By Wyndi Kappes


The Vivace treatment uses a combination of laser and needling to deliver even more impressive skin smoothing and tightening results than traditional microneedling. Thirty-six insulated needles go deeper into the skin than other needling treatments to stimulate regeneration of the dermis while radio frequencies heat and help tighten skin. We joined esthetician, Meghan Scott, and loyal Best Self Atlanta reader Gillian Greer as she underwent her third Vivace treatment.


Upon Gillian’s arrival, her face was cleaned and she had the opportunity to relax as the numbing cream began to take effect. During the treatment, Gillian says she felt a warm sensation and that the laser wasn’t painful.


Afterward, her skin was slightly red and Gillian said her face felt warm, similar to a sunburn. Meghan explained that a small amount of redness is typical the day of the treatment but usually goes away the following day. She also noted that makeup can be applied seven hours after the treatment.


Meghan recommends beginning with three treatments over the course of three months and undergoing a treatment every 30 days. Atlanta Face & Body will send you a reminder to come in for each appointment, so there’s no stress to rebook!


As for her results so far, Gillian had this to say,  “I could see a difference after the first treatment. After my second treatment, my friends started noticing a change and I could really see and feel a difference in the texture of my skin. After the third treatment, I can feel a difference in the tightness of my skin and neck. I keep touching my skin because I can’t believe how smooth if feels! You will not be disappointed with this treatment but do the series of three to see maximum benefits and you will look great!”


For more on this procedure, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Meghan Scott using the Vivace treatment at Atlanta face & Body.


Details: 678.888.3223,, 3200 Cobb Pkwy. #205 Atlanta, GA. 30339.


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By: Annie Paschal

When the elevator doors open to the Jurlique spa, which is on the second floor of the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, your nose is immediately filled with the aroma of rose. Turn the corner and along the back wall, you see a stunning floor-to-ceiling image of Jurlique’s Australian rose farm. This very farm is where ingredients for the brand’s signature skin care products have been harvested from for the past 30 years.

Once I changed into my plush robe, I started my relaxation journey by sipping on jasmine tea in the softly lit lounge. My esthetician, Violeta Pilici, came in and led me to the treatment room, where essential oils were being defused and tranquil music was playing.

Before beginning my Ultimate Radiance Facial, Violeta gently sprayed the Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist over my face and instructed me to take three deep breaths to help me destress.

Next, Violeta used The Balancing Foaming Cleanser to cleanse my skin and remove excess oils. She then applied The Daily Exfoliating Cream and massaged my skin with it to remove any dead skin cells. Afterward, Violeta assessed my face and informed me that after doing a few extractions on my nose (a problem area of mine), she would use The Moisture Replenishing Mask to help heal my dry winter skin.

While the face mask worked its magic, Violeta gave me a spectacular hand and forearm massage. After a week spent typing, this was especially welcome. Following the mask, a series of serums were applied. The Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum was applied to my eye area first, to help prevent aging and reduce puffiness. Next, the Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil was combined with the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum and was applied all over my face and décolleté. Violeta finished my facial by adding a layer of the Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream to my skin and applying the Rose Love Balm (one of my favorite products) to my lips.

Since the products selected to be used during this treatment were chosen specifically for me, Violeta gave me a quick debriefing of all the items. She also told me to continue my regular skin care routine and pay special attention to exfoliating my nose area.

I wrapped up my appointment with another cup of jasmine tea and had to pry myself away from the relaxing lounge to return to the real world. If I could use one word to describe the experience at Jurlique it would be ‘heavenly.’

Details: 404.946.9175. 3315 Peachtree Rd. NE. Atlanta, GA, 30326.

The spa staff: (L to R) Jeamae, Ollieta, Violeta, Jo Hyde, Bridget, Kelsey.

The spa staff: (L to R) Jeamae, Ollieta, Violeta, Jo Hyde, Bridget, Kelsey.


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By Wyndi Kappes


Having second thoughts about that old tattoo? Thanks to the new Advanced Pico Laser Technologies PicoWay treatment, tattoo removal is one thing you won’t have to think twice about. We joined esthetician and laser manager at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal, Ashley May, as she walked us through the procedure to permanently remove your oops with little to no pain.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.56.49 AM

Here are four important things to know about this modern tattoo removal treatment:


  1. It’s quick. The treatment itself only lasts a few minutes depending on the size and age of your tattoo. Say hello to less time sitting in the office and more time enjoying your day.

  2. It removes more. The PicoWay laser removes twice the amount of ink per treatment than other tattoo removal technologies. By the end of your recommended sessions, your tattoo isn’t just faded, it is almost invisible.

  3. It’s pain-free. The experts at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal prescribe a numbing cream you can apply 90 minutes before the treatment. They also use skin chillers to keep your skin cool during the treatment. The combination of preventative measures along with the low-heat laser means the pain feels (at most) similar to the snap of a hot rubber band.

  4. It’s easy on your skin. This treatment only uses 15 percent of heat used during a standard tattoo removal treatment. Plus, because the heat is so low during the process, there is no scarring involved.


For more about this procedure, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Ashley May using the PicoWay laser at the Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal Atlanta Office.


