Amy Clover is on a mission to inspire. She used fitness to help her recover from a near-suicide experience and now she is paying it forward.

In celebration of her 30th birthday she will be traveling to 30 sites in the U.S. and Canada to teach 30 fitness boot camps and help raise awareness for suicide prevention.

The 30×30 Project tour will benefit To Write Love On Her Arms, the movement whose purpose is to show those who are struggling that there is hope.

To join a 30×30 boot camp for the cause head over to Lululemon Athletica at Shops Around Lenox on April 13. The boot camp will teach yoga and runner-specific exercises, strength training and more.

For more information, visit

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What is the most common beauty mistake you see women make? What do you recommend instead?
Too much foundation. Foundations and concealers should be used sparingly to even out skin tone and imperfections, not to create a mask. If you feel like your foundation is settling in an unflattering way try a new formula or brand. There are so many options, and the one you’re using may not be the right finish for your skin.

 Favorite drug store beauty product
I have two favorites and I cannot choose one over the other. The first is the original Oil of Olay moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and keeps you hydrated all day. The second is Loreal Infallible 8 Hour lip gloss. Great wear time, stays glossy and doesn’t dry out your lips.

What would someone be surprised to see in your makeup bag?
Sugar. Gasp! I know, evil sugar. But mixed with a few drops of water it makes a great physical exfoliator, especially for the lips.

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By Iman Naim

Join Best Self Atlanta Magazine at Jillian Michaels’ “Maximize Your Life” tour on April 21! This trainer, nutritionist, and health advocate will be taking the stage at the Fox Theatre and sharing her advice for leading a healthy and active life. Tickets start at $35.

Jillian Michaels sat down with Best Self to let readers know what to expect at the “Maximize Your Life Tour”

Best Self: What can attendees look forward to learning?
Jillian Michaels: You’re going to learn how to lose weight and how to keep it off. I’m going to show you how to build a healthy lifestyle. At the core it’s about connecting with your passion. I’ll take you through learning how to believe in yourself, to be able to achieve any goal that you set for yourself and getting the action plan and the tools for how to actually achieve it. It’s about understanding learning how to get out of your own way and how to make your goals and dreams a reality.

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Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: What is egg freezing?

McCarthy-Keith, MD of Georgia Reproductive 
Specialists says: Egg freezing is a technique for fertility preservation, where a woman undergoes ovarian stimulation and then retrieval of her eggs for fertilization at some point in the future. If eggs are collected and frozen when they are healthy, they are more likely to lead to a pregnancy. The optimal age to freeze eggs is in the early thirties or younger.

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Sean O’Connor, the CEO of Superhero Scramble, sat down with Best Self to answer a few questions about this fun and challenging race.

Where did the idea for creating the Superhero Scramble come from?
The idea came when my friends and I did our first Warrior Dash together. Although we were all athletes, we disliked running with a passion. After completing the race and seeing thousands of others do the same we realized we all had a great time.
The cool thing was that the majority of people crossing the finish line were couch potatoes when they came, but the event gave them the energy they needed to change their ways and get active. We are passionate about getting as many people into an atmosphere that will move them to do things they never thought possible!

What charity does the race benefit?
We are currently raising money for Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. They send care packages to our troops overseas.

What can participants expect on the course?
You can expect about five miles of the wickedest terrain and 20+ obstacles.  This course is our best yet. The terrain is rough and we are creating some really cool new obstacles.

What advice would you give a first-timer?
Don’t worry about your time. It’s about having fun! No one is here to judge you…let your guard down, dress in your Superhero Costume and bring your friends along. Prepare to spend the day because there’s non-stop action within the festival area. You can watch others tackle some of the best obstacles, listen to live music, eat and drink, dance and more.

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Each year the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation helps low income Georgia residents receive eyeglasses, eye surgeries and hearing aids.

They have grown from helping 900 people per year to nearly 6,500 in the last few years. Partnership Director Sarah Epting Gardner answered a few more questions about this important non-profit.

How can people get involved?
We are always in need of office volunteers, as well as volunteers with the clinic program. The organization recently switched to an electronic medical records system, so they are in dire need of volunteers with computer skills.

What are some of the organization’s goals for 2013?
The foundation seeks to serve more people every year, decrease waiting lists, increase volunteer medical providers, increase corporate partnerships and raise community awareness about the gaps in access to vision and hearing care.

The foundation’s annual fundraising event, Night of Spectacles, will take place on April 20. Overall, the event raises funds to provide over 150 eye surgeries.


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Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s Best Pets Contest Winners

Whether playing catch, going for walks or just cuddling, pets add so much joy and laughter to the lives of their owners. We asked and you answered, “what makes your pet so special?”

The response was overwhelming! We wish we could have included every submission – here are the ones that were too cute to resist.

Click here to see all the winners!

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Donna works with a client

Stretching is so important, especially as we age. It can help alleviate muscle stiffness, pain and cramping. It can also improve flexibility, which leads to injury prevention, better muscle coordination and improved circulation.

How would you describe resistance stretching? 
Donna: The basis of this method is that resistance is used throughout a full range of motion. It also considers the idea that we should not look at each muscle group separately. There is a systematic method to becoming more flexible.

What are the main benefits?
Leslie: Resistance stretching helps to strengthen the structure and joints of your body, release toxins and rehydrate your fascia tissue. It is the number one way to take the pain out of stretching while creating cumulative and lasting changes in the connective tissue.

What can a first-timer expect?
Donna: A trainer will take you through a few stretches to assess a good starting point. Each session is unique and evolves based on individual needs.
Leslie: Expect to get to know yourself at a deeper level. You might be surprised at how much work stretching can be and how much fun it is.

—Resistance stretching is part of the integrative wellness program, (404) 252-7550,

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Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: What medications, vitamins and supplements should I stop taking before having plastic surgery?

Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., MD of Vinings Surgery Center says: Before undergoing any invasive procedure, patients must stop taking any aspirin or ibuprofen containing products and vitamin E. If a surgical procedure lasts more than an hour, you must also stop taking birth control pills two to four weeks before your procedure. Smoking can severely interfere with healing and good wound formation. I recommend quitting tobacco use at least two weeks before your procedure and for four weeks afterward.

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My Best Events-Mark Your Calendars and Join Us!

March 30 - The”Body & Soul” fundraising dinner hosted by the Akshaya Patra Foundation will feature special keynote speaker holistic health guru, Deepak Chopra. Akshaya Patra Foundation’s mission is to provide freshly prepared school lunches to more than 1.3 million underprivileged children daily in more than 9,000 schools in India. To purchase tickets visit

April 4 - At midnight the voting for our Over 40& Fabulous! contest ends. Go to our Facebook page or email to to vote for your favorites.

April 11 - Join us on the deck at Nancy G’s Cafe for our “Best Pets’ contest winner party. Bring your furry and unfurry friends for some food, drink, music and fun. Limited space, rsvp to by April 7.

April 21 - Jillian Michaels’ “ Maximize Your Life” tour at the Fox Theatre at 5pm. The evening promises to be full of inspirational advice and motivational tips. Tickets start at $39. To purchase tickets visit or call (855) 285-8499

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