Rachel Stroud, a Registered Dietitian and Community Wellness Representative for Good Measure Meals, shares her food substitution ideas for healthy weight loss.

Rachel Stroud from Good Measure MealsLosing weight can be a daunting task.  So here is my favorite weight loss secret: slow and steady wins this race. Small changes over a longer period of time are much more likely to result in sustained weight loss and healthier behaviors than cutting massive amounts of calories all at once or using any method that promises quick and easy results.  Which means not just switching your favorite foods to their respective “diet” versions – I’m talking about small changes every day with real food.

Below is my list of 100 calorie changes based on my philosophy that a healthy diet can and should be delicious.  If you eat just 100 calories less than what your body needs per day for the next year, you’ll lose over 10lbs!  (The math: 3,500 calories cut = 1lb. lost.) 


  • Instead of a 12 oz. glass of orange juice, reach for a medium-sized orange.  104 calories cut.

  • Trade a 3-egg omelet in the morning for one whole egg and two egg whites.  114 calories cut.  Bonus points for subbing your meat/cheese for an array of colorful veggies. 
  • Rather than 1 cup of ice cream after dinner, fill a bowl with ½ cup of ice cream and one cup sliced strawberries.  More to munch on and 93 calories cut.

  • When you’re aching for a bubbly drink, skip the can of soda and reach for a glass of sparkling water with squeezed lemon or lime.  110 calories cut.

  • Plan your snacks.  Pack one cup of raw veggies with ¼ cup hummus, or an 8 oz. serving of yogurt and skip the vending machine bag of M&Ms. 106 calories cut.

For the rest of Rachel’s list, make sure to pick up your copy of Best Self Atlanta’s October issue at any one of these local places around the city! You can also check out her great advice on how to save time in the kitchen.


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Natural Health Atlanta’s Marcia B. Williams, ND is here to give you her best advice on dealing with guilt.

Marcia B. Williams, ND from Natural Health AtlantaQ: How can guilt be described?

A: Guilt is a feeling of personal failure to oneself or to others. Nutrition is my area of specialty, and I see many clients with uncontrolled food cravings who feel guilty because of over-indulgences.

Q: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about guilt?

A: Most people don’t understand that focusing on the guilt they feel about eating unhealthy food lessens the control they have, and therefore makes the cravings stronger.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: As guilt relates to food, a good strategy is to find foods that taste good and are also healthy. You will then feel good about yourself and the guilt will disappear.

Q: What is the one thing we need to recognize about guilt?

A: Guilt will prevent you from achieving your goals. With food, the more you overindulge, the guiltier you feel, so you keep eating to feel better, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

A: I allow myself a very good dessert on special occasions. Chocolate truffles and strawberry shortcake are my favorites. I don’t feel guilty because normally I eat very healthy and exercise, so I deserve it!

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Emory-Adventist Women's Wellness ForumEmory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna is hosting a Women’s Wellness Forum on October 22 at 7 p.m. Dr. Melinda Miller-Thrasher will be discussing proper self-breast exams, unusual uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, hormones and even fertility problems. She will review the latest treatments and procedures, so come get informed about all aspects of women’s wellness! Please call to register.

Details: 3949 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA, 770-319-2025, www.emoryadventist.org


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Dr. Desiree McCarthy-Keith from Georgia Reproductive Specialists answers a reader’s question about fertility testing.

Desiree McCarthy-Keith from Georgia Reproductive SpecialistsQ: Why is my doctor recommending fertility testing for my husband and me at the same time? Isn’t infertility usually a female problem?

A: Male infertility factors exist in 25 to 30 percent of couples who are unable to conceive, so an initial evaluation should focus on both members of the couple. Checking a semen analysis early can provide direction for further testing or treatment. If sperm counts are low, treatments like insemination or in vitro fertilization can give you a better chance of pregnancy. If sperm testing is normal, you and your husband can be reassured early on that this is not a factor in your infertility.

