Dr. Angelo Sambunaris from Institute for Advanced Medical Research answers a reader’s question about treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Sambunaris, MD, Angelo_cred Institute for Advanced Medical Research

Q: I just learned that there have been no new treatments for Alzheimer’s in over 10 years. What are the options for my elderly mother?

A: Consider enrolling in a clinical study specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients.  Here you will receive a diagnostic review and specialty care all at no cost.  Research shows that people involved in clinical studies do somewhat better than people in a similar stage of their disease who are not enrolled, regardless of whether the experimental treatment works and you may be able to gain access to new drug therapies that are not available to the general public.

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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of January:

Sherri's My Best List Image 1

Veronica’s Attic – If you are looking for a cool outfit or accessory, this is your place. It started as a boutique for deliciously scented candles and bath and body products, but in the last few years, the clothes and jewelry have taken center stage. From Michael Stars to Hanky Panky and everything in between, this place never disappoints. Great owner, great customer service. I love it.

Details: 220 Sandy Springs Circle, Atlanta, GA, veronicasattic.com

Sherri's My Best List Image 2

Rumi’s Kitchen – We all know the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine, and Rumi’s Kitchen offers all that and more! With the freshest ingredients, a warm atmosphere and fantastic service, this restaurant provides you with healthy choices starting with a basket of pita with fresh herbs, feta, olives and nuts.

Details: 6112 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, 404-477-2100, rumiskitchen.com

Sherri's My Best List Image 4

Yo Sox – I picked up three pairs of these socks recently – I love the variety of fun patterns available, and there are even more available online! I found mine at Tuxedo Pharmacy.

Details: 164 West Wieuca Road, Atlanta, GA, tuxedopharmacy.net, yo-sox.com

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Runner GearHappy New Year from all of us at Best Self Atlanta Magazine! If you’re anything like us, fitness is one of your New Year’s resolutions. Join us in jump starting another year through our 30 Days of Fitness blog series.

Beginning January 1, we will travel around town to participate in a variety of fitness classes and activities – one per day. Our Best Self staff will take turns visiting the newest gyms and the tried-and-true workouts, getting a diverse view of the fitness options in the city. As we complete each day of fitness, we’ll blog about it to let you know where to go and what to expect from each gym or workout class.

Our daily blogs will help you stay inspired to achieve your resolutions, and they’ll give you new ideas of ways to change up your workout routine. Be sure to like us on Facebook to catch each update, or bookmark this post, where we’ll update the links as we go through the month.

Below are the links to our posts about each day of fitness. If you’ve tried these workouts as well or have favorites of your own, tell us about them in the comments!

Day 1                     Day 11                    Day 21

Day 2                     Day 12                    Day 22

Day 3                     Day 13                    Day 23

Day 4                     Day 14                    Day 24

Day 5                     Day 15                    Day 25

Day 6                     Day 16                    Day 26

Day 7                     Day 17                    Day 27

Day 8                     Day 18                    Day 28

Day 9                     Day 19                    Day 29

Day 10                   Day 20                    Day 30

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SnowWorld is Hotlanta’s Coolest Holiday Destination

by Sara Levine


In Northeast Georgia, Lanier Islands and LanierWorld’s popular excursions and hospitality have attracted summer visitors for years. Now the gates won’t close just because the summer season has ended. This year, Lake Lanier’s new Christmas attractions and brand new SnowWorld bring visitors a classic white Christmas and wintery fun. SnowWorld boasts three huge snow machines that constantly blow snow throughout the resort, giving the feel and fun of real snow. Lake Lanier Islands Christmas will be open November 21 through December 31, and after the holidays, the SnowWorld attractions stay open through January 25.

SnowWorld offers something for every member of the family, with five speed slides with “icy” slick surfaces, a snowy tube slide with 13 lanes and four snow play zones. When you’re done on the slides, head over to the family-friendly restaurants, the fire pits for roasting marshmallows and the ice skating rink. Skating at the Coca-Cola Polar Rink is free this year with admission to the resort, and there’s no cost for renting the skates, either. And the fun doesn’t stop one the sun goes down. Visitors can either drive or stroll through light shows and visit the SnowWorld Village for shopping, carnival rides, games and more.

Details: snowworldga.com, lanierislands.com

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collards 2008 006

If you had a traditional Southern New Year’s Day meal, odds are you had collard greens and black eyed peas to bring good luck in 2015. But collards are good for more than just luck – they are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber, and they have even been shown to help lower cholesterol. Since they are tastiest after a frost, they are available now at many local farms.