Details: 404.920.4753,, 750 Hammond Dr., Atlanta, GA 30328.


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By David Leonard


When I heard there was someone needed for botox injections, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. But shortly thereafter, I found myself on pins and needles awaiting the procedure. My anxiety, however, quickly diminished as soon as I walked in.

Leslie Brothers Health & Beauty Boutique is not your typical doctor’s office. It’s where sophisticated style and top-notch medical procedures come to life. I immediately felt comfortable in the serene space, even for a man who was about to have needles poked in his face!


The time Leslie Brothers, RN, BSN, took to educate me about how her office is associated with some of the best plastic surgeons in the city, helped to put me at ease.

Plus, her wealth of experience and choice to use high-quality products, was an added bonus.


She assessed my needs for Botox and was straightforward about what she could do to help. I truly appreciated her candor and gentle touch when I was receiving the injections. The procedure lasted no more than 20 minutes and I felt cared for every step of the way. After the procedure, Leslie explained that I should see some results in three days, but that most of them would appear after a two-week period.

Because of Leslie’s passion and knowledge about this particular procedure, I strongly recommend her. While she informed me that she may not be the most affordable in town, she is honest and amazing at what she does.

Bottom line: I like to be able to trust the person who is sticking needles in my face. And because of her confidence, experience, and use of top-notch products, I would definitely say that Leslie is worth every penny.


Details: 404.228.7542,, 3655 Roswell Rd. NE. Ste. 216, Atlanta, GA 30342.


For more on this treatment, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Health & Beauty Boutique’s Dr. Leslie Brothers.

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By Laura Janelle Downey

 HydraFacial 2

I’m a self-proclaimed spa snob and I’m totally OK with that moniker. So when I choose to relax, I turn to one of the best in the business—The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta. I went for the spa’s 80-minute Hydrafacial, but they also offer a 30- and 50-minute version as well. My therapist, Angela, took very good care of me. The treatment, which includes lymphatic drainage and LED red or blue light therapy in addition to a booster application, began with Angela cleaning my face and removing my blush and lip stain.

 20180321_153826 (1)

In just four steps, which included a cleanse and exfoliation (think facial rejuvenation), a glycolic acid peel, extractions (performed on the T-zone area), and the application of an antioxidant- and peptide-rich hydrating solution (perfect for enhancing my glow), I was good to go. What I loved about this service is that Angela used a handpiece to apply serums like the Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) to my face. The CTGF reduces wrinkles and improves the overall health of the skin. Other options for boosters include products that work on minimizing the signs of aging and reducing sunspots.

For those who have never had this treatment, the handpiece glides over your face and it feels like a brush that is lightly scratching your skin. And the LED red or blue light therapy helps to increase cellular metabolism, repair damaged skin cells and prompt collagen growth. In turn, the skin’s texture, tone and elastin should improve after a total of six treatments (recommended once every four weeks).


During this service, Angela also applied an oxygen mask to my face and while it was absorbing, she massaged my shoulders. It was divine! If you’re in need of giving your face extra hydration and you want to see a glow, book the Hydrafacial at this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star sanctuary.

Details: 404.995.7526, 3376 Peachtree Rd. NE. Atlanta, GA 30326.

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By Wyndi Kappes


Vogue has termed 2018 the “year of the ear” and it seems many are following suit. From statement earrings to stunning studs, don’t let your thinning, sagging earlobes give away your age. The answer to taut earlobes? Earlobe fillers—perfect for holding up your favorite pair of baubles!

Elizabeth Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S

Elizabeth Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S

This quick and painless process is the trendiest in filler to-do’s right now. Hoping to see what all the rage is about, we made an appointment with Atlanta Face & Body’s Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker. She quickly explained the process before using her skilled and steady hands to inject an ideal amount of filler into Sherri Adair’s earlobes.


The Best Self Atlanta publisher was given numbing medication shortly before the treatment and she experienced little to no discomfort. At worst, Dr. Elizabeth explained the procedure could feel like something between a small prick and getting your ears pierced. The injections themselves have a long safety record made up of hyaluronic acid, a product that’s produced naturally in the body and feels soft like ear cartilage.


The whole process took less than 10 minutes and Sherri was able to put her earrings back in not long after. Almost instantly, Sherri’s earlobes went from barely hanging onto her diamond studs to holding them upright.




For more about this procedure, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Sherri Adair receiving earlobe fillers from Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, owner of Atlanta Face & Body.


Details: 404.920.4753,, 3200 Cobb Galleria Pkwy., Atlanta, GA 30339.

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By Laura Janelle Downey


I have always enjoyed getting manicures. And when I moved to Atlanta a few years ago, I had to find the right person to give my nails the love they need. Thankfully, I found her! Alyce Keys of Keys 2 Beauty offers a classic manicure and much more with her mobile service, which services areas like Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Vinings/Smyrna and more.


Since I was on deadline at work, Alyce came to the office to take care of my nails. Her classic manicure includes polish removal, nail shaping (the client’s preference, of course!), a nail soak, cuticle softener and cuticle removal, vitamin E buff, hand massage, and nail painting with client’s preferred color of choice.


