High cholesterol is often a silent condition in women, but it carries significant risk for heart attack and stroke if left uncontrolled.


Know Your Cholesterol 

It is important to know two kinds of cholesterol: the bad kind (LDL) and the good kind (HDL). Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is commonly known as “bad” cholesterol because over time it causes plaque formation in the arteries, whereas  HDL is considered protective against heart disease. In general, a desirable LDL level falls below 130 mg/dL, while a desirable HDL level stays above 50 mg/dL for women. Another form of cholesterol LP(a), which is a genetic variant of a particularly bad form of cholesterol. In addition to getting cholesterol checked regularly, it may be a good idea to get screened for LP(a) early on to help determine your risk of heart disease.

Dietary Changes

Base your meals around fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains, and keep red meat to a minimum. Also, add things like fish, olive oil, avocado and nuts to your diet to equip your body with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been studied for their heart health benefits. Lastly, drink alcohol in moderation (one drink per day for women) and cut back on salty foods and sugary drinks to help ward off bad cholesterol

Know the Stats

In Georgia, heart disease and stroke account for 28.2 percent of all female deaths, according to the American Heart Association. Some things you can do to minimize your risk from an early age are:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercise. Get at least 30 minutes, five days a week.
  • Reduce stress levels. High stress situations may tempt you to overeat high-fat foods, which in turn raise LDL cholesterol.
  • Watch your weight. Weight loss can both raise HDL and lower LDL.
- Dr. Jyoti Sharma 
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Dr. Brian Maloney from The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery answers a reader’s question about Juvederm Voluma.

Dr. Brian Maloney  Q: I’ve been seeing media coverage on a new filler called Juvederm Voluma. What is it, and am I good candidate for treatment?

A: Juvederm Voluma is the latest FDA-approved power filler from Allergan. Voluma is special because it represents an entirely new level of technology for hyaluronic acid fillers. What this means to the consumer is that we now have a filler that can not only lift tissues better, but can also last up to two years. Results are instantaneous, without surgery. The best candidates for Voluma are those who notice that their cheeks are beginning to droop, giving them a tired look. Older patients with a lot of excess cheek skin are still best treated with a facelift and then Voluma to restore youthful smoothness to the cheek.

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Though commercials and doctors frequently reference arthritis, that term isn’t actually a diagnosis in its own right. According to the Arthritis Foundation, “arthritis”  simply means inflammation of a joint, and it refers to more than 100 different diseases. Taking stock of your symptoms may help you determine which of these common arthritis-related conditions is causing you discomfort.


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Be You Only Better’s Laura Kronen is here to give you her best advice on how to land the job of your dreams!

Laura Kronen

What three questions should you ask yourself?

What is the best environment for my personality? Do the company’s values match my own? If I weren’t getting paid, would I still want to do this?

What is the first step someone should take when trying to find a job they love?

Evaluate your life. Find your passions, what you love doing and what interests you. Once you focus on what makes you happiest, you can start looking for a career that incorporates those qualities.

How can someone stand out to potential employers?

Forget generalities. Really focus on your points of differentiation. Use social media to showcase your expertise.

Where can you go for guidance?

A life coach or mentor. You will focus on passions and strengths and get a clear understanding of what you should be doing. There is no greater investment you can make than an investment in yourself.

Who are the people that help you be your best self?

I love working with clients to rid themselves of self-limiting beliefs and become more confident, motivated and ready to take on the world. It continually reminds me to do the same.

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Cherry Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad 

Basil Pasta Salad


  • 2 pints cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 5 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • 1 small sweet onion, sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 cups cooked whole wheat fusilli pasta or your favorite type of pasta
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil, minced
  • 1/4 cup parmesan, shredded


Heat 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and cook, stirring often, until softened, about 4 minutes. Add tomatoes and garlic. Cook, stirring occasionally, until tomatoes begin to release juices, 4 to 6 minutes. Add red wine vinegar and remaining oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook pasta according to box directions, and stir to combine with other ingredients. Garnish with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

- Courtesy of registered dietitian, blogger and chef, Ashley Ritchie, Wisdom Kitchen, www.wisdomkitchen.com/blog 

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As you designate your dollars toward a certain charity, it always feels good to know that your contribution will stay local, helping your neighbors and perhaps even your own family. When you donate to Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta, that’s exactly what happens. Though the Komen organization is nationally known, few people realize that our local chapter focuses on breast cancer research and awareness in our immediate community.

“At Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta, our mission is to enable women in Metro Atlanta to detect and survive breast cancer,” says Cati Diamond Stone, the organization’s new executive director, who is also a breast cancer survivor. “Seventy-five percent of the funds we raise stay right here in Metro Atlanta to proved life-saving breast screenings, mammograms, diagnostic testing, education and treatment support.” The rest of the money funds national research to help find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Do you Tutu

Not only does donated money stay predominantly in our community, but it also helps the women who need it most. “We believe a person’s age, race or socio-economic status should never determine whether she survives breast cancer,” says Stone, “so our programs target medically underserved women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnostic and support services.”

And this year, giving back with Komen is more fun than ever. The organization has launched new, fresh initiatives like their “Do You Tutu?” campaign, where people are encouraged to put on a pink tutu, wear it around town and share photos on social media. “We’ll be asking the Metro Atlanta community to tell everyone why they tutu,” explains Stone. So whether you tutu for a family member who battled breast cancer or because you believe every woman deserves quality breast health services, put it on and post a photo. Stone says “Expect to see a lot of pink tutus in Atlanta and on social media beginning mid-April!”

