially those visible bra lines and back fat with a variety of styles: the Ultimate, the Shortee, the Tankee and the Lacee.

The Ultimate is a bra, camisole and torso trimmer all in one garment The Shortee makes a great alternative to the traditional sports bra, without lines under your tightly fitting workout tops. The Tankee is perfect under sleeveless tops and makes a great T-shirt bra. The Lacee is an elegant bra and body shaper with added lace, making it the ultimate all-in-one fashion layering piece. Visit Shappeez online to view the entire collection and see before and after photos. To ensure a perfect fit, use their handy guide before you order.


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Stop by Best Self’s Healthy Living Expo at the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk on Thursday, September 11. We have a great group of exhibitors ready to help you be the best you can be! Get to the run/walk early so you can go through the Expo tent to hear from health experts, nutrition experts and wellness experts, all while enjoying music, prizes and fitness demonstrations! You will have the chance to post it all on social media from the TapSnap photo booth. See the full list of this year’s exhibitors below and we will see you on September 11!

680 The Fan

AIIRX Weight Loss


The Art of Living

Atlanta Track Club

Atlanta Center for Holistic Health

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

Atlanta School of Wellness

Back On My Feet


Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy

Best Self Atlanta

Dermani Med Spa

Flöt Spa

Go Energy Drinks

Good Measure Meals

House of Payne Personal Training

Joffe MediCenter

LA Fitness

The Lasik Vision Institute

Nature’s Garden Express

Nerium SkinCare

North Atlanta Hair Restoration

Official Apparels & Build a Trainer

Orangetheory Fitness

Power Home Remodeling

Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa

Sally B’s Skin Yummies

Single Atlanta


Vein Clinics of America

Village Podiatry

Vinings Aesthetics

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