By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree

So, you want to be a writer? Well, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center will host John DeDakis, a writer, teacher and speaker, as he presents his two best-selling mystery-suspense novels, “Fast Track” and “Bluff,” and discusses his writing career on Wednesday, May 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Callanwolde Library (980 Briarcliff Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA). This free event is open to the public.

If you’re searching to develop your writing skills and to network with likeminded writers, join the “So You Want to be a Writer” event. DeDakis will discuss his 45 years of experiences as a journalist and novelist, including working as the senior coy editor on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” and working as a White House correspondent.

The “So You Want to be a Writer” discussion will be followed by a book signing, and wine and cheese reception. For more information, call (404) 872-5338 or visit

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Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: Are there other surgical options besides a hysterectomy for fibroids?

Assia Stepanian, MD
 of Academia of Women’s Health & Endoscopic Surgery says: Absolutely! These options depend on the reproductive goals, symptoms, locations of the fibroids and general health aspects. Myomectomy is the only surgery approved for women with fibroids desiring fertility.
Laparoscopic, robotic or hysteroscopic approaches belong to minimally invasive gynecologic surgery because the incisions from these procedures are smaller and recovery is significantly easier than after laparotomy.
Essentially everything done in myomectomy with larger incisions can be done through small incisions or no incisions at all. The exception would be extremely large or very wide fibroids and patients with medical contraindications to the above methods.

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By Anne-Marie Berte, @am_sunshine

A celebration of Core Fusion’s 10th Anniversary with Exhale Spa and Women’s Health Magazine will take place on May 22. This free day of Core Fusion is not to be missed!
There will be light bites, giveaways and amazing gift bags. Core Fusion is exhale spa’s challenging barre-based workout which combines core work with Pilates, yoga, ballet and dance principles to stretch, tone and lengthen muscles.
Building off this main barre class, Exhale has created core fusion boot camp, core fusion cardio, core fusion sport, core fusion cycling and core fusion yoga. Mark your calendars to attend this amazing event and join me for a sampling of these fantastic workouts.

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The popular midtown MetroFresh café recently expanded to include some exciting new features that are sure to keep diners coming back for more.

Owner Mitchell Anderson (at left) and his team continue to serve up fresh soups, salads and dinner entrees, but now customers can eat outside at a 14 seat “bar height” communal table that is perfect for large parties.

Since doubling their size, the space also includes a fun wine bar and cappuccino bar.

Details: 931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA, (404) 724-0151,

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Air Freshener and Candle – These clean smelling room fresheners are not overpowering yet keep rooms smelling great. They contain natural essential oils and the ingredients are 94 percent naturally derived. Spray $4.99, candle $9.99.
Details: Ace Hardware, 4405 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA,,


Beet Hummus – Look for this tasty appetizer at Food 101 in Sandy Springs. It is served with sea salt crackers, cucumber and Feta cheese. $7
Details: Food 101, 4969 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA, (404) 497-9700


EZ One Price Cleaners $1.99 – This is an awesome concept in dry cleaning. Anything you take in – be it a coat, prom dress or shirt is $1.99. It is simple and a great way to save money.
Details: 4314 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, (678) 974-8377


Institut’ DERMed Eye Shadow – I love the quality and flexibility of this eye shadow pallette. The 8-Well Eye Pallette from Institut’ DERMed is designed to house up to eight different shades. Pick your favorite ones and keep them in one place for easy application. $16 for the holder and $16 per shade – there are 36 colors to choose from.
Details: 5589 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA, (770) 454-7788


Atlanta Hawks – You still have a little time in the season to catch a game. Attending a Hawks game is great hometown fun. There is lots of action and entertainment on and off the court. I loved it!

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Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: I heard there is a new option for people who suffer from abdominal aortic aneurysms (a bulge in the main blood vessel that runs through the stomach and carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body). Can you explain what it is?

Eyal Ben-Arie, MD
 of Piedmont Heart Institute says: This new procedure, called a fenestrated aortic endograft, involves using a fenestrated aortic stent-graft to reinforce openings and maintain blood flow to vessels that lead to other organs. Instead of making a large incision in the stomach, doctors make a small cut near each hip. Currently, this minimally invasive procedure is only available at Piedmont Heart Institute and Emory University Hospital. Patients who get this done typically have a very short hospital stay and experience minimal pain.

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Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: If I snore, could I suffer from sleep apnea?

Ramie A. Tritt, MD of 
Atlanta ENT says: Chronic, loud snoring can be a warning sign for sleep apnea. What separates sleep apnea and snoring is that sleep apnea includes short periods of interrupted breathing. Sometimes this may be accompanied by a gasping or choking sound. If you snore and have excessive daytime sleepiness, you should seek the opinion of a doctor familiar with sleep apnea.

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By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree

Burlington Coat Factory will present The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease with a check for more than $1.1 million that it raised during its 2nd Annual Red Dress event in support of women’s heart health. The Check Presentation and Heart Health Screening Event will be held Monday, May 13 at Burlington Coat Factory (Old National Market Place, 6385 Old National Hwy., College Park, GA) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, the Check Presentation and Heart Health Screening Event will be held on National Women’s Checkup Day. The event will include complimentary blood pressure screenings, heart healthy educational materials, and free nutritional tips and heart healthy recipes from WomenHeart Champion.


Burlington Coat Factory’s donation given at the Check Presentation and Heart Health Screening Event will benefit WomenHeart’s free support services and educational programs for women living with heart disease. For more information, visit

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West Coast Workout

How can mom make more time for exercise?
The best time for moms to workout is whenever they can. My advice is to take a serious look at your schedule and see where there are windows of opportunity. For example, if you make time for TV, then work out when you watch it. If not, the best time to work out is in the morning before life starts to interfere.

What is your favorite type of exercise and why?
Workouts that are complete. I do not have time to do strength training and then do another workout for cardio training. I want an all-in-one workout. That is why I created West Coast Workouts.

What is a great fitness gift to give mom?
I suggest a gift certificate to her favorite fitness studio. I also love gifts of encouragement and motivation. A personal gift basket of natural body care products or a massage is always good for fit moms.

What is your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day gift?
I love time with my family. Anything that my kids and husband have put thought into and requires all of us to be together makes me very happy.

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Plaid Monkey, Inc.

How can mom reboot her wardrobe?
First things first -edit, edit, edit! Remove those pieces you never wear and make room for new ones. When you can see everything you have, it’s so much easier getting dressed in the morning and easier to see what pieces you really need.  Buy your missing staples first. Then update with current or on-trend pieces.

What is one accessory that can dress up any outfit?
A great gold watch or gold cuffs can amp up any outfit.

What is a great fashion forward gift to give mom?
A moto jacket! These jackets (inspired by motorcycle racing jackets) have become such a staple and they have returned season after season.

What is the perfect Mother’s Day gift?
A personal look book with pictures of your mom’s wardrobe. It’s like having your own personal stylist on your shoulder telling you what to wear every day.  I’ve also done a framed collage of pictures of my mother dressed in amazing outfits going back to before I was born. Showing your appreciation for who she is and how she has inspired you is fun and she will have it forever.

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