Basic prep: Chef Megan McCarthy from Healthy Eating 101 says, “These large leafy greens can be easily chopped and steamed or sautéed.” About five minutes should do it – don’t overcook!

Step it up: Chef McCarthy recommends sautéing your collards with salt, black pepper and a sprinkle of cayenne to give them a flavorful twist.

Find it: Truly Living Well holds a year-round market. This month, find fresh collard greens and other seasonal produce at either of their market locations: Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to dusk at 3353 Washington Road, East Point, GA, or Fridays from 2 p.m. to dusk at 75 Hilliard Street NE, Atlanta, GA. trulylivingwell.com


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The scoop on what’s new around town

Statement Piece 

Asha words - breathe, cred Tim Coburn Photography


Atlanta-based jewelry designer Asha Patel knows that words hold power. Get creative and set your New Year’s intentions with one or more necklaces from her new “Words” collection. These 16-inch brass dipped necklaces come with eight different words and help you focus on conscious affirmations such as namaste, breathe, meditate and carpe diem.

Details: Available online and at exhale Spa, Ember, Form {yoga} and Evolation, ashapateldesigns.com 

The Best of Both Worlds

2014 Atlanta Track Club-Mizuno Contract

We’ve all heard that running and regular exercise promote a healthier body and mind. Before you reap those benefits, you have to have the most basic equipment – and Mizuno USA has it all. This sporting goods manufacturer recently partnered with Atlanta Track Club, the second largest running organization in the United States and host to the world’s largest 10K, the Peachtree Road Race. Mizuno USA is now the exclusive footwear and apparel brand provider for all ATC’s events.

Details: atlantatrackclub.com, mizunousa.com

Pay It Forward

LUV4wrd mobile app

During this winter weather, care for your fellow Atlantans in a fast and easy way – with your cell phone. LUV4wrd, a social media mobile app, helps users feel warm and fuzzy while providing literal warmth to the homeless through a partnership with FLIP Burger and Mercy Care. To participate, simply download the app and post a photo or video of what you “LUV.” For each post, FLIP Burger will donate 50 cents to Mercy Care, which will then provide coats, gloves, socks, blankets and other necessities to Atlanta’s homeless.

Details: luv4wrd.com

30 Days of Fitness

Here at Best Self Atlanta, we know it can be tough to tackle your New Year’s resolutions. To help, we’ve created a 30 Days of Fitness blog series. For 30 days in January, our magazine staffers will try a different workout each day and blog about our experiences. We’ll tell you firsthand what to expect from each class, details about the gyms and even basics like parking information and cost of a class. Reading each post will give you a closer look at your local fitness options and help you confidently take your first steps toward a new workout routine for 2015. Find the posts on the Best Self Atlanta blog today!

Details: bestselfatlanta.com/blog

What the Health?


Whether you stick to a few favorite restaurants or like to explore Atlanta’s food scene, we can all agree on one thing: we hope each restaurant has passed its health inspection. Chris Peoples and Jake Van Dyke from Modern App Solutions, LLC, hope so too. To help you steer clear of any establishments that don’t meet your health standards, they launched the free downloadable app “What the Health.” It shows up-to-date health inspection scores of Georgia restaurants, hospitals and schools, helping consumers make safer, healthier decisions.

Details: Available through the Google Play and Apple Store, georgiahealthscores.com

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Jordan Church from Water Tek Direct is here to share his positive life changes as a result of his 2014 New Year’s resolution.

Church, Jordan_cred Vitra Fountain, Inc

What was your resolution? When and why did you make it?

I resolved to do three things in 2014: lose weight, launch an additional business venture and continue to follow my passion for positively changing lives.

When did you achieve your resolution?

On New Year’s Eve I had a huge “last supper” and planned on taking action the following day. Dozens of “last suppers” later, I finally got started in June. I lost 78 pounds in a few short months.

What helped you achieve your goal?

I started drinking ionized alkaline water. I had been on every diet from Weight Watchers to Atkins, but I would always plateau. With the ionized water, I maintained rapid and steady weekly weight loss.

What other positive changes have resulted from you achieving your resolution?

I became so passionate about the ionized alkaline water that I launched my own business and sell the water machines that produce the ionized water in homes.  I now educate others about ionized water and their own journey back to health.