In between each manicure I get, my cuticles always grow so seeing Alyce is important to me because I like my nails feeling and looking clean. “Getting regular manicures as a part of your regimen is very important to the natural nail health,” Alyce says. “Everyone’s cuticles don’t require trimming, however, it is important to keep the cuticle pushed back and prevent the cuticle from overgrowth on the natural nail bed. Those who are lucky enough to not get an overgrowth of cuticle should still maintain regular nail care with a shaping, pushing back of cuticles, and moisturizing.” So when sitting with her, she oiled my cuticles with vitamin E.


Alyce is so easy to talk to so I love when I can spend 30 minutes with her. During this time, she usually reminds me of how important it is to moisturize. “It’s something simple but people just don’t think about it,” Alyce says. “Those who don’t moisturize their hands enough tend to experience dryness, peeling, and aging much faster. When we moisturize, we prevent a lot of those issues from occurring.”


After massaging my hands with lotion from Jurlique, she applied one of my favorite NARS polishes—a sunny yellow hue—to my nails. But if you don’t supply your own polish, it’s OK. She usually has a nice selection of OPI or Essie colors to choose from.

Details: Keys 2 Beauty 720.422.6117

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By Laura Janelle Downey


I like being pampered. Let’s face it—I’m a Queen! So carving out some time on a Friday evening to experience the 50-minute Sunflower Seed Scrub at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta was just what I needed after a week filled with deadlines and lots of extracurricular activities.

My therapist Alicia Buffington took very good care of me from the minute she escorted me from the intimate relaxation lounge back to the treatment room. I got comfortable on the heated table as Alicia applied a combination of the antioxidant-rich sunflower seed and Body Bliss Design Bar Blended oils to my back. From there, she proceeded to apply a light coating of sea salt and house-ground sunflower seeds (which worked as an exfoliant) all over my body before gently scrubbing the Sunflower Seed Salt Scrub in.

Afterward, Alicia turned on the in-room shower for me and I stepped inside to rinse off. When I walked a few steps back to the table, she massaged the Body Bliss Design Bar’s Blended Body Butter to my skin, which was combined with notes of rose (great for my dehydrated skin!), jasmine, orange and lemon oils.

 With spring right around the corner, this seasonal treatment (available April 1-June 30, 2018) is a perfect pick-me-up and will add just the right amount of sunshine to your day.


Details: 404.253.3848. 75 14th St. NE. Atlanta, GA 30309.


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By: Best Self Staffer


Stretch marks can occur for a number of different reasons. It is simply a rapid growth in the body and the skin attempts to keep up. A stretch mark is essentially a scar that forms when the skin is stretched too quickly due to pregnancy, weight gain, or puberty. Stretch marks are just one of those things that seem to be a part of life.



But now, thanks to semipermanent makeup, they can be camouflaged! Beverly Hutchinson L.M.E. uses micropigmentation, similar to what is used for enhancing the lips or eyes, to match the skin tone where the stretch marks occur.

This is a great treatment for someone wanting to cover up stretch marks without having to have a surgical procedure. The treatment can be done in the office with little to no downtime. Once complete, the camouflage can last about two years depending on the individual’s exposure to sun, salt water, and products they use.


For more on this treatment, check out this Facebook LIVE video with Beverly Hutchinson of BEVel Beauty.


Details: 770.289.8808 11720 Medlock Bridge Pkwy. Instagram: @BEVelBeauty

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Chef MichaelAs Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Executive Chef Michael Patria embarks on a weight loss journey this summer, he’ll share a healthy recipe that he’s loving for you try each month.

For his first installment, Chef Patria shows us how to whip up Grilled Scottish Salmon with Warm Quinoa and Spring Vegetable Salad and Chimichurri.

“I really enjoy grilled salmon because it’s not only a very healthy protein, but it’s also hearty and filling. This is also why I enjoy pairing it with the bright flavors of the fresh vegetables and quinoa, as the flavors really balance each other out. The Chimichurri is an added bonus that injects a beautiful, herbaceous brightness,” says Patria.


  • 5-ounce Scottish salmon
  • 1/3 cup quinoa
  • 1/4 cup sliced yellow squash
  • 1/4 cup sliced green zucchini
  • 1/3 cup sliced snap peas
  • 1 teaspoon Sliced Calabrian chilis
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon Chimichurri
  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Scottish SalmonProcedure

  • Preheat grill to 400 degrees
  • While grill is heating, heat small to medium sauté pan over medium-high heat
  • Add olive oil to the warm pan
  • Add Calabrian chilis and gently toast
  • Add remaining vegetables
  • Quickly sauté
  • Add quinoa
  • Toss until warm
  • Season with salt and pepper and set aside

Place salmon on grill and grill for 2-3 minutes on each side, being sure to turn to create grill marks.

Remove salmon from grill and place on a cooling rack.

Gently tear the fresh mint leaves and fold them into the warm quinoa and vegetable mixture

Spoon warm quinoa on a plate.

Gently rest the grilled salmon on the warm quinoa salad.

Drizzle with Chimichurri.

Details: 75 14th St NE, Atlanta;

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