Day 6 of Fitness – Rhythm and Ride at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa 

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Best Self staffer Aubrey Campbell with Roc House Women's Fitness Spa "Rhythm and Ride" Instructor Deery

Best Self staffer Aubrey Campbell with ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa “Rhythm and Ride” Instructor Derry

To commence my first workout for Best Self’s 30 Days of Fitness blog series, I enrolled in ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa one-hour Rhythm and Ride class. Whether you are a first-timer or returning gym member, this high-energy workout requires nothing more than for you to simply show up!

Upon arriving, parking was a breeze, and I was also warmly greeted and shown to the locker room to house my personal belongings. I wasn’t sure what kind of workout I was going to, but by the name of the class, I figured some sort of spinning would be involved.

Once my personal belongings were secured, I was greeted by Derry, our class instructor, who was super friendly and a ball of energy. That energy lasted throughout the entire class! While I found my bike, Derry helped to make sure all of the settings were correct for me. I’ve done lot of spin classes before and the biggest thing for me to enjoy a spin class is the MUSIC! I find it important for songs to have a beat that you can follow along with while you’re on the bike, and Derry’s selection of songs did not disappoint! The whole class was pumped as popular hip-hop, rap and pop songs blared through the speakers.

ROC House Women's Fitness Spa

ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa

During the workout I felt energized, and although the hardest part of the workout was turning up my resistance, I felt even better knowing that I completed such a wonderful class. Overall, the staff was super friendly and accommodating to make sure I felt comfortable. Since ROC House Fitness Spa is a women’s only gym, I felt no intimidation, especially as a first-timer!

ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa is a gym and a salon offering services from massage, hair treatment, skincare, nails and makeup. It really is your one-stop shop to be your best self!

Details: ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa, 3402 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA, 404-500-1621,

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Day 5 of Fitness – Torq Cycle Atlanta

Best Self editor: Flannery Keck

Torq Atlanta Cycling Shoes

Torq Cycle Atlanta  - Cycling Shoes

For Day 5 of Fitness, I decided to hop on the Spinning bike to give my cardio routine some much-needed attention. I went to Torq Cycle Atlanta, which opened just a few months ago in Midtown, for a 45-minute class. I also brought my husband along for this one—nothing like a workout buddy!

We pulled up a few minutes early and parked in the free attached garage. I had already reserved both our bikes online the day before, so once we arrived at the studio, we just had to check in at the desk. Katie, the owner, greeted us and asked our shoe size so we could change into the provided cycling shoes. Now, I took Spinning classes for about a year at the YMCA wearing just my tennis shoes, so I can vouch that the clip-in style of cycling shoe really makes a big difference. It grounds you on the bike pedals, helping you engage your hamstrings as much as your quads and get a great workout.

Torq Atlanta Owners Katie and Alex Marinez

Alex Martinez, Flannery Keck, Katie Martinez

So once we were strapped into our shoes and had topped off our water bottles at their water bottle filling station, we headed with the rest of the class into the studio. Each bike had a towel already placed on it, and Alex helped anyone who needed to adjust their bike settings to fit. Then he got the music going, dimmed the lights, and led us through 45 minutes of hills, jumps, “tap backs,” and more—even an arm workout with light weights. Throughout the class. Alex made sure to give us ways to gauge our ride, calling out RPMs to meet or watts to add to our bike—these stats are shown on a little screen right on your bike, so it’s easy to keep track and personalize your ride. And for me, this control over your metrics is one of the best aspects of Spinning—even though my cardio capabilities aren’t where I’d like them to be right now, I did as much as I could and still got a lot from the class. It’s truly your ride, so even if you can’t meet every metric the instructor recommends, just being on the bike is helping your health.

After class was over, we stretched and cooled down with chilled towels. It felt like a spa! The studio also has showers and changing rooms provided for whenever you need them. Afterward, my husband and I swung by Arden’s Garden a few doors down for some juice drinks to re-energize. It was a fantastic workout with a great team, and I really enjoyed it. The first ride is free, and if you want to buy a package before January 15, you can get a month of unlimited rides for $150.

Details: 935 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA (404) 606-6931,

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Day 4 of FitnessFlow and Let Go at Active Sol Yoga 

Best Self editor: Flannery Keck 


Active Sol Yoga

For my first workout of 2015, I couldn’t think of a better option than yoga. To me, it’s the perfect combination of strength-building, stretching, relaxing and getting my heart pumping. With that in mind, I chose to attend the Active Sol Yoga’s Flow and Let Go class with instructor Flo Sheffield. This is typically a 90-minute class but was a special two-hour session to ring in the new year.

The studio is just off of Peachtree Road in Buckhead, on Bennett Street. (If you’re new to the studio, give yourself an extra few minutes to find it—when you turn on Bennett Street, continue all the way down and then turn left. The studio is tucked up on the hill). I pulled in a few minutes early, parked and headed inside. I took off my shoes and placed them on the shelf in the entryway, and Flo got me checked in. Your first class is free! I filled up my water bottle, stuck my purse in a cubby and then got settled on my mat. If you don’t have a mat of your own, Active Sol has plenty available for you use during class.