Do you have questions for our doctors? If so, please email your questions to editorial @ bestselfatlanta.com.

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Join us at the 2013 Moustache Dash!

Are you ready for Movember? In an effort to raise awareness for men’s health issues, join us and our sponsors, Georgia Urology and The Big Peach Running Co. stores for the 2013 Moustache Dash. There will be a 5K and a 1-mile fun run beginning at Town Brookhaven, both filled with fun for the whole family. Post-race activities include fitness demos, a healthy living expo, a moustache contest and more. There will be prizes in each age group, and runners get long sleeved Moustache Dash t-shirts. Come out wearing your ‘stache and run in support of this great cause.

Register on Active.com and join our event page on Facebook for updates and ideas for how to incorporate even more moustaches into your race day attire. Post your moustache pictures to Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #MoustacheDash to show off your Movember pride!

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Institut' DERMed Enhancing Hydra Lip SerumIf your pout needs some extra plump, try Institut’ DERMed’s Enhancing Hydra Lip Serum. Containing a concentrated formula of shea butter and oligopeptides (a peptide that has amino acids), this easy-to-use serum softens and plumps lips. Made free of parabens, mineral oil, and sodium lauryl sulfates, this serum works perfectly over or under your lipstick. $25

Details: (404) 261-5199, www.idermedstore.com

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Friendship. Conversation. Human connection. We all want these in our lives, so what makes us think that adults ages 65 and older don’t as well? They do, yet older adults are often shunted to the side of our society’s awareness, resulting in loneliness and limited interaction.

Meagan Jain recognized the need to combat America’s age segregation, so she founded the nonprofit Ageless interAction. Interspersing monthly activities with regular visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Ageless interAction brings older adults into social situations with young adults and establishes meaningful relationships based on common interest, not on age.

These intergenerational connections combat stereotypes of aging, showing that older adults are not “boring and mean” as some Coan Middle School 7th graders thought. In fact, everyone enjoyed the girls’ visits so much that they extended their visits for several weeks after the program was officially over. Relationships like these demonstrate the change that Ageless interAction hopes to inspire, resulting in social inclusion for everyone and proving that age is, in fact, just a number.

Details: www.agelessinteraction.webs.com, www.facebook.com/agelessinteraction


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Kids II Strong Legs Run for CHOAOn November 2, Turner Field will be filled with runners of all ages, all ready to participate in the 29th annual Kids II Strong Legs Run. This event, which raises funds for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, includes a 10K and 5K qualifier for the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race. There’s also a 2K Fun Run, Stroller Roll, and Mascot Trot. After the Kids II Strong Legs race, enjoy food, entertainment, prize giveaways, and more.

Details: www.choa.org/stronglegs

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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of October:

This month, Sherri’s picks are all about moustaches. These products will announce your support of men’s health awareness and Movember, coming up next month. You can pick these up for the Moustache Dash on November 9!

Car Moustache

Deck out your car and drive to the race with one of these durable and UV-resistant vinyl moustache decals. $28.99

Details: www.karmastache.com


Pink Moustache Socks

Wear your moustache proudly and keep warm with these knee-high socks. $10.95

Details: www.proudrunner.com

Stick on ‘Staches

Moustaches come in all shapes and sizes, and you can pick up a unique on at a local party supply store where they sell stick on ‘staches in a variety pack.

Details: Your local Party City, www.partycity.com

Monsieur Moustache Pint Glass

After the race, celebrate with your favorite beverage in this fun party glass. $8

Details: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Check out more ideas for Moustache Dash gear on the Facebook event page here!

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On October 8, The Arena at Gwinnett Center will host His Holiness the Dalai Lama for a morning talk titled “The Pillars of Responsible Citizenship in the 21st Century Global Village,” followed by a question and answer session. The afternoon program will feature a panel discussion about secular ethics in education alongside scientists and educators. Tickets are $38 to $93.

Details: 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth, GA, 888-929-7849, www.gwinnettcenter.com

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