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jessica shopsHappy New Year! If you have resolved to be healthier or less busy this year, I have a solution – and a deal – that can help. Start buying your groceries online via Elephant Grocers. Originally one of Atlanta’s premier organic groceries, they have grown beyond organics and now offer more than 2,500 items, including specialty and traditional groceries. New offerings include delicious prepared foods from the Elephant Grocers’ kitchen, farm fresh meats and cheeses, local artisan items like soaps and lotions, and even household products like Bounty, Windex and Tide. Online grocery shopping is convenient because the groceries are delivered to your door, making it easy to save time and eat healthier this year.

Throughout January, use code JessicaShops to get free shipping on your first order at elephantgrocers.com.

For more on Jessica, visit www.jessicashops.com

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Dr. Jay Kulkin from WIFH Laser Hair Removal and Laser Aesthetics is here to share his positive life changes as a result of his 2014 New Year’s resolution.

Kulkin, MD, Jay_cred Jamie Annarino

What was your resolution? When and why did you make it?

In early 2014, I just didn’t like the way I looked or felt. I have been an avid jogger and exerciser for years but was getting tired quickly and having lots of pain. I ran into an old friend who had just lost 12 pounds by eating gluten- and sugar-free. I thought, “Why not give this a try?”

When did you achieve your resolution?

After a few weeks, some amazing things began to happen: my trainer could not believe the difference in weight-bearing exercise I could do and my endurance skyrocketed.

Had you tried and failed to keep this resolution before?

I tried it all! We’ve gone through the low-fat, low-carb and Paleo approaches without success.

What other positive changes have resulted from you achieving your resolution?

I am able to enjoy life to the fullest. I work long hours with my patients, and being healthier allows me to do better for them. My doctor has supported me coming off blood pressure pills for the first time in over 20 years. I don’t get heartburn and indigestion as I did before, and I sleep much better too.

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Written by: Juanita Rilling, Director, USAID CIDI

Effective Holiday Giving Blog Post

It’s no secret that gifts are a beloved part of the holiday season. From buying and wrapping them, to giving and getting them – the whole process is saturated with merriment.

Some of my favorite parts of the gifting tradition are buy-one-get-one sales (known as BOGO sales) featured by some stores during the holiday season. My home is filled with these freebies, from a colorful collection of sample-sized cosmetics to bags of flavored coffee to BOGO pairs of shoes; I love getting extra goodies from a single purchase.

And BOGO means more to me than just a great perk during holiday shopping. As Director of the USAID Center for International Disaster Information, I spend my year sharing with donors the best ways to support disaster relief, explaining why monetary donations provide the greatest value, flexibility and impact in recovery efforts – essentially serving as a BOGO donation.

What makes monetary donations such a great deal? In the hands of experienced, reputable relief organizations, monetary donations not only save thousands of lives following a humanitarian disaster like Hurricane Katrina or the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, but they bring additional benefits, too. Charitable organizations use cash donations to purchase needed supplies in proper quantities locally, saving thousands of dollars in transportation costs, supporting local merchants and contributing to economic recovery in affected areas. Local purchases also ensure that goods are fresh and familiar to survivors, culturally appropriate and, in the case of equipment, locally supportable so that they will be sustainable additions within the community long after the relief organizations are gone.

Around the holidays, most of us feel the giving spirit pretty strongly, which is a wonderful thing. In that spirit, it’s also good to remember that disasters can happen at any time, in any season – and when they do, being smart about donations ensures that people who are impacted receive the attention, supplies and support they need. Even tiny cash donations combine to achieve the BOGO magic, multiplying the value of your gift – no matter what you give.

In contrast to monetary donations, material donations only provide relief workers with one option rather than the power and flexibility of many options. Executive Director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania Katherina Rosqueta explains that food banks, for example, can purchase what they need for “pennies on the dollar” with cash donations. She estimates that they pay about 10 cents a pound for food that would cost $2 per pound retail. Feeding an entire family for $1 rather than providing a single can valued at $1 seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

At the USAID Center for International Disaster Information, we’re focused on generating awareness about how monetary donations to trusted relief organizations can achieve every donor’s goal of helping as many disaster-affected people as possible. Just as I’ll always buy the BOGO gift over its single-purchase counterpart, I’ll always give the $5 over the $5-worth of stuff because I want my donation to do as much good as possible. If you ask me, helping more people is the best free gift this holiday season and year-round.


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