Best Self staffer Flannery Keck and Active Sol Yoga instructor Flo Sheffield


Once everyone arrived, Flo started class. We spent 75 minutes doing Vinyasa yoga, which consisted of the sun salutations and warrior poses that many of us are familiar with. The focus during this part of the class was getting our heart rates up, building strength in our legs and cores, maintaining good alignment and stretching out our hips, hamstrings, backs, pectorals and so on. Flo explained each pose clearly and circulated the room to adjust people as necessary. Her cheerful spirit and encouraging attitude made the class feel very safe and supportive.

After the Vinyasa section, we moved into a period of restorative yoga, which was new to me. Instead of focusing on alignment and strength building, this restorative approach simply meets your body where it is. We started out by sitting with our legs out straight and folding forward into a seated forward bend, but instead of pulling with our hands and trying to stretch further, we simply placed our foreheads on blocks and relaxed as far froward as our bodies would naturally bend. Flo pointed out, “If you’re Type A, always on the go, these poses might be challenging for you.” She might as well have been speaking directly to me! It really was tough to site still rather than continually striving to stretch further and work harder, so it was a good lesson for me both on and off the mat. I really enjoyed this new element the class introduced to my yoga practice.

We finished with a guided meditation, which focused on positive affirmations for ourselves, our family and friends, and all living things. Then we moved into savasana for several minutes, simply lying back on our mats and letting our bodies completely relax. Even though the class was two hours, it really seemed to fly by. Flo kept up a great pace, and having two distinct sections of the class helped keep me engaged and focuses. This class would be a great option for people of all fitness levels—there are plenty of blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and towels right in the practice room so you can modify any pose you need a little help with. Anyone interested in trying yoga for the first time would also benefit from this class, since it gives you a sense of two different types of yoga practices: Vinyasa and restorative. I’ll definitely be back—maybe I’ll see you there!

Details: Active Sol Yoga, 200 Bennett Street NW, Suite A Atlanta, GA, 404-236-9643,

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Concourse Athletic Club “Strength” Instructor Lindsay Beery with Best Self publisher Sherri Adair

Day 3 of Fitness – Strength Class at Concourse Athletic Club 

Best Self Publisher: Sherri Adair

This morning, I decided to kick off my new year’s fitness regimen with an overall body workout. I did not know I would be stepping into a packed class. It appears that many others have discovered this awesome class already and I actually just learned that “Strength” is the most popular fitness class at the Concourse Athletic Club. There is a good reason why. This is the perfect class to get a little bit of everything in one hour. It starts with an up tempo warm-up that gets the body warm and ready to work. The workout uses a combination of dumbbells, a straight bar, and includes step and mat exercises. The routine begins with standing exercises to work the large muscles of the glutes. hamstrings and quadriceps and then moves to the upper body, abs and core. The class ends with a generous stretching session.

Lindsay Beery taught the class and her instruction and the music kept me engaged and motivated!

When finished, I felt I had achieved a very balanced total body workout. This is the type of class you could do three times a week and know that you are getting a good dose of strength training, which is needed to build or maintain muscle mass which fuels the body’s  metabolism and burns fat! After the holidays, I can certainly use a lot of that.

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Day 2 of Fitness – Synergy Level 1 Hip Hop at Dance 101 Atlanta 

Best Self staffer: Chela Counts

Jan 2015 Day 2 Of Fitness - Dance 101

While fitness has always been a top priority on my New Year’s intentions list, this year I made sure to include the word F-U-N beside it! Although health is a serious topic, getting fit can indeed be quite fun. For Day 2 of our 30 Days of Fitness, I attended Dance 101 Atlanta’s 5:30 p.m. Synergy Level 1 Hip Hop class with instructor D. Norris.

This hour long workout was action-packed from the moment the music began to the very end. Our pre-workout stretch tested my body’s flexibility, while the choreography tested my memorization. While each dance style does consist of a specific form to use, D. Norris encouraged each class attendee to express freely while still committing your body to flow into each choreographed step.

As I was a first-time attendee to Dance 101′s Synergy class, D. Norris highly suggested to me that although no equipment is needed for this specific workout, that each student wear comfortable shoes, keep an open-mind, exude confidence and to move the way you would naturally. Before the workout I was anxious and unaware of what to expect. During, I felt a bit of fatigue but by the end my body was energized and ready to be replenished with lots of water. If you’re looking for a class with an enthusiastic instructor in an intimate and fun setting, this class just might be it!

D. Norris’ Synergy class is offered twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, with a participation fee of $20.

Details: 2480 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 404-542-3887,,


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Day 1 of Fitness - Power 45 for 45

by Best Self staffer: Bethany Newlin 


To kick off the New Year, we started our 30 Days of Fitness at Flybarre in Buckhead. This low impact 45-minute class was taught by Cameron Armstrong, whose extensive background in fitness comes through dance.