You can even gather with other tutu wearers at this year’s Race for the Cure, which will welcome about 14,000 Atlantans to Lenox Mall on May 10. The 5K begins at 8 a.m., and a one-mile family walk steps off just before, at 7:40 a.m. In addition to the race itself, the event will also include a tutu contest, creative tutu designs from local fashion designers, a petting zoo for the kids, as well as a special recognition of breast cancer survivors. Amidst all this fun, the event will raise approximately $1.4 million, most of which will help our fellow Atlantans enjoy the care they deserve.

To learn more about volunteering, participating and rocking your tutu, visit www.komenatlanta.org.


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Utopia Living’s Naya Powell is here to give you her best advice on how to find a job that you love.

Naya Powell

What is the first step someone should take when trying to find a job they love?

Brainstorm a list of everything that makes your spirit come alive, including industries, dream jobs, places activities, colors and things. Second, take an inventory of your strengths, gifts, and areas of passion. From there, begin to take a look at the connection and what industries offer a path to the job love of your life!

What actions can you take to hone your skills?

Internships will allow for experience with a reputable company.  I also suggest volunteering, asking to job shadow someone in your desired field, or asking someone working in an ideal job for a career interview.

What three questions should you ask yourself?

Would I do this job for free? Why do I want to do this job? Does this job give me a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

If you didn’t have your current job, what do you see yourself doing? 

I could see myself being a photographer, fashion stylist, interior designer or college professor. At this time, I play around with the first three in my personal life and have done the latter part-time on occasion in the past.

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Hallie Crawford, Co.‘s own Hallie Crawford is here to give you her best advice on how to find out what your dream job is.

Hallie Crawford

What is the first step someone should take when trying to find a job they love?

Based on past work experiences, make a list of what you liked and disliked. This is the beginning of a Gotta Have list: things you know your ideal job must have. It can be anything from the right work environment, to boss’ management style, to your daily tasks.

How can someone determine what skills are necessary for their ideal job?

Conduct informational interviews and look at the Linkedin profiles of those in your ideal field. Look at their skills, and try to gain those skills through volunteer work, freelancing, free online courses like www.coursera.org or classes at a local college.

Where can you go for guidance?

Go to www.howtochooseacareercoach.com for help finding a coach.

What three questions should you ask yourself?

What activities make me lose track of time? (To identify tasks you truly enjoy.) Ask friends, family or coworkers, what do I do better than anyone else you know? (To determine your best professional skills.) How do I define success? (To determine what you find most fulfilling and rewarding.)

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Years of Living Dangerously is a Showtime® documentary event series exploring the human impacts of climate change on Americans and others around the world.  Years of Living DangerouslyThe series premieres Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. and combines the blockbuster storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movie makers, including James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub, with the investigative skills of 60 Minutes veterans Joel Bach and David Gelber and a team of leading national news journalists and scientists.

Each  correspondent for the series – including top Hollywood stars recognized for their commitment to spotlighting and acting on the biggest issues of our time – delves into a different impact of climate change. From the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy in the tri-state area to political upheaval caused by droughts in the Middle East to the dangerous level of carbon emissions resulting from deforestation, the series takes the viewer on a journey to understand the current and intensifying effects of climate change through vivid stories of heartbreak, hope and heroism.

Watch the first episode here, www.yearsoflivingdangerously.com.

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The scoop on what’s new around Atlanta.

Teach Your Children Well 

The Be Good Fairy

Teaching kids about sharing, potty training or even behaving well at school can sometimes be a challenge. Author Missy Wallen-Nichols turned these lessons into an inspirational children’s book, “The Be Good Fairy.” This unique book offers kids fun, lesson-based stories and gives parents a tool to teach them about different behavioral issues.

Details: www.thebegoodfairy.com

A Healthy Sense of Style

The Manna Fund

Trends come and go, but health is always stylish. Manna Fund, a local non-profit that works to cover the costs of eating disorder treatments, aims to educate the public about healthy body image for youth. Join their “Be The Model” fashion show event on April 27, which puts everyday health role models on the runway. To walk the runway themselves, teens can submit a short video explaining how they can be a model of health in the community.

Details: Bloomingdale’s at Lenox Square Mall, 3393 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA, www.mannafund.org.

You Golf, Girl!

Judson Golf

Mark your calendar for the Judson Collegiate & Legends Pro-Am Challenge, beginning June 26. This golf tournament includes three events for Atlanta’s golf enthusiasts: a one-day tournament of LPGA Legends golfers, a three-day world-ranking competition for female collegiate golfers, and a pro-am scramble that pairs professional golfers with amateurs for a fun day on the course. New this year is a women’s leadership conference to guide young women in their early careers. The event raises funds for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the JCI Foundation to support young women through positive mentorship, education and sports.

Details: www.judsongolf.com 

Get Clean at The Skin Studio 

Sally B's Skin Yummies

Head to the newly constructed Skin Studio at Sally B’s Skin Yummies for an organic facial. Offering options such as B Clear B Calmed and B Youthful, these facial treatments are as clean as their products: no parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, GMOs or animal products.

Details: 800 Miami Circle, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA, www.sallybskinyummies.com 


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