OFF Beat! is a unique fitness experience that pairs fun fitness classes with exciting local venues.

The best part about these monthly classes is that the venue and the type of exercise change – you could be doing yoga in an art gallery or Pilates on a rooftop. Besides getting your heart pumping, a portion of the proceeds from each event will go to a local charity.,

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Whether you’re a whiz at the grill or simply looking to add some new spice to old dishes, the collection of new John Wayne Spice Rubs is sure to be helpful in the kitchen. Made with all natural seasonings that are kosher and gluten free, these rubs come in four zesty choices specifically for beef, chicken, pork, and barbecue. Try adding this spice to olive oil and brushing over meat, or season generously prior to grilling or roasting.

Details: Available at your local Publix or Fresh Market,

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See a dermatologist for changes in your skin or moles that have any of the following characteristics:

Asymmetric when a line is drawn through the center

Borders that are irregular or ragged

Color variation in the same mole

Diameter of more than 6 mm

Elevation or heaping up of a pre-existing mole

–Courtesy of

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This past weekend, Best Self got to be a fly on the wall at Life University‘s LifeVision Seminar for chiropractors. Life University describes this quarterly event as “not a head seminar.” Instead, “it’s a heart seminar” where chiropractors can come to be recharged, inspired, and motivated about their path through chiropractic and their goals for their practice.


Speaker Jim Dubel, who talked about seeing a high volume of clients during his trip to Haiti.

And the seminar certainly was that–inspiring! Each of the speakers was clearly dedicated to their work. This event was the perfect place to show that enthusiasm, too, because Life University is the largest chiropractic school in the world, so the audience was comprised of like-minded chiropractors who shared the enthusiasm coming from the speakers.

The seminar was also true to its online description–the “dressed down, powered up” atmosphere was evident. Casual clothes accompanied friendly interactions between the presenters and a flexible speaking schedule. Despite those casual, accessible elements, the message of the speakers was anything but casual. Each was insistent upon their love for their work and each succeeded in reminding the audience of that same love. Though BSA did not see each speaker over the two-day seminar, it’s clear the momentum started on Friday night was only going to continue building through the weekend.

Speaker Andy Forelli encouraging the audience to remember their passion.

If you want to learn more about Life University’s chiropractic program, visit their website here. The spirit evident from this weekend’s LifeVision Seminar is sure to pervade Life University’s campus through the chiropractic program and beyond, to their programs in sport health science, exercise science, and nutrition. Life University even offers the LIFE University for Seniors if you’re over 55 and looking to go back to school. Thanks to all these options, if you’re looking for your passion, Life University could be the perfect place to find it!

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Each month, Best Self Publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of August:

Life Line Screening

I am a big fan. The National Stroke Association states that risk of stroke doubles each decade after 55. Life Line screenings are done in neighborhoo churches and community centers. THey are convenient, quick, painless, non-invasive, and affordable. For example, you can get screenings for stroke/carotid artery disease, heart rhythm/atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease, and osteoporosis all for only $139.

Details: To register, call (800) 679-5197

Wellstar Heart Scan

I got this done last week and was amazed how efficient and hassle-free it was. The test is $99 or you can bring a friend and spend $149 ($74.50 each). I parked and was in and out within an hour. During the test you lie on a padded table which sends you through an open scanner which is very comfortable and not scary at all. The technology provides detailed images of the coronary arteries so abnormalitiesi can be identified without more invasive cardiac procedures. You get your results back in about a week. Definitely worth the time and money.

Details: Call Wellstar at (770) 956-STAR (7827)

Piedmont Physicians Group–Dr. Robert Marcus

I was sent to him with a high recommendation from my good friend Maggie. I really felt like my physical was the most thorough one I have ever received. I had significant one-on-one time with Dr. Marcus, and his entire staff was friendly and accommodating. Bottom line: I left there feeling like I was in good hands. This is the kind of feeling you should have from your primary care doctor. They will help you make important decisions about your health now and moving forward.

Details: Piedmont Physician Group at Roswell Road, Dr. Robert Marcus, (404) 835-4210




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Want to lengthen your lashes? Here are four ways to do that, no matter what your budget.

Custom Quality

Get a full set of individual eyelash extensions that last through sleeping, showering, and swimming from Luxury Lash Lounge for $275.

Affordable Luxury

Try a strip of lashes made from real Siberian mink for $45 from Renu Cosmetic Clinic.