Prior to arriving at their West Paces Ferry studio, I was informed that all equipment would be provided. I reserved my mat online, which led to a speedy check-in on one of the studio laptops once I arrived. Although there is only one barre room, I made sure place my belongings in one of their secured lockers prior to grabbing a towel and a set of one pound or two pound weights (I chose to use a set of one pound weights).

Before this workout my body felt quite normal, but during, I could feel my muscles burning as the hardest part for me was completing as many reps as Cameron the instructor. But, the more I did, the easier it felt, especially with such great music to accompany the workout.  Toward the end of this 45-minute class, every muscle in my body felt as though it had been used. My body was tight and there was no more jiggle! Visit  Flybarre’s website and sign up for your first class for free!

Details: 102 West Paces Ferry Road NW, Suite A, Atlanta, GA, (678) 702-5684,,

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This month, enjoy reading these books from local publishers and authors.

“The Jig is Up”

The Jig is Up_Cover


Former FOX sports producer James Carr starts with his book “The Jig Is Up” with a simple question: Who grows your food? Over the span of 14 months, Carr examined the local food movement in Georgia. While writing this book, Carr says he discovered, “Georgia’s local food movement is absolutely incredible, way beyond what I thought when I began.” Pick up the book at, on Amazon and at local farmers’ markets and join Carr’s local food journey.

“The Power of Peace in a Pause”

The Power of Peace in a Pause_cover

As a business woman, wife and mother, Tierra Destiny Reid knows what it’s like to be on the go. In her new book, “The Power of a Peace in a Pause,” this self-published Atlanta author shares how she – and you – can successfully manage a busy life. Geared toward ambitious achievers and trailblazers, Reid’s book can help fuel your success through stillness and self-awareness and a peaceful pause. Order a copy on

“Nothing But Your Memories”

Nothing But Your Memories_cover

Hannah Black can now add “teen author” to her resume. Writing under the pen name H.B. Clementine, she won a young author contest held by Atlanta publishing company BookLogix. As part of her contest winnings, BookLogix has published her award-winning novel, “Nothing But Your Memories.” Her story follows Mira Cobbleson through an adventure to escape a futuristic society full of secrets and powerful enemies. Order a copy directly from BookLogix at


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Dr. Angelo Sambunaris from Institute for Advanced Medical Research answers a reader’s question about treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Sambunaris, MD, Angelo_cred Institute for Advanced Medical Research

Q: I just learned that there have been no new treatments for Alzheimer’s in over 10 years. What are the options for my elderly mother?

A: Consider enrolling in a clinical study specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients.  Here you will receive a diagnostic review and specialty care all at no cost.  Research shows that people involved in clinical studies do somewhat better than people in a similar stage of their disease who are not enrolled, regardless of whether the experimental treatment works and you may be able to gain access to new drug therapies that are not available to the general public.

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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of January:

Sherri's My Best List Image 1

Veronica’s Attic – If you are looking for a cool outfit or accessory, this is your place. It started as a boutique for deliciously scented candles and bath and body products, but in the last few years, the clothes and jewelry have taken center stage. From Michael Stars to Hanky Panky and everything in between, this place never disappoints. Great owner, great customer service. I love it.

Details: 220 Sandy Springs Circle, Atlanta, GA,

Sherri's My Best List Image 2

Rumi’s Kitchen – We all know the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine, and Rumi’s Kitchen offers all that and more! With the freshest ingredients, a warm atmosphere and fantastic service, this restaurant provides you with healthy choices starting with a basket of pita with fresh herbs, feta, olives and nuts.

Details: 6112 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, 404-477-2100,

Sherri's My Best List Image 4

Yo Sox – I picked up three pairs of these socks recently – I love the variety of fun patterns available, and there are even more available online! I found mine at Tuxedo Pharmacy.

Details: 164 West Wieuca Road, Atlanta, GA,,

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Runner GearHappy New Year from all of us at Best Self Atlanta Magazine! If you’re anything like us, fitness is one of your New Year’s resolutions. Join us in jump starting another year through our 30 Days of Fitness blog series.

Beginning January 1, we will travel around town to participate in a variety of fitness classes and activities – one per day. Our Best Self staff will take turns visiting the newest gyms and the tried-and-true workouts, getting a diverse view of the fitness options in the city. As we complete each day of fitness, we’ll blog about it to let you know where to go and what to expect from each gym or workout class.

Our daily blogs will help you stay inspired to achieve your resolutions, and they’ll give you new ideas of ways to change up your workout routine. Be sure to like us on Facebook to catch each update, or bookmark this post, where we’ll update the links as we go through the month.

Below are the links to our posts about each day of fitness. If you’ve tried these workouts as well or have favorites of your own, tell us about them in the comments!

Day 1                     Day 11                    Day 21

Day 2                     Day 12                    Day 22

Day 3                     Day 13                    Day 23

Day 4                     Day 14                    Day 24

Day 5                     Day 15                    Day 25

Day 6                     Day 16                    Day 26

Day 7                     Day 17                    Day 27

Day 8                     Day 18                    Day 28

Day 9                     Day 19                    Day 29

Day 10                   Day 20                    Day 30

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