Look for Less

For a look that won’t break the bank, go with single application lashes from a drugstore for as little as $5.

Work with Your Own

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription treatment to help improve your own lashes by making them fuller and longer. Prices vary.

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Wine, Women & Shoes at the InterContinental Buckhead On Sunday, September 8, Wine, Women & Shoes will take place at the InterContinental Buckhead. Women can wear their sexiest stilettos or their most fabulous flats while tasting wines, shopping the latest fashions, and enjoying a runway show featuring local designers passionate about cancer research. All proceeds go toward researching ovarian and GYN cancers treated at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. Mark your calendars now and plan to wear pumps and drink Pinot at this great event to promote women’s health!


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Rachel Stroud, RD, from Good Measure Meals is here to give you her best advice on how to find more free time in your day.

What is the best strategy for making the most of the time you have each day?
Don’t clean your kitchen more often than necessary. While cleaning up after dinner, prepare breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

What is one way to gain an extra hour in the day?

Embrace leftovers!  When you make grains or veggies, cook double and use extras as building blocks for a quick, easy meal the next day. Cooked veggies last five to seven days in the refrigerator and meat or poultry last one to two days.

What is a mistake people make when planning their day?
Forgetting to plan healthy snacks.  Don’t get stuck during the afternoon slump.  Have pre-cut fruits, veggies or a handful of nuts on hand to help you get from one meal to the next.

How can people make more free time in their week?
Organize! Plan your meals in advance to save time and money.  Use similar ingredients in multiple recipes to repurpose items you already have.

What is the biggest time waster?
Peeling fruits or veggies when you don’t need to.  Apples, pears, peaches, potatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini have edible, delicious skin packed with vitamins and fiber.

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Five Atlanta salons tell us the best ways to re-do your hair for ease and beauty this season.

Salon Skanda says: Variations of the bob are all the rage this season, thanks to their ease and versatility. If you are running out the door, you can simply tie it back or put in some Redken Curvaceous Waveahead Mousse to bring out wave and control frizz. However you wear it, this hairstyle gives you the option of looking great with little effort.

Details: Salon Skanda, (678) 705-1052,


Sunny’s Hair recommends: Extensions are a fun way to flirt with longer tresses without damaging your hair or committing to the upkeep, because you can easily sweep your long hair into a low-slung bun. This low maintenance style can work for day or night and is easy to do. Not only does it keep hair out of your face and off your neck during the warm summer months, but it also works with wet or dry hair, letting you go from the pool to dinner with friends and still look chic.  

Details: Sunny’s Hair, (404) 355-7077,


Richie Arpino Salon suggests: Transform the basic bob to a more disheveled, layered look that is a carefree style for the summer. Layers give your hair some volume for the humid Atlanta days that would deflate other styles. You can even add some caramel and warm auburn colors to enhance the cut and keep you looking cool all summer long.

Details: Richie Arpino Salon, (404) 231-5092,


Van Michael Salon says: Summer is all about being sporty and easy, and nothing is easier than a short wash-and-go haircut. In the summer, long tresses can make you hot—and not in the good way. Instead, try short hair, which is a great natural air conditioner for the body! You can also run your hands through it, shake it around, and still look great. This short haircut is graduated to accent the head shape and jaw line, and the top is layered to be flexible so it can move side to side. 

Details: Van Michael Salon,


Carter Barnes on Paces suggests: Push the boundaries this summer by going short—and make sure that it’s short enough, because medium short is not eye catching and can look dowdy or matronly. Add varied degrees of layering, unstructured wispy bangs, or change things up with an off-center part to make your summer style simple and sexy.

Details: Carter Barnes on Paces, (404) 848-0047,

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Celebrity chef Kevin Gillespie’s new restaurant, Gunshow, redefines his fine-dining reputation. With Chinese and Brazilian influences, Gillespie shows his twist on Southern food. The restaurant brings a home-like dining experience to its customers. Instead of ordering from a menu, guests can choose from seasonal dishes like buttermilk dumplings and foraged mushrooms, scallops in brown butter and herbs, Texas Hill country-style smoked beef sausage and hot banana pudding as they appear tableside on rolling carts and trays. For an even more special experience, diners can reserve Kevin’s Table, where they can have food tailored to them by Chef Gillespie himself.

Details: 924 Garrett St., Suite C, Atlanta, GA, (404) 380-1